Bigfoot Crypto crypto crypto crypto hello everybody Bigfoot Crypto here just wanted to give an update on bit connect Bitconnect we just recently did a one thousand dollar investment we've got our investment amount up to fifty six hundred so everything's going good this is day number 155 and I believe we well let's go take a look and see what we started with go all the way back to the beginning on the 13th of June we put in a hundred dollars and on the 18th of June we put in a thousand and ten dollars and so these are all all our reinvestments if you're looking for one that is a lower risk this this I think would be the one there's a lot of haters out there you know but bit connect just keeps just keeps going along and bit connect has been good to us and so like I say on all these these program you could start with a hundred dollars and compound it up if you're able to I would encourage you to do at least a thousand and ten because you get this extra bonus and that's that's why people do a thousand and ten or a five thousand and ten or ten thousand and ten it also shortens up the term so the term that you're in it is not as long like this ten thousand and ten to a hundred thousand it's only hundred and twenty days and then you get your capital release back so and plus you get a point to five daily boost and so if it happens to be a day that there isn't no interest you'd still get 025 that day what's the time there is interest let's take a look at the interest for this week it averages is like about 1% that's what the average has been you can see here 0

97% last week it was one point two seven so it goes up and down the last thirty days it's been one percent in the last six months it's been point nine six percent so as you can see we average about that one percent look at the real time interest when the clock turns over does zero UTC time that's when they post and now whatever this is at that time that's the interest rate that you get you get it interest either way I mean if it goes up you get interest if it goes down it gets interests you get interest on the volatility of Bitcoin and the US dollar so it really doesn't matter if it goes up or down you know it was neat when Bitcoin was was going down down down down down I was still getting you know really good amounts of interest on those days and nobody goes up up up you know I get interest in those days too it has been good to us so if you're looking for the granddaddy of them all this is the program that they all tried to copy so far there hasn't been one that has has challenged it there is a couple that I'm that I'm researching that are getting close and so hopefully we'll do a video on those pretty soon but so there you go if you're interested we'd love to have you on my team been good to us and I'm sure it'll be good to you you know like I said you don't have to invest a lot and you can invest whatever you feel comfortable with and then you can compound it from there let's take a look at the at the calculator here you know if you take 1,000 $10 and the term is 299 days calculate that out you would return 3201 in that 299 days and that's not doing any compound in that system if you put the money in and then just you withdrew all the profits and didn't reinvest that's that's how much you would have and just take it here this is what it be if you will if you reinvest in point nine seven two nine nine with a hundred percent reinvest you would have eighteen thousand one hundred and five dollars so you see it makes a big difference if you reinvest or not and so that's why I like to put in money that I don't have to worry about and then you just put it away and just let it build and when it gets the end you get it all back so I mean that's the neat thing about a bitconnect you get your principal back you could compound it up and then it gets to be a a real a nice income off of a small amount so anyway if that's something that you might want to get involved in I'll leave a link in the description this is Bigfoot Crypto