hello everybody got my Cartoon Network hat on then we're gonna take a look at chain group today stay tuned for this episode hello everybody Bigfoot Crypto here wanna look at take a look at chain group see how they did today cloudshare took the top at 4% X BOTS 32 – dragon foundation 2

11 they're making a slow climb back up bit strong 19 to get a little upwards been going there CNC at 180 n TG Thomas 13 – which is good for them and the chain trade group at point two zero so let's go ahead and do our reinvestment find it here and we're gonna reinvest in the dragon foundation we love the dragon foundation so let's invest this thirty two point three four and going down here invest in dragon foundation there we go so we're moving right along here we're all the way invested and we're looking toward I don't know what are we looking toward we're no longer looking toward the fork the fork has been cancelled in case you haven't heard so there's no reason to hold back now for investing you know a lot of people were holding back and putting everything in Bitcoin as they anticipated the fork so they were putting all they could into Bitcoin taking it out of all the alt coins and then delaying their investing but it it has been called off and here's the reason says advocates for had decided to cancel the plans for the so called Sedwick 2x fork sedwick would have increased the block size the two megabytes this change could have helped when it became the Bitcoin scalability and this is what they said although we strongly believe in the need for a larger block size there is something we believe that is even more important as that is keeping the community together unfortunately it is clear that we have not built sufficient consensus for a clean block size upgrade at this time continuing on the current path could divide the community and be a setback to bitcoins growth so in other words they knew they weren't going to win the Bitcoin name that's the Holy Grail here is winning the Bitcoin name who's gonna have right to use the BTC name and this is the reason they didn't look like they got enough people on their side and so instead of dividing they decided to wait so this is good news takes a lot uncertainty out of Bitcoin so now we can continue on I expect from here that Bitcoin will go down some because this kind of news takes a while to travel I wonder how many of you are hearing it here for the first time and I am really late to the game I heard way earlier today there's not really a news place where a lot of people go to find out these things so a lot of times it's just by word of mouth but as everyone hears about it I think the people will move back in to the alt coins so that alt coins are going to go up and it will then stabilize and then we'll continue our upwards climb so anyways that's what's happening with Bitcoin so if you were holding off if you were holding off and not investing because you were waiting for the fork well it's not going to happen so right now would be most likely a good time to get into it so let's let's take a look at the investors it looks like they're still building so anyways looks like they're investing then going up going up as you can see it's getting harder to get on the first page twelve thousand it's gonna be here pretty soon to get on the first page people moving up moving up the list just keep investing here keep compounding things are moving along here real good like I said in the past you can start with $100 and compound it up it's probably the safest way to do it if you don't have the patience to do that then you can just throw in $1,000 or $2,000 and begin to get your interests you can always pull out your interest until you get your principal back doesn't take a whole lot to get started but one thing's for sure sit on the fence you're not ever gonna get started anyways um if it's something you might want to get involved in I'll leave a link in the description this is Bigfoot crypto