From 0 to 5000% ROI with Ethereum! Bitcoin and Crypto Zigah monnaiesXolali Maxence: 0 to 5000% return with Ethereum! So yes, you have heard from 0 to 5000% return so I'm currently with Xolali that Zigah I have that I have interviewed many times on the subject and it will explain in this video Despite the soaring prices, why is it still good potential for profitability of 20%, 30%, 50% or more this year vis-à-vis of all that

So just before, click the Subscribe button to join more Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs subscribers YouTube channel So, do you can quickly introduce you to people who do not know you then explain in detail, what is it and why it Ethereum will still fuser over the next years Xolali: Very good! So I'm Zigah Xolali So I am an entrepreneur and blogger in the field of crypto-currencies since 2014 In this capacity, I know the field of crypto currencies since 2011 since I know crypto currencies, the bitcoin fact, since October 2011 exactly

So my story, as I told you, is that I wanted to invest, I procrastinated and I saw the course fly but then after that in 2014- 2015, I got really set to invest in it and I invested approximately € 8,000 in bitcoin when it was worth around 400 euros we will say, by averaging So today Whereas you saw the prices reached the highs, so it is Maxence: Whenever I make a video with Xolali every 2, 3 months ago boom has each time highs, it's not bad! Xolali Behold! So today, the price of Bitcoin, the October 12, 2017 it is 400 euros

You heard right, making almost $ 5 100 So in the space of even two years, the price has increased more than 10 So this is to say the potential of this currency But today, we are not there to talk about the Bitcoin Maxence: but for a colleague, Ethereum! Xolali: called Ethereum

So, the Ethereum in fact, he was born there nearly two years and it is a Russian who called Vitalik Buterin who created and its purpose was through technology the bitcoin called the Blockchain which had already spoken, was to create in fact a global computer You will say, but what is global computer? So a global computer is a tool where all people of the world can connect and create top applications So now, what applications they will create? It's applications in all areas And that's why we said that creates SmartContract in English it means, intelligent contracts So, what we can take as an example actually smart contract? One can take the application of the insurance industry

You know if you want to take an airline ticket and your flight was delayed and there were worries, you must make a claim Maxence: Right! Xolali Now, thanks to Ethereum system, we can create intelligent contracts are automatic, automated What makes you gonna go home, there will have been a delayed flight and get missed your plane instead of making your complaint to but when you get home, it will already repaid And that can be applied in very many areas It can be applied in the field of health, when you are abroad and you have coverage problems disease while will be automatic

It can be applied in the field of music for contracts music in the real estate field for land registers So that, Ethereum, in the space of how many months, let's say 10 months Maxence: A year? Xolali not even seen in qu'ethereum In 2016 we will say, the price was around $ 10, 8, $ 10

Then he has a little mounted and he fell back and at the beginning of the year, the course is $ 7 And there, there are people who are called, it's really a great tool We have the impression just as it is the bitcoin as steroid That means it has all the advantages the bitcoin but with plenty of additional applications This means that all companies can use, health, real estate

I have even seen in Canada where they try to work it for electricity over contracts for electricity in the city So what makes the capitalization actually Ethereum it was multiplied by 57 That's it! So you heard it, that's why 57 that earlier it was said of 0 to 5000% return So anyone who invested, say 1 in 000 Ethereum, when the course was worth $ 7, it is found with a whole lot Maxence 50 times so 1 000 in 50000 Euro coin

There are some people who may have much more than that Xolali Behold! So this is why it is an investment, an area which has huge potential in fact I had felt this potential in 2016 So I had invested when the price was around $ 14 or so Then I had sold because I thought I was going to focus on the bitcoin

I even late because I've sold too and I still have some and today I do not intend to sell Ethereum because for me this is really an investment with huge potential Maxence: So compared under video, you say thank you Xolali, but basically is what I got after battle if I invested now? What there would be a potential promoting me, will promise me 20%, 30% more? Why it would not have happened to a maximum threshold and this will do as bitcoin, it will soar over the next few years? Xolali: So just because Ethereum, it has features that are Similar to bitcoin That means it's over, the amount, and the fact it is more accepted that the bitcoin You know the bitcoin they say is often a little money for those who are outside the system But there Ethereum, businesses, investment funds, large companies are interested because This is only to create applications that will help them in fact

so this will help them to save money and says to save money, said generating more cash for businesses So obviously they are interested and will continue to interest So today, when you see a course that was in October about $ 300, you think, why it would not be exactly the same $ 300 that corresponded to bitcoin in 2015 but this may be even more So, the craze it is even stronger than the bitcoin now We will say in relation to this year, may we arrive at values ​​that affect the $ 2000 by the end of the year 2018

And it will be quite normal to actually the potential Ethereum It will be really normal if you see the values ​​increase simply this will mean that companies have returned it and they have confidence in this type of technology Maxence: So, vis-à-vis the platform in order to buy the Ethereum so we made another video, which platform choose to invest in and bitcoin crypto-currencies Are we may invest in Ethereum on all platforms

So I think Kraken Coinhouse, Poloniex, Bitpanda etc etc Is it part of the top 3 so to invest and accessible on all platforms Xolali: Yes, really like Ethereum it is the second biggest cryptocurrency, its capitalization in dollars it is 30 billion while at the beginning of the year, it was far less than 1 billion All platforms now accept Ethereum So, like you said Coinhouse, Kraken Poloniex, Coinbase even Blockchain now accepting Ethereum

Making that all those who want to invest in it can do so without any problems Maxence: Ok! Then another question, you say, Xolali do you you treat the purchase and resale regularly? Are you are interested in the news over to Ethereum or do you invest a fixed amount every month to increase your wallet ? Xolali: Ok! So actually, I'm 2 I have the recurring purchases I make Trading So that's Trading really a field Maxence: So how do you proceed to Trading then you will tell us if you put in place the strategy of the 25th of the month or owl like bitcoin? Xolali: Yes So actually for Trading I use the platform called Kraken that can do pretty Trading easily So I can do trading when I feel that there are opportunities, when there are news coming and I know it will drive up prices So in fact, the field of crypto-currencies and in particular works much Ethereum with news and improvements arriving in the area

So if another that says, such a company is interested in Ethereum for contracts, we know very although this will bring cash So if you trades at this time, you know you will be, you have a big potential to earnings

Same, here we are in October and there is also an event that will be held on Ethereum All traders in fact are being monitored and therefore there will be opportunities also gain So actually, it works like this And also, we can make technical analysis as for the scholarship but really Ethereum walking with news and companies interested in it Maxence: So, do you have major brands and therefore big names to give us

You mentioned in relation to insurance or even that there are many companies that, here, take seriously these crypto-currencies Do you have a few names of the public or it will begin gradually in place? Xolali: I rather think that this will gradually put in place In fact, there are names that say they are interested but they are not Maxence: But they dare not invest their bit for long Xolali Behold! Maxence: When will this take place, boom, it will still ignite

Xolali: Exactly, there are many who say Actually, for example, all banks, large banks are saying, we are interested to Ethereum We want to see what it will give

Companies like Dell, the company IT really but we have not yet seen what they have done with but really means larger groups say Ethereum has potential and we crazy we want to get into anything Maxence: So this will take place, yes to During Xolali so : Actually, to be continued when they will be at the end of the day officially

Maxence: Ok! So do you put up strategy of the owl or the strategy of the 25th of the month? Xolali: Yes, for as Ethereum, so it also works on 25 as was seen in a previous video This is often the time when people want to invest and suddenly I invested in it either for my recurring purchases or to trading And I put it up but I watch a little more than the bitcoin because, for me, Bitcoin is simpler and Ethereum How the value of Ethereum already is lower, it means that it is more easily volatile So, this means that the course can vary much more rapidly rising or falling So I put up these strategies but I am more careful than Bitcoin it Bitcoin means I leave and I can not watch

Ethereum, once again I will watch because sometimes the news comes quite often and we see the large variations So this is something that , strategies that can be put up but you still have to watch actually

Maxence: Ok! So another question you may have inside of your mind, what's the difference, is that you can explain between Ethereum classic Ethereum? Is it that there is not? Is it that there a big ? Is what you can explain, that this difference if there is one vis-à-vis these crypto-currencies? Xolali: Actually these crypto-currencies are the same, the only difference; is that there is one which has undergone changes So in July 2016, exactly, there have been people who have invested in an organization called DAO was related Ethereum and we had hacking it And suddenly the person had managed to steal, it seems to me, it was 50 million I think What did we had two options, either accept that the person has stolen and therefore it's done for us, or we made changes in the form of what is called a fork So if people follow the news, you often hear of hardfork, softfork

In fact, this means that a change made the fact Ethereum code software And what there is that we often say that from the moment we made a crypto-currency, we should not change because we consider that the code is tamper-proof and it is really the source that should do not touch Except that the people who had seen the 50 million hide a little, disappear say, we're still going to make the change And from the time when they made this change, there are people who do not agree, and these people said we were former guard Ethereum unchanged So when we hear about Ethereum classic that just means it's Ethereum before we have made changes on Blockchain Ethereum

Maxence: Okay, okay Xolali: Right before and after but it's the same thing in the end Maxence: Thanks for the clarification So, vis-à-vis the security of these ethereums, Is that exactly where Bitcoin like this, we put these on a key ethereums Ledger, a Tresor key or there are other systems or in contrast, there is no need secure How to proceed ? Xolali: It's the same actually It is such as Bitcoin, you can put it in a ledger key or even a key to Tresor secure as well as Bitcoin

Given that fact, it works as Bitcoin, it works with Blockchain of the final Bitcoin So from the time where we have the same technology behind it can be secure in the same way Maxence: Okay, okay! Thank you for all the details So if you had or So you found a few errors compared to your lack of your vis-à-vis training Bitcoin or Ethereum, what is it? That, too want to make short term? Do you have an anecdote or a client who bought in reverse and who was wrong? What is the two or three major mistakes when they invest in people crypto? Xolali: The first mistake is to think when, for example, if it is trading and sees his trading position negative that loses money So every time there are people who me say, ah I lose 500 euros, I lose 600 euros, 700 euros but in trading, this is not at all in fact

The trading is at time T, what is the value the portfolio, the instant you sell, what is the value of your winnings And he there is that it is often difficult to perceive when you see written -200, -300 in fact we did not lose, it is just temporarily negative And suddenly, Often what people do is they start selling or Maxence On the stroke of panic or Xolali Behold, saying, wow I lose too much money so I sell And 24 hours or 48 hours later everything is reassembled

Maxence: And here they are there before There's a little story because what I I'm not at all during the final and I earn more than people who are stuck 24 hours 24 because I do not make mistakes like I'm not Xolali: Well, the strategy! Exactly! And suddenly, this is one of the things that is really important is that have to manage emotions vis-à-vis money I speak also in training on the Trading crypto-currencies And we must understand that if we do not sell, you do not lose If one invests for example, thou hast invested, you have at the moment neither lost nor won

You have your value that is Maxence: I have a positive value, yes Xolali Behold! Maxence: Absolutely! Xolali: Now to materialize it, either you make a purchase Bitcoin, or you resell one will say in euro and then we will say you won both euro So if it is Bitcoin, it means you have increased your purchasing power thanks to Bitcoin

If it is in euro is that you won As euros through the sale but in the meantime there is nothing going on actually Here ! And that is what should be understood until we have nothing, no lost money Maxence Then suddenly, at what slider you estimate taking its loss when in Trading? Xolali: So, it all depends Maxence: So we will take an example for this to be good concise If you have a capital of 10 000 euros

This is a person that a position already to 300 euros loss, do you estimate it takes take the loss or what is the trend in relation to this? Xolali: Actually, we can not explain it exactly Maxence Yes if you another example more specific? Xolali: Because in fact, already be aware what is, in Finance and Trading it's called, the version risk That is to say, the tolerance level of risk that sees There are people who, when they have mastered well the area, they can see least 300, least 1000 and back afterwards Well, I take the example of a client that and I called Franck Rocca, Maxence: Ok Xolali: He came into the battery trading in January, in early September, the highest we find

Maxence: It breaks a little face Xolali: And then it started to fall Maxence He put a shot or he puts every month the same amount? Xolali: Yes, right there that he also puts every month, and after there trading And suddenly his trading position it down at least 500, less 1000, 3000 less Maxence: I had seen in pockets less less 3000 4000 but Xolali Behold Maxence Xolali He was relaxed, I am, what I explained is you do not sell, you have not lost Then we worked for back it gradually to reach the final, it is not made after more then 1000 it was at least 4 000

And there he took his winnings So ultimately, as I said just now, so we do not sell, you do not lose and you have to manage emotions in relation to it That's why we can not say 300 or euros is much less 1000 is a lot Maxence: Yes it is based on the investor's profile Xolali: This is based on the investor's profile There are many, if had seen least 1 000, 1 500 less

Maxence: Yes, total panic I sell all, I'm in trouble! Xolali: After you should know it takes still have cash in reserve to not only the trading portfolio to be liquidated, because if you did more cash in reserve they will say, there Maxence: Game over! Xolali: Game over, bankruptcy and so we again from zero But now that it's a super important thing to understand is that when doing Trading in the crypto-currencies, as long as we do not sell, you do not lose And it is always provisional And if we follow the right strategies and the right advice can regularly generate good gains

Maxence: Ok! Well, thank you for the feedback and for that So if you like the video, click on the little thumb just below thank you for ahead and feel free to share If you have already purchased Ethereum in recent weeks and months, feel free to leave your feedback Maybe you cashed some profits

And if you also watch yet this video, you certainly want to invest in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies You have various support programs, so maybe you you simply want to train and rush to invest perfectly So, vis-à-vis Ethereum which is the subject of this video, what is the training that is better to start with this crypto? Xolali: So to start in fact, would be trading training called "Bitcoin Trading Sucess" Maxence: Ok! Xolali So, I explained everything in A to Z how the trading compared also to investors profiles How to make a bet on the rise, a down bet? How to follow the news compared to this And then if people want to go further, then I created in fact, the private club where there is a real support with monthly coaching with Additional modules compared to technical analysis, one other forum investors share what they do

What else ? I also share all my VIP email compared to buying opportunities and sales and new he are in the field of crypto-currencies And suddenly, it's really the product that will allow people to follow me and see exactly what I'm doing, and reap as capital gains Maxence: So if you want to invest on So the crypto-currency, training, trading, bitcoin, success and this will allow you to have all notions and cartoning thereafter So there is a link to your YouTube video Click on this link, it will redirect you to the training overview page

If you watch this video from a smartphone or another platform, there is the (i) as Information on the top right of the video, or still is in fair description below So we told immediately to generate cash, build wealth through crypto-currencies Right Now on my presentation page!