digi bite one-click minor what is a one-click miner gonna explain it in this video so stay tuned what's going on guys so I'm really excited to announce that the new digi bite one-click miner is available to the world it's free to download it's easy to use when I first got into digi bite when I first got into mining it was hard I was trying to figure out like how do I set this up it's hard to figure out all different programs and everything like that so I wanted to create a program that would allow people who have no experience who know nothing about mining to download one program and then get right into mining in my hope for this is that people download the one-click miner they learn more about did you buy and they also see how fast it is to send back and forth from their miner to their wallet and just start to really kind of learn about digi bite in general so the big thing here is to really lower the barrier of entry and there's a lot of things coming out this year in 2018 with the mobile wallets the new desktop wallet and now the one-click miner it's gonna make it even easier for people to get into the digi byte world and learn more about digibytes blockchain and everything that it has to offer so even if you're not a computer nerd you can still learn about did you buy mining and more just by downloading the did you buy it one click minor I'm gonna show you guys how easy it is to use and what you can expect when using this one-click minor now the thing to remember here is that you're not going to get rich overnight by mining did you buy it with this program but the cool thing is you can learn about did you buy it you can learn about mining you can turn your home computer your gaming computer into a mining machine just by using this program all you need is a Nvidia graphics card or a AMD graphics card it's very simple and easy and you'll be able to mine a small amount of did you buy every single day if you're using this program at night when you're not using a pewter and stuff like that I would not suggest using the program all day long if you're working on the same computer because it might slow down your computer performance your graphics card so I would suggest if you're gaming stuff like that only run the miner at night when you're not using the pewter or during the day when you're not using the computer but you be able to use the one-click miner on all types of PC home computers gaming computer stuff like that when I first started to work on the digi bite one-click minor the big thing was really to make it as simple and easy as possible to use and I think we really were able to do that because you can see how easy it is to use this one-click minor I'm gonna post another video explaining exactly how to download and setup your one clique minor on your computer in a matter of minutes so check out that video if you're interested in downloading the one-click minor and also take a screenshot post on Twitter or tag me in it and let me know what you think about the new did you buy it one click minor I'll talk to you guys later on