How did you get so rich? Please show us Get rich quick with AltCoins at your own risk

Earlier in the fall, Bitcoin received what many perceived as a dose of legitimacy following the first ever Senate hearing on the digital crypto currencies that have taking the internet economy by storm But back in the trenches, many other smaller currencies have cropped up, offering a lower barrier to entry and new chances to get rich quick, even if that promise is a little tongue in cheek Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the world's most popular and successful trader DogeCoin, or "DojeCoin," depending on your preferred pronunciation, is just one of several new alternative currencies that Lightcoin, probably the best known, Ripple, Purecoin, Namecoin, Primecoin, Quartcoin, and the list goes on and on You can find a more complete view of these on coinmarketcap

com, which shows the market caps of each, Bitcoin with over $10 billion, and the lowest known, from FedoraCoin, at $70,000 Go figure There's even a Kanye West themed coin in the works, supposedly launching next week But DogeCoin has captured the most attention as of late, inspired by the inescapable Doge, or "Doje" meme that involves a certain cute dog and Comic Sans The currency apparently came about as the result of this single joke tweet

The currency itself is based on the Lightcoin open source protocol, which according to its proponents, offers a few advantages over Bitcoin Among these, faster transactions, and a lower barrier to entry in mining But as it turns out, there's no such thing as a free DogeCoin, either On Christmas day, the official site, dogewalletcom was targeted, the file system modified, and coin rerouted all to a single account

And according to some Reddit detectives, the same perps have since attacked other related sites, like instadoge For what it's worth, the DogeCoin powers that be have pledged to reimburse all invested coin, and a charity drive is in the works to help all those sad Doges out there Is investing in AltCoin too risky at this point? As always, you can let me know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Vk, all @AnnieGaus And as always, you can get yourself a free Netflix trial at the URL, netflixcom/wtbd

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