Welcome back to Make Money Online with Ate Jinky I'm here again to bring you another video

In this video guys, I'm sharing you an application where we can earn bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and ethereum classic Let's start by showing you the proof of payment to prove that it is legit and paying First, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and ethereum classic Now, let's proceed to the application Alright, this is "TAYZTY"

I'm not sure how it is pronounce but i pronounce it as "TAYZTY" So, we need to register here using our coinbase gmail And now let's put my gmail After that, we will receive a login code to gmail We need to copy this code, then proceed and paste to our application, of course login As a sign up bonus, we receive 5000 gwei for our ethereum And it instantly came to our coinbase account So, here is our dashboard, it is easy to play this guys

We only need to share articles to our facebook account and it will give us gwei for our etheruem Okay, let us try to share guys Let's click share and then we'll see this " your earnings will update soon as your friends click on the link you shared But guys, even if none of our friends will click the link, still we will earn And even it is not showed in public or friends, because mine is set in only me, still we will gain gwei

So it is easy, just share and earn Guys, we can share these articles again and again and there are more articles we can share here And that we earned 60 gwei Now, for us to proceed to other cryptocurrency, just click the three lines And then let's choose what crypto is next to earn,

I choose bitcoin cash, guys that's how easy to use the application To withdraw, we need to click the round picture then cash it out It will proceed to our coinbase account fast and instant! Guys we can withdraw every 4 hours Guys, there you have my video and hopefully I gave you again another information on how we can earn more different cryptocurrency by using one app Thank you for watching my video

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