XRP Ripple how do i buy it what's the easiest way to buy it can I explain it in this video so stay tuned what's going on guys so people always ask me you know how do I buy a ripple what's the easiest way to buy Ripple and I did a little bit of research I try to figure it out what's the easiest way and I think the easiest possible way to do it is by using coinbase so obviously most people that are getting into cryptocurrencies most people that want to buy Ripple already have crypto so you probably already have aetherium or litecoin or Bitcoin you have some type of coin already if you don't you're gonna need to buy you can use coin base if your US citizen I think worldwide you can figure that out you got to get your Bitcoin you got to get like corn you gotta get something that you can exchange for Ripple and the easiest way to exchange it the fastest easiest way to do it is to use this website called shape-shift dot I oh now you're gonna go to shape-shift do when you get there you're gonna see this little box pop up this is the same way that I've done some other coins like did you buy and stuff like that but for exchanging ripple it's very simple it's very easy let's say I want to deposit oh they'll do say light coin so I want to deposit like Cohen and I want to receive some ripple I'm gonna go there to ripple and you're gonna get this little warning there and unfunded ripple wallet requires a minimum of 20 x RP that's fine not a big deal now once I go into that I'm gonna set it up there I'm gonna click continue now you can see it's showing that I'm going to deposit litecoin and I'm going to receive ripple I'm gonna quick I'm gonna click continue there and this is gonna pop up Nick so now it's telling me that one light coin is worth 98 ripple which is not a very good conversion because light coins worth 200 I guess ripples worth about two dollars right now I look at the exchange but so anytime that something is easy or simple you're gonna pay a little bit of a premium there but you can see one light coin giving you 90s and adjust with the price of x RP I'm sure at the XRP prices right now I mean look real quick so the price of x RP ripple right now is about two dollars an 11 cents global average so that's not a bad exchange you're paying a little bit of a premium obviously for this but once you put that in your gonna put your ripple address you've always asked what's the best ripple Wallet there's a lot of ripple wallets out there but if you wanted to get something simple on your phone you can download a wallet call a toast wallet toast wallet you can download on your phone as an app it's easy it's simple you can put on your phone and then you can exchange ripple that way and that'll be your wallet it'll give you your address once you have your address you'll put your address in this top here so very important here you want to make sure you put your litecoin address wallets wallet address there for your receiving in the refund area so that way there's any kind of issues you're like 'land will come back to you now you're not gonna put your sending address you're going to put your recieving address in the refund area and then you're gonna click start transaction once that happens then you'll be able to go to the next screen and you'll show up that it'll say where to send your litecoin so you'll then you'll go into your coinbase account and you'll click send you'll put the address that shapeshift gives you once you do that you'll send it to shape-shift and it will exchange it and then automatically it will then deposit your ripple into your ripple wallet so nothing crazy nothing card you don't need to sign up for anything you don't need to get on any exchanges obviously you're gonna need some type of Bitcoin or light coin or cryptocurrency already a lot of people already have coin base so that's the simple way to do it and easy and then you can use shape-shift I owe to then exchange your light coin your Bitcoin or your aetherium for ripple I would suggest using light coin or a theory because it's cheap and it's fast and easy if you're using Bitcoin and the fees are gonna be a little bit higher for exchanging and sending and all that stuff it's gonna take longer so I would suggest using light coin using a theory if you're gonna do that routes and using the coin base set up there and hopefully you guys already have some coins that you can exchange for ripple and it's simple it's easy you can exchange like I said light coin Bitcoin aetherium all kinds of different coins so you can see all these options here if you wanted to exchange Bitcoin cash everything's there to exchange so it kind of works for all these different coins you can see all these different coins you got with some other big ones you got neo on there you got very coin you got vert coin you got all these different coins Z cash that you can exchange for and then do it all there so very simple very easy hopefully this helps you guys hopefully you learn a little bit and now you see how easy it is to get Ripple with this system using coin base using coins and then using shape-shift I owe so there it is