Hi and welcome back to my youtube channel Crypto Lou, I'm Louise Elizabeth and today we be taking you through how you can save money sending your Bitcoin through your Exodus wallet so some of you may be aware I've already done a tutorial on the Exodus wallet and I really like the look and feel of it my only issue with it is the fact that it has absolutely extortionate transaction fees so what I found is a way to link your Exodus wallet through to your clock train wallet and that way you don't have to pay the exodus fees you're actually playing the blockchain fees and you do this with the use of private keys so what I'll do is I'll take you through those steps now so if I go into Exodus initially and if I go to wallet if for example I want to send let's say for example ninety US dollars in here you can see that the network free is pretty high for that it's three dollars five which is quite a substantial cost so what I'm going to do is take you through the process now of exporting your private keys through Exodus and then I'll take us through to blockchain to show you the process of how to import that so I'm just going to come out of here for a moment so if you go to the top here and go to Exodus then go to developer assets Bitcoin and export private keys then what it will do is it will come up with a message asking me if I'm sure I want to export my private keys for Bitcoin remember to keep your private keys safe anyone who has access to your private keys can get your funds so you need to be really careful with this file in the fact that obviously it's very similar to someone having access to your pin number for your bank card for example so if anyone gets access to this and it's really dangerous so you just need to obviously confirm through that and it'll what you need to do is say I'm sure and then it'll export and the folder onto your desktop for you you so once you have downloaded those private keys they low then appear on a folder on your desktop if you just then open up those file the file will be called Bitcoin addresses and then in big capital letters warning has private keys and then I have the date and time in there as well so when we open that up we're then provided and it will it can be opened up in WordPad or Excel or notepad I believe as well and then it will just be comma separated and should it be another kind of formats I've ever mine up in Microsoft Excel and I find it quite readable in here as well so the first option that you have up here is you have the address so in here will be your Bitcoin address then you'll have the path then you'll have your active balance and then you'll have your private key so what you need to do is ensure that you obviously have a copy of your Bitcoin address and your private key so now we're back in our blockchain what we're going to do is we go to settings on the left hand side here then if we go to addresses then what we're going to be doing is import Bitcoin address now one here you can say that it states that your wallet automatically creates new Bitcoin addresses as it needs them you can optionally import an existing address and transfer the funds to your wallet if you have the corresponding private key which is what we've just got through that export this is an advanced functionality and only suggested for advanced users obviously we're all advanced users so what you need to do here is just copy in that Bitcoin address and from the export that we got from Exodus and then click onto import then what comes up is its then States you can only access these funds if you have the private key stored elsewhere which we do if you do not have a paper wallet or other backup you should not instruct anyone to send you coins to this address so I'm just going to click on to ok here so if we now go to Bitcoin and then go to send what you now have is you not only have the option to send from my Bitcoin will it be also have imported address in here so you would click on to the imported address and then you would simply copy and paste your private key into this section here so that's was the private key that was in the exported exodus file so you would paste that into there and now if you wanted to send $90 you then be looking at a one dollar and five cents US dollar charge so hence saving yourself you know a couple of dollars or so there in terms of you know compared to Exodus and you're simply then click on continue and send your Bitcoin as per usual so if you love Exodus that hate all those transaction fees then link it through the blockchain and save yourself some money I hope that you found this useful today if you did then give me a like if you'd like to see more tips reviews and tutorials then please hit subscribe if you have any questions at all then please put them in the comments below and I'll outline all the steps that I've covered today in the summary of this video thanks and I'll see you soon