what's up guys this is a Tai Zen from prison or freedom dot com it's a blog where we talk about the tools techniques and strategies that help people find freedom a in their lives and right now I just got back from the as lefty a Texas biklin conference an I discovered that we have a fake journalist come out in newsweek claiming that she had found the real certo should I komodo the inventor and founder and creator a bit pointing by so I have this on article in front of me and by the way I love you guys so supplies are how many people recognize us a me and my buddy leon a to in the Maserati from the video that was shot about what is a next point and so we had a lot of people approaches and say hello to assess Texas pick point conference for subsequent conference they had in the was taxes which was and south of Boston and up we have to a lot of people comment and talk about how r I went from both come up broadcasting from a Maserati to broadcasting from a train station actually I'm not in a train station in some old videos a massive mo summer at airport like right now I'm at Boston the Logan airport so I just so wanna talk a little bit about this %uh fake journalists who found a steak Satoshi Nakamoto okay but the state journalist name is Andrea McGrath Goodman I'm looking at her out Twitter profile by the way we want to follow along with me so she claims to be the senior writer and finance editor for newsweek so what happen is newsweek went outta business due to the Internet just like the corn is going to put the banks our business eventually okay of so what happen is they were at a business they at their pick-up newsweek was sprinting 33 million the of the magazines a month or was in a month or week here I'm that its circulation up 3

3 million okay and they died out in 2012 they finally close the doors and stop printing the physical addition and is only have the online edition well they got bought out by another company called I BT media and when I BT media took over they wanted to relaunch the physical addition I'll newsweek since it was a a popular newsweek magazine before the internet destroyed it guide so in there feature magazine and their launch magazine when they launch relaunch the first physical publication at newsweek they decided to sensationalize their launch in the release of their first magazine after they closed out in 2012 and what they did was they put a II mostly guys have seen already the black picture black and red and white cover I was very dramatic it had a the anonymous spacehab founder a bit going on there and in bold print it said Bigpoint space cuz they claim that apparently they discovered who the founder it and then to pick one was I'm and it made big headline news and it started up a lot a emotion and commotion inside the big point community especially in the sub reddit's on time because everybody that's involved with bitcoins knows the truth that's a totally not komodo is not the real name above the inventor and the only thing that this a us take journalist Leah goodman did was she went down somebody in California by the name upset Oshie Nakamoto and we have the names at Ocean Nakamoto in his name and she claimed that was him now that is very stupid and that's very moronic and that's what I call her estate journalist right she might have been a journalist who might have been on TV and and on russia today and everything you know but after reporting on this take journalist what I would do is I would recommend that Lee a good man quit being a journalist okay she's that good at it she's not accurate in her reporting okay I'm the people that's in the beacon communities such as mad bitcoins or the the clean channel a brother John a after the big point channel or the awesome James deangelo from the world declined network we get the people from the big coin talk group we got Andre Santa novelist and Adam Levine & Stephanie Murphy from let's talk midpoint these are the people that I would trust and rely on to provide worthwhile and truthful a big point news okay I would never trust someone likely a good man or someone that newsweek but time magazine a Bloomberg another big media houses simply because they just don't understand the decline technology and the pic when revolution right keep in mind that everybody everybody that knows anything about the client knows that there are only two ways to verify who sit oceana Comodo is OK and in case you guys a new to decline and you don't know these are 10 to cation methods let me share them with you okay of since I'm the biggest owner at that point is Satoshi Nakamoto and second it's the US government the FBI right I Toshack amoral owns about 16 million records so that's right on the money okay several hundreds of millions of dollars alright so when in order for anyone to believe that a person hook if a person jumps on claims to be subtotal Nakamoto the real Satoshi Nakamoto when bit because there's only two ways that the to verify that he is really Satoshi Nakamoto or she is really Satoshi Nakamoto okay and that would be one is to move or transfer one of those big points at a that 16 million because only Soto should not komodo has the password in a private keys to transfer those funds so the only way that anyone in the world would believe that the person who claims to be the real Soto should not tomorrow is the real Satoshi Nakamoto would be to transfer one of those bitcoins with his private key or with his password I now the other way is to sign it with his pgp email signature is a %uh email key alright that would be another way a to to to I'm to verified that here she is the real Soto should not tomorrow and the real inventor a bit points okay otherwise any other way right you can't find an identity a passport a driver's license a social security card anything for someone whose name is a toast not tomorrow but no one is gonna believe that that is the real Soto should not komodo until they that person transfers the big points they don't have to transfer all 16 million up they just need to be able to transfer a one of them and that would be enough for the big point community and the rest the world to be convinced that that person is the real said moshe Satoshi Nakamoto until this happens a you can have a thousand fake reporters and a thousand fake journalist claim that they found the real Satoshi Nakamoto but no its to believe that it is just a joke it's embarrassing okay and for her to to claim that she used a for Leah Goodman to claim that she use MIT to help her do the investigation and do all this it's just a bunch of garbage okay cuz a anybody that goes to MIT which is one other most prestigious math and science school in America that that understands a public key encryption or understands big point would know that just because someone's name it's a totally not komodo does not make them so set oceana komodo so the fact that she is using a thrown out the fact that to use people at MIT to me that is just an embarrassment to the school and I don't recommend that you do that okay and I'm and if I was MIT or newsweek or anybody else or even the family have such a Dorian's at oceana tomorrow the guy that was falsely accuses being the biklin inventor a they would proceed legal action or sue Leah Goodman for defamation and causing risk defamation to that MIT school and causing danger and potential danger and risk delightful about Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto the reason why is because if people don't know she published the she unprofessionally published his a house address the picture this house the picture of him and then the his address his street address his car his drivers his license plate in everything and if we had some real a people who really wanted to hurt Dorian Soto she not tomorrow a thinking that he was the real Soto she back a model they could have easily kidnapped him or do something to force him to give up his passwords for that you know hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins so that was very unprofessional her to do that as very stupid over to do that and I would never never ever trust anything that Leah any words anything that comes out only a good man's mouth after this bogus story about discovering the the a inventor a bit point okay so why are they doing this why is she doing this and why is that newsweek doing this like I mentioned earlier in the video um according to the Internet okay newsweek his failing why because they're trying to charge three four five dollars for their magazine before when you can get for free in digital format online okay or cheaper online so now with all the people that can tweet and can use Facebook in your social media and the Internet and YouTube to broadcast up being a Newsweek journalist does not mean anything anymore be a Bloomberg or CNN journalist it means nothing the only thing that means anything on the internet now is if you have credibility that is the most powerful currency that anyone can have in today's in the age of the Internet okay so for the rest of her life Leah Goodman will be known as a fake journalist and I sensationalist and she's just a tabloid writer I'm she should quit news we can go work at the will weekly news or whether those lousy cheap tabloid magazines that you know I the enquirer are some you know BS magazine like that okay and newsweek II BT media made a huge a a bad decision to hire her in to use her a storytime lot relaunch the physical addition a newsweek magazine and I hope they failed miserably for this okay and that nobody tries to bail him out the government so nobody okay a time a business screws up and that's cool over their customers like newsweek did okay by issuing a false story that they blatantly no is false and then the editor in chief I'll sits there and tries to deny it and tries to back up Leah Goodman saying that it's a it that they had credible evidence if you did some research orbit coin you would know that the only way to prove that someone is Satoshi Nakamoto the event a big point is to his private key or through his a PGP a signature okay his email signature and that's the only way any other way is is bogus so why would you come out and we launch and new magazine and try to get the public's at tension and print some stupid like that okay you that's no different than the inquire or some tabloid magazine a newspaper printing stories about Brad Pitt or or jail or something okay it's just retarded right so I hope that newsweek goes out of business thanks this story okay I you know not everything is bad you know the the the Chinese character for crisis is made up of two characters okay one character means I'm a danger and the other the other character means opportunity on that so during this crisis a with newsweek let's look at the opportunities that's available okay what people don't realize is whether you put out negative or positive press our media attention about that point the fact that you even talk about it encourages the growth a big points as much as the governments and the banks want to ban that point the more they talk about and the more I bring to the attention just brings more adopters and new users to be quiet and what happens that since been quite only has a set number of current a units a $21 million however be minted the every time a new user enters the big point world for the pic 1 community where the big quite network it automatically increases the value a big point so I the positive thing that we can look at this is the besides the fact that well everybody now knows that Leah Goodman is up fake journalists and a bogus journalist and can never be trusted we have brought thanks to her we have actually brought more attention to be quite okay say Tom the media try to sensationalize and and talk nonsense about that point only increases the value that it only increases the awareness remember a big point is that promoted by the central bank's is not promoted by the government is not promoted by the Federal Reserve okay so the fact that Bloomberg CNN newsweek and all these a Fox News and all these CNBC in all these you know a on reliable news sources talk about this them the better it is for the pic 1 community so I invite you know more people to go out there and the newsweek time I A these big media companies I invite them to write more bogus stories because all its gonna do they think that it's gonna hurt because I'm that think that that a that this sensationalizing a and trying to grow their business but the only thing that they're doing is they're bringing more attention two-bit Korean in the pic want to marry so I hope that this video helps you guys a understand that the two ways to identify the real Satoshi Nakamoto a row by the way on on his the there was a his R&R the original I'll I think p2p the epitope rug currency blog that originally belonged to subtotal Nakamoto apparently he made a comment um that he did that he was the he claimed he was not do in Nakamoto okay and my belief is that that blog account has been hacked and that was not a comment babe made by the real Soto should not promote okay I am in the by the way the only time that i believe that the real cytosine Nakamoto whatever appear or make an appearance is I night time soon okay pick one is growing and this new users adopters every day there's no need for him to appear and he does not want to be a the target other government investigation or anything like that I i predicted the future a when there is a serious serious problem with their point where a huge decision has to be made on it I think that at that time is when he will probably appear and when the real so totally not tomorrow appears right Tom he will transfer some models that point that he owns to verify who he is or San is a message out that includes his in cryptid tgp signature so that everyone in the beacon community can verify and authenticate that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto okay so in till those two things happen I just ignore all the bogus stories from all the bogus and steak journalist such as Leah McGrath Goodman and I and focus on the real people I'm who a a who give you news about bitcoins such as mad bitcoins such as let's talk Collins such as a a brother John asked at the at the big point channel or such as a the the the Quantock group and those are the people that you need to trust when it comes to talking about big point not these other numb nuts okay like the Leah Goodman thank you for watching this video interview like to %uh support our efforts freedom efforts a you're welcome to donate to our freedom fun at prison or freedom dot com slash donations and I'll be its happy except any donations olympic coins or any the other ok ones I have less a bit until next time a have a great day