Hi, My Antminer d3 is faulty, I must reboot every time when error happen It can run for a few hours sometimes run 2 to 3 days and start the error Here, you can see d3 running 6 hours, this error occurs, Hash rate dropped from 193

Gh /s to 146 Gh /s The fault LED flashing red light and board ship states change from o to X the hash rate has dropped Currently it is happening on the third board there will be a second board or a first board Make a significant reduction in revenue it happens when I sleeping so I cannot check I have searched on Google and the forums, but still no results in the end, I think the problem may be due to the firmware of Antminer D3 I go to the bit main website and see the latest firmware is the November And as expected, my Antminer D3 belongs to the November 193GH/s batch but is still running the firmware of August 31st I go to the bitmain website and see the latest firmware is the November So I will start to guide you to fix this First of all you should back up the settings to avoid losing settings Click Save Username and password root Okay done we back up you Now we go to Bitmain website to download firmware Support Product firmware and chose Antminer D3 Yes you see that, firmware to fix miner 'x' status issue I click to file name and download, Save to easily remember location on your hard drive Now we go to "Upgrade firmware" Tab in Antminer web controller interface Click Browse, don't uncheck "Keep setting", if you uncheck, all setting will reset to default and you must config again select downloaded firmware click Flash image and OK Wait some minutes While flashing firmware, don't corrupt power or anything, just leave Antminer D3 alone

If corrupt, you must send D3 to Bitmain factory to repair In the meantime, you can see my mining profit decreased so much when hash rate drop 🙁 yeah I Successful flash firmware, now you can see my firmware is Monday November 20th 2017 It's still booting, I will wait and refresh the page After flash new firmware, I feeling temperature and fan speed increase a little bit "Miner Status" TAB load faster Now I think Miner will run smoothly and no more "x" status – no more profit lost, thank for watching and don't forget to subscribe !!!