hey what's going on everyone for those of you are new my name is Ryan and today we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin mining so today Genesis mining released their open-ended Bitcoin mining contract for a limited pre-order as you can see on screen right now this should be huge news for anyone who has knowledge of the cloud mining space for Bitcoin Genesis mining is open-ended Bitcoin mining contracts are the classic option where you can mine for as long as it's profitable and earn as much as possible with your purchased hash power essentially you're buying part ownership of the hardware on the shelves in one of their many mining facilities as you can see on screen right now they have a massive array of mining equipment that actually is mining crypto currencies unlike the high-yield investment programs that claim to mine Bitcoin or whatever with your money but they never actually do it's just a scam so I bought into Genesis mining in the last batch of pre-orders and that started mining on November 1st as you can see on screen right now I've been receiving daily payouts every single day in Bitcoin from them and the amount that I receive is probably approximately about like $350 as of filming this video as you can see they're paying but the real question is how long will it take you to make your money back and the answer is different for every person on this website here you can calculate how much your mining power is going to make you daily weekly monthly whatever statistic you want to look at so for example if you wanted to buy five Tera hashes of Bitcoin mining power it would be approximately $845 US dollars at the current time of filming this video so if you go over to the mining calculator and plop in five Tera hashes at the current exchange rate of Bitcoin you'd approximately get $6

18 a day or a hundred and eighty eight dollars and nine cents a month and that also equates to this much Bitcoin and 0026 Bitcoin per month so this is just the gross earnings though to get the net earnings we're going to put in point zero zero zero to eight because that's how much at Genesis mining charges per gig a hash and then we bought five Tara hashes in this example so we're gonna multiply that by a thousand which will give us five thousand which equates to a dollar forty a day in fees and if you multiply that by thirty days we end up with forty two dollars a month and fees subtract that from 180 809 and you end up with a hundred and forty six dollars and nine cents a month so if you would invested eight hundred and forty five dollars it would take you approximately six months to make your money back but after that you'd receive payments forever as long as it stays profitable as long as you're mining powers making more than that forty-two dollars a month in fees and that's absolutely insane that's why this is definitely a worthwhile investment in my opinion on this profitability calculator though you can also change the current price of Bitcoin so if Bitcoin ends up at ten thousand dollars by February twenty eighth when your contract starts you can see the numbers go up quite a bit as I'll show you right here it goes from a hundred and forty seven dollars to being two hundred and twenty dollars roughly that you'd be earning every month something around there so as the price of Bitcoin goes up definitely you're gonna make more money from this it's gonna be a lot more profitable in the future it's also gonna be varying on the difficulty and things to that nature but that's it for this video everyone I hope you guys all enjoy it and I hope you're hyped for the return to open-ended contracts just as I am I have a link in the description below that'll give you 3% off on any purchase you make from them and you can use it as many times as you'd like so do not hold back it also helps support this channel so I appreciate it as well until the next video everyone though happy