We are officially in the first innings of a 2017 gold rush, as gold demand threatens to outstrip supply for the first time in decades… We are officially in the first innings of a 2017 gold rush, as gold demand threatens to outstrip supply for the first time in decades—but it’s not going to be costly underground mining that brings in the profits … And many will be turning to Canada… where the government is now welcoming open pit mining in the “land of gold”… Nova Scotia Pressed for novel solutions, geologists in places like Canada are now working to pull gold from football field-sized open gold pits rather than seeking the yellow metal in more cumbersome and expensive underground operations

As every investor knows, gold remains the pre-eminent and time-tested safehaven asset for hedging against macroeconomic upheavals One explorer, right in the center of Nova Scotia’s gold rush is a small-cap company sitting on a potential $560 million in gold A little-known company called Osprey Gold (TSX:OSV; OTC:OSSPF) has moved into the largest historic gold producing area in Nova Scotia–armed with unprecedented new technology that gives it cheaper access to gold in open pits Across the street, Atlantic Gold Corp

turned its similar project into a $250-million gold mine, and now Osprey is gearing up to pursue the same success Enter … The Nova Scotia Gold Rush While everyone was moving out West to San Fran in 1848…The “little known Nova Scotia gold rush” was minting millionaires on the East coast Canada is the world’s 5th largest gold producer, and Nova Scotia is a classic high-yield brown field gold province And it’s home to some of the highest-grade gold fields in the country Here, grades as high as 14g/tonne are not uncommon

So well-endowed is Nova Scotia that it has supported three major gold rushes that churned out about a million ounces of the metal in the process Nova Scotia’s mines have been closed since World War II due to disruptions by the war and things never got going again… until now A new discovery has opened up a wealth of opportunity, and you can expect to hear about a new Nova Scotia gold rush soon It’s hardly surprising that miners… with new technology… are rushing back in to scoop up the easy pickings The first companies to take advantage of this technology are almost guaranteed of fat returns

Companies like Atlantic Gold Corp (TSX:AGB), which is working on the rich Moose River Consolidated project, is one Atlantic is currently expanding known regions and finding disseminated zones of mineralization Not only that, their first pour is scheduled for September this year And… Osprey Gold (TSX:OSV; OTC:OSSPF) is starting down the same track

Osprey has now moved into the largest historic gold production area in Nova Scotia–Goldenville Goldenville A gold miner’s dream A place so legendary and rich in gold that it has churned out more gold than any other historic mine in Nova Scotia Here are five key reasons why you should keep an eye on this junior gold explorer Reason #1: Ideal Location Osprey’s gold assets are located in a prime geological area

In fact, Goldenville, Osprey’s most highly-prized asset, is Nova Scotia’s most prolific gold camp The property produced 212,300 oz of gold between 1862 to 1942 As recent as 2005, Acadian drilling found 109,676 tonnes grading at 1076g/tonne and another 533,799 inferred tonnes grading at 1426 g/tonne

And, Goldenville happens to be in the same stratigraphy as Atlantic Gold Corp’s rich Moose River deposits Osprey’s approach is similar to Atlantic’s in that it seeks to define open-pittable deposits in the gold fields Atlantic Gold Corp’s share price has risen over 113 percent since January, and now it’s worth about $245 million, creating enormous investor returns If you missed out on the Atlantic Gold Corp wave, Osprey could offer the next best chance to enjoy super-sized returns

Not only is this the BEST location…but it’s “right across the street” with infrastructure already in place Goldenville Infrastructure and Claim Blocks This is a secure political jurisdiction with great infrastructure that allows the company to do cheap exploration Canada is exactly this: If you can produce gold in Canada and sell it in US dollars it’s a huge advantage due to the strength of the U

S dollar Reason #2: New Technology + Open Pit Mine Gold miners in Nova Scotia have traditionally tracked high-grade veins in underground operations But geologists have recently developed a technology that allows miners to assess mineralization of host rocks through which gold veins run For the first time in the history of the gold industry in Canada, it’s now possible to mine gold in open pits rather than underground mines

This comes with obvious advantages: 1 Lower production costs, 2 Reduced risks, 3 Improved ability to scale The Goldenville property has the potential to benefit from these advantages

It consists of a structurally controlled slate belt with vein hosted disseminated mineralization Up to 46 sequenced vein packages have already been identified This is unlike any other place in the world because rocks from nearly every age of earth are exposed From 15 billion years… to today

And in one simple strip… you can find this Nova Scotia gold Goldenville Geology and Mineralization Two drill holes sunk in 1997 about 3km to the west of the Osprey property returned 133g/tonne of ore held in veins and slate host rocks at a depth between 542 meters and 744 meters

Reason #3: Excellent Growth Runways One of the major criteria that successful investors use to identify potential winning investments is a sound business model and a fair valuation And that’s precisely the reason why Osprey Gold (TSX:OSV; OTC:OSSPF) offers such an attractive value proposition The company already has a clear path to owning at least four gold assets in Nova Scotia: Goldenville, Lower Seal Harbour, Gold Lake and Miller Lake projects The company’s assets hold 447,000 ounces of gold uncapped

That’s at least 447,000 ounces of gold by Osprey! So basically we are talking about a $103-million market cap company sitting on $560 million worth of gold! That’s a potential 75x increase in value for Early-in investors! Orex Exploration (OX: TSX-V) another listed junior, recently merged with Anaconda It also owned a single similar asset in Nova Scotia This asset is at only a slightly advanced development stage than Osprey’s assets, yet the company was valued at $111 million

That’s 15X higher valuation than Osprey currently Whichever way you slice it, Osprey Gold seems like a solid investment with very good potential for strong returns Reason # 4: Mining Legends With Hand-On Experience There is a highly competent team behind Osprey Gold (TSX:OSV; OTC:OSSPF) driving this vehicle, which is a huge plus in the highly competitive gold industry

Adrian Fleming, Chairman and Director–has accumulated more than 35 years in the mining industry He was the president of Underworld Resources of the White Gold Project Underworld was recently acquired by Kinross Gold for $139 million He also played a big role in major discoveries, including Hope Bay and Porgera Cooper Quinn, President and Director– former Senior Geologist with Underworld Resources, Mr

Quinn has worked extensively at several exploration and development companies in North America, Europe, South Pacific Islands and Greenland Jeffrey R Wilson– has 20 years of experience in mining exploration and investment industries Current president and CEO of Precipitate Gold Corp Has raised seed capital of more than $50 million through his vast wealth of contacts in the industry

Mr Wilson has been involved in several successful and profitable buy-outs by major mining companies Another director, Greg Beischer, is also the President and CEO of another successful project generator, Millrock Resources, and he’s been involved in mining and exploration for three decades So Osprey has a great team at the helm, with team players that know how to grow a company from ground to bar! Reason # 5: The Gold Bug Bites Again With geopolitical tensions across the world on the increase, investors have resorted to putting their money into safe-haven assets to guard themselves against possible currency devaluations Most notably, there has been a dramatic increase in cryptocurrency investment, with Ethereum up 4,500 percent year-to-date

But with cryptocurrencies being notoriously volatile, falling up to 96 percent in one day, attention is returning to gold, and fast! The gold bug has bitten again! That means GROWING demand for gold for years to come Gold exports for all major producers except the Middle Kingdom fell in 2016 for the first time since 2008 Gold supply is already in the first stages of a cyclical downturn, meaning supply is bound to grow even tighter in the coming years Old mines that use outdated mining technologies are no longer profitable for a lot of miners, forcing them to fold up operations in droves Gold belts such as Nova Scotia where new techniques such as open-pit mining are now possible will realize significant cost savings and higher margins than their older counterparts

You can bet that this is where many miners will be swarming over the next few years Companies like Osprey Gold that have already secured the richest mining areas stand a good chance of enjoying the best returns for years to come Major Announcement Coming Soon Osprey recently located and acquired a package of digitized historical data for all its four major assets The data includes ground geophysical surveys, diamond drill logs, and surface geochemical data This includes data that was previously not in the public domain

The latest Resource Estimate Update by the company showed a 60 percent increase in inferred resources at the Goldville project Osprey has continued assessing and acquiring drill cores from other companies that have explored the Goldenville resource, and is currently assessing other opportunities as well The company plans to kick off the first drill program at Goldenville during the third-quarter and provide an updated resource estimate for the entire body of works during the fourth quarter of the current year, or the first quarter of 2018 The company’s unique prospecting approach means that not only are its gold resources likely to increase over the coming months, but it’s also likely to find NEW opportunities to buffer the single asset risk Don’t be surprised if the company’s management announces another acquisition on the cheap before long

After all, this is a team of expert negotiators and anything is the cards with these guys Remember … with the company currently valued so cheaply, any significant progress or new discoveries could possibly drive sizable price action for Osprey shares So, Osprey Gold (TSX:OSV; OTC:OSSPF) could be the next Atlantic Gold Corp in the making