Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Today I'm going to show you how to win $ 10 In plus or minus 10 minutes We will only have to see 5 videos of 2 minutes chaucun For a total of 10 minutes You will earn $ 2 per watched video So You should know that To use this method You will need an account on Coinbase If you do not have one, I advise you to watch my video presentation of Coinbase I will leave you a pop-up here at the top in the video We start, you will have to click on the link that I leave you in description To open this page Here you can earn $ 10 in stellar lumens You will have to click on the lesson 1 And you will see this page with this video You will have to watch the video There will be a voice in English But for the first 2 or 3 videos there will be the French support For all the other videos it will be necessary to manage in English As you see You will have to watch All video, 2 minutes in total Here Coinbase explains what is the Stellar Lumens Why it was created And other things

After watching the video You will have to click here where I have marked "COMPLETATA" You will have scored "earns $ 2" It will be necessary to click on it You will see a question I already answered It's very easy, even if you make a mistake you can try whenever you want It's sure you will win After you close the page And you will watch lesson 2 Etc As you see there will be 5 lessons So you can earn $ 10 After You will be able to win other Cryptocurrency too For example, ICDs that have just been unlocked You can win $ 6 Because there are 3 videos EOS The Zcash you can not win, they are no longer available BAT, All that you can win at the moment when I record the video !! You will not be able to win the ZRX either for the moment They are no longer available at the moment Well guys I finished I did it quickly so as not to be bored So to win those dollars I leave you the link in description It will open the page directly Thank you all for the vision, see you next time