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watching and that's that's meat I hope I gave a good donation and Sophie and people find it and who knows i can't really comment on how much it's going to be worth I have no idea it's been around for awhile at least in 2014 and it's still kind of funky so let's see where it goes maybe these new coins are building on top of it will give it a lot of great published maybe expert well who knows a few months back I said in a video that i will $MONTH into that there is going to be an influx of newbies mostly young men into trading altcoins it's just going to get big is young guys like to gamble and it's just a matter of time before this happens and now recently i have seen up tech uptick young guys making videos and contacting me about various aspects of all coins and all trading and you see you guys are paying attention seems like there's a lot more people interested in in all coins right now so do you think this uptick has started for real that the are we about to enter an altcoin Golden Age partially because bitcoin has the prices been kinda boring it hasn't been jumping around very much maybe this is what is trigger the interest or they're just people love the gamble anyway i'm going to link to that video where I predicted this and I'm not saying it's happening out there is some stuff going on I mean we have these initial coin offerings I CEOs and NEC the very very intriguing to these young guys you like to gamble and if you are one of those ico gamblers you there is a site that lists all the I CEOs ico dash listcom i will link to it and hey I'm not endorsing that side because they say themselves with some of the coins listed on there might be scams totally so buyer beware but if you are interested in getting you know I CEOs go to that site really interesting i think this ico trend is just pointing toward what I'm saying that more all calling people are the error out there more people want to gamble with this stop who knows what it's going to lead to and Thomas over at the Bitcoin group he on their show yesterday he implied and he basically said that he doesn't like the unregulated nature of these I CEOs and of the big dick Phoenix up by out you know how to make these big banks coins out of the blue etcetera all these kind of totally unregulated things that you would never find outside the crypto world well guess what I actually like the unregulated aspects to all of those things I mean do we want the SEC and other other government agencies to get their hands into this stuff and rich their friends first of course create all these insiders like some banana republic because that's what happens in the banana republics that that insiders get all the money you know a-and ever do we want people to know about risks understand that hey you're getting something is very risky and learn lessons without money government guiding them in holding their hand the whole way I mean let's let's be grown-ups there there are scams if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is and should just look into it ask other people ask the bitcoinmeister don't don't plot down your life savings ok expect no balance so seriously era our entire society has become one big balance I'd rather live in a society of 17 year olds hosting icy hoes then a bailout society where everyone has to beg and worship and fear being mommy government ask the permission for everything also we we have Canadians here we have British people here we have Americans here I mean there's all sorts of people here all sorts of different rules and regulations what is wrong here is right there in the opposite let's just simplify ok it saves money cryptocurrency is the people powered unregulated oneworld structure okay we don't have to worry about the bridge sec the American as a people telling it in fearing that we're doing the wrong thing we're taking the risk and this is not an oppressive statist oneworld nightmare that intense regulation and banana republic techniques lead to so they're my thoughts for saturday have a great rest of your weekend