What's going on good people, this is Mike again with another video and today I want to tell you all about hash graphs, so if you have never heard of hash graph, hash Graph is a technology That's been out for a few months, but it's not yet out So if you're listening to this you're probably one of the first ones out there that learns about this technology Many say this is a disruptive technology That's gonna affect the blockchain and it's going to be the direct competition with the blockchain So think about the blockchain as one think about hash Graph as a mother so instead of just having a blockchain with Bitcoin aetherium litecoin and all the other out coins on it you're gonna have hash graphs with Many other coins that are built on it But what is the difference between a blockchain and hash graph better yet? What is hash graphs but before I tell you about hash graph you need to understand how the blockchain really works so if someone requests a transaction the requested transaction is Broadcasted to a peer to peer network consisting of computers known as nodes So all these here are nodes, okay, and this is the block so every single computer or node has to validate that Transaction with that being said the network of nodes that validates a transaction and the user status using known Algorithm right this is what mining is after that a verified transaction can involve contracts record and other information Of the whole transaction itself once it verifies it the transaction is combined with other Transactions to create a new block of data for the ledger So everything is recorded on that block The new block that new block that we just received from multiple transaction is then added onto The existing blockchain in a way that is permanent, and you cannot touch it or change it Then you get your transaction to be completed But without the miners you have nothing without the proof of work You have nothing so to recap the blockchain for instance like this one here Gets a block every 10 minutes that contains a lot of information so every block has A lot of information in it and every 10 minutes it gets put on the ledger as far as the hash graph goes Hash graph does not have blocks so hash graph calls their packages of information events For example if you made the payment you bought something you did a contract whatever it is It's called an event How does hash graph transmit the information or the event quickly they use something called gossip? Protocol bear with me

This is a little confusing, so let's just say computer a computer B And computer C are on the same network When you send an event from computer a a will tell B Everything about that event then in return B Turns around and sends a Everything it knows about every single event they received from all the other computers on the network We're talking millions and millions of computers here now a knows everything that B knows About every other computer on your network now that B and a know everything about everything And they know everything about every network they turn around and start telling their neighbours B for example will give C all the information it receives from everywhere else Then C turns around and gives B all the information that received from all the other computers on a network and then C Also reach out to a and gives them the same information now a B and C know Everything about all the computers on the network, and it's not just three computers guys We're talking millions and millions, and that is how fast hash graph can relate information We're talking split of seconds a and B And C transfer information to each other so this is the absolute best way to transfer information And it is extremely fast keep in mind that each time a computer tells another computer about another event it saves the time it heard and Whom it heard it from so everything is time-stamped if a sent an event to B B Will record that a sent me that event at this time This is called gossip about gossip basically it lets everyone knows what everyone else knows at exactly what time and when they knew it in a Fraction of a second that is in general what hash graph is hash graph also uses Voting protocol now what is voting? this is implemented to secure me come up with an absolute consensus an absolute decision that you cannot alter and it's 100% fair why do I say fair when you use the blockchain right now? and you send the transaction these are minors if you send that transaction at a very low fee and these miners choose not to process your Transaction because there are many other transactions with higher fees then your transaction gets pushed on the sidelines until One miner decides to take that transaction with the low fee With hash graph is different

It's because The consensus in the voting protocol is extremely fast, and it's 100% safe And it doesn't require any mining, but the voting protocol is nothing new guys It used to be very very slow nobody has ever used it because it's ineffective What hash graph has done it has taken this voting protocol and used it? But eliminated the voting and think about this when every computer knows everything about every other Computer you can actually calculate the voting rate at a hundred percent certainty And it's instant guys so with the blockchain all the information is recorded on a block this information is added every 10 minutes Hash graph on the other hand records the events Instantly and it's instantly spread out like a massive message across computers We are talking in split of a second, so it is much faster and more secure keep in mind that all events are time-stamped To the point that the record of whose event came first and what time it came is embedded in the system this eliminates unconfirmed transaction and there would be no Forks and this also eliminates the Double spending so hash graph does not need centralized servers like the blockchain It replaces the servers with everything computing powers of all computers cell phones computers IPad everything is shared amongst all these devices It does have the power to remove all the middleman and be 100% Decentralized with this technology hash graph can do more than 300,000 transactions per second I mean you compare to Bitcoin It's seven transactions per second I also want to share with you the hash graph has been patented since 2016 so they've been working on it for a while and also won TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 they're claiming that it is a disruptive technology Now this all sounds great and dandy But let me tell you about the negative aspect of hash graphs so the negative things about hash Graph are as follows number one It's a closed source all Blockchain or most blockchain technology right now is open source meaning anyone can take that code for that Specific coin make it better and fork it now Anyone else can take that open source code as well and build application on it That's what blockchain offers closed source is patented Meaning that you have to request an SDK in order for you to build applications on it SDK stands for software development kit so if a big company wants to build an Application on hash graph they have to send in a request wait for an approval from hash graph Verify all the information verify everything before they even start the project But the major key element that is going to make hash graphs successful is adoption Market adoption is extremely important in any business Let alone hash graph It could be the best thing since sliced bread But if people don't like it Nobody will use it so to conclude Do I think hash graph is better than a blockchain? I think the functionality of hash graph is better than the blockchain But I don't think it is better than the blockchain so the question I ask myself is it worth investing in hash graph look I'm gonna be honest with you, and this is not financial advice by the way in my opinion we will be completely blind if we didn't look at the promises that this technology holds and Right now it is the beginning of hash graph it has been around since 2016 But only lately it just came to light there ico is not even started And I don't think they will have an IC o—- no one knows They're not disclosing this information all I know as far as right now Is that they have a private sale for accredited investors? You can go right here, and you can register your interest so when you click on it It's going to show you it's going to ask you all these questions right here, and you can register To know more about their private sale but they're not telling you any other information as far as what the IC o—- is going to look like or How much the price is going to be and what the total max supply is going to be in all that stuff? But when Bitcoin first came out? Nobody believed in it now that our eyes are open into the blockchain hash Graph is about to start a new technology That's gonna compete with the blockchain and in my opinion whether it's good bad ugly whatever it is disruptive non-disruptive failure or non failure I Would be blind as a person in this field not to give it a shot, but that being said guys I am NOT a financial adviser I don't tell you what to do you do what you want to do This is not financial advice I'm just doing this video so I can open your eyes on a future Technology that could and I say could in capital letters be the next big thing Let me know what your thoughts are about hash graph I would love to hear your thoughts and read your comments in the comments below bye like always guys Thank you so much for watching I appreciate you and until next time stay safe