THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! THE What's up everybody good morning, yo-yo Something else I'll be right back I'll get smarter Hey, sorry about that people what's going on what's going out Wait All right, so we got that got that Go that Bam Bam there's gonna be a quicker video you guys can't hear my voice

How's the leg? Hopefully it's good How does this a big quick play when I play this thing let me know how it goes if it's okay or not From the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boat and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It's called big quick dot CEO There's a link in the description and it's in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You're gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money you want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a bit How's that cuz you guys hear it okay? Oh Thank You Val Thanks, man Great tonight's video let me move this down don't be easier on my eyes picked up three day mmm Look at burst all right cool check that out real quick Yeah, 10x is like 10x is an investment I feel like that's one of the One of The only coins hmm I think You would be ok investing in and just forgetting about first looks interesting Very interesting where'd it come from? Thank You Cody, I look up Ed's next Thank You everybody How's everybody doing? Box box will come back around out of these coins, it's really their first time breaking out and They just didn't have to market behind it like you know Bitcoin and Bitcoin cast more let's put a stranglehold on the alts for better part of six months So somebody's are just now getting a chance to uh hmm Only reason I don't like burst is because you can see we had a big breakout right there Came down off of that we're riding like literally right on top of that 231 so that's good to see but so that's long-term support more or less but that orange is a Pretty sharp coming down right you can almost you know cut cut your hand on It is so sharp so in order for it to be a full reversal We know that it needs to pass the white ball test And that's essentially when you put a white ball at the top of that orange Hill It needs to be able to stop on a dime and turn around and so if we put a white ball Right there You know On the top of that hill What would happen? It just rolled right off the cliff, and so if we're gonna have a reverse a little bit to break out well essentially ensue Then uh it wouldn't it would need to be flat, right If anything angled up a little bit to where it rocks back in and sinks But it's getting there this one this one should be a strong coin if my honestly it might fall So you might get it get a chance to get it somewhere a little bit lower right under 200 Between 200 190 EDG let's check it out Edgeless it It sounds like a Gillette shaving product I Looked at this before I don't even remember looking at this thing It's like I called that bounce pretty good One did I did I look at this that's r1 this thing I want to amend the drawing on it Yeah, yeah, so it's doing I didn't unless the drew dislike a While ago a couple of days ago, at least I don't even remember

I haven't even drawn a chart in like three days But you can see it's doing exactly what I thought it would do Break up break down and consolidate it into money zone This one still needs to consolidate it hasn't consolidated yet It doesn't it's not natural for a chart to break out like that What is that like 30 40 percent something you know fall off a cliff and then bounce right back up You know it may get up to that blue line see where the candles got to right yeah almost there But then it needs to consolidate in that money zone, so this will be a buy Probably right around there 20 to 5 But it's gonna take a little bit You know that orange line needs to go flat It's not when you have a breakdown like that that's basically like a correction and in order for it to be a complete Correction that orange line needs to go flat in order for that orange line to go flat the Green has to come up under it And we have to stay there for a couple days and that 22:5 is right at the top of that candle so that will give you some pretty strong support And it's right there where that green intersect at that orange, so that's where I would put a bi Okay And then you got a pretty good coin You know for the next couple weeks Don't buy it up there cuz it's coming down Cool it off Alright alright alright 56 people make sure you hit that like button everybody I'm not gonna do a countdown err or uh? You know a thing That ten minutes is more or less just take it time right chop it up So what we're gonna do now we're gonna go ahead and get started I'm gonna run through this intro we're gonna come back and Do our trades of the day? And that's it it's gonna be a quick video front to back I'm gonna show you guys this trading platform

Let me open that up Make sure you click that bill if you haven't done so already that would be greatly appreciated And We're gonna do a comment trail for our video, so you don't have to worry about the Facebook group until the end What's up miss Danielle all right here we go Cool I um Coco Alright guys we will be back in two minutes We're gonna do the question of the day at the end of the video And then you'll have to comment on this video in order to enter you'll see how it works now I got two winners I'm about to announce at the beginning of this one and then we'll roll it back to the next one But this is gonna be a pretty good video for you guys Check it out be back in two minutes Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boat and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It's called big quick dot CEO There's a link in the description and it's in the number-one comment on this video you go to their website You're gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money You want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin once you have that amount ready? You let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer through a major bank right here in the USA You pick what bank you want? And it's quite convenient to my house a big thing to note here is you only have three hours to get that cash money into The bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that There is a two percent fee this morning when I send $500 They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that's not bad at all in crypto land so you click on next right there after it's confirmed And they'll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don't go online and try to transfer it into a person's account because it won't work you Need to go into a bank with cash money in the email that they send you they'll put their name They'll put a 12 digit account number They'll put that holder stake That's all you need and they will also confirm your Bitcoin address where the money will be sent Biggest thing to note here is that you will need to receive the upload link And send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds or big quick on Bitcoin boom upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby

You are now a part of the money team This is the boat? Another breakthrough website for you guys I hope it helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market Let's go like a boss You I know I know I know I caught myself for Alina Stan We're gonna have to edit this out Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the bus a Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is your boy BK And if you don't like me you must not like money we on video number two today is September 26 thank you for joining me this evening Or this morning depending on where you wake up in the world if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby You are now rocking with the best my name is BK My friends know me as a crypto traitor, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I'm able to grace this microphone with my voice is another day somebody can profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said the past two videos I've thrown up a question of the day and so our first question from last night's video was During our 100 day challenge We'll get to that in a second What coin should we sell we've only sold one coin? And it was Bitcoin cash the day that we brought – take those off

So you don't have a glare What coins should we sell and this person said I Am so etc' angina their whole set hey, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph you You want so that's exactly what we're gonna do today We'll go through the charts in a second, but we will be selling etc' today, so thank you so much For your vote and your support in our community do me a favor Angela I you can either message me on Facebook or you can message me right here on YouTube just go to my channel and click on 'contact click on message You know it send me a wild I sent you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation And our winner number two from this morning the question of the day was what? coin should The 10x team add to their platform I think right now They have – aetherium Bitcoin that's it What should be the next coin? BAM my man hey, well Cass I Think I think that's how you pronounce that said Bitcoin ket hey, I don't know if he's babble bang bang bang Something like that so you got it I think that would be an amazing Amazing opportunity especially since Bitcoin cash is more soda peer-to-peer Version of Bitcoin where is Bitcoin? You know original Bitcoin is more soda digital store of value So thank you you guys Thank you

Thank you message me right here on YouTube to Some of your wallet, and I will take care of you Thank you so much for your Support I value in this community everybody else we will have our question of the day immediately following These charts that way you can just do a comment thread on the video And you'll see we'll roll it into the next one so comment on this video the question of the day I will announce it at the end once we go through the charts that Being said let's go ahead and make this money boom day number 20 Right I told you I could teach you how to chart like a boss Told you all that back three fo months ago, I Don't even think I believed in myself I just knew I just knew If I said it enough and one or two of y'all believed it It might have a chance of happening sure enough Sure enough we demais matter So We got a method now It's pretty good a lot of people are making a lot of money and today Again is no exception Day number 20, and what we're looking at now where we're coming up on You know we're getting a day 30 day 30 is essentially you know one Third of way done

We're almost at the Quarter mark like first quarter is almost over right? Well is only 90 days, so Day 22 is like first quarter is over 22 23 somewhere in there, so this is getting pretty close And if you notice the first part of this challenge guys what I was doing is I was Intentionally buying coins that worked down they were on that last part of that bell curve Just starting to bottom out right now a few of them fail off the damn map I Didn't see it coming But they fail Etc' was one of them see a coin was one of them I think golem was one of them Nosis, I'm pretty sure was one of them when you go to look at our portfolio Everybody I have them I will have a link for this portfolio This is a public Portfolio you guys so if you're in a chat right now I'm gonna copy and paste this to you BAM There you go, but this is our portfolio

This is live tracking I went in and put the exact timestamp of every of Every trade that we did right So all in all we're not bad We're negative two point eight two percent Right two point eight two percent our first trade was pivots Actually, it was Bitcoin cash before that September third right so the way I see it September third if we just go to BTC out right BTC to the USD September 3rd That was all the way up yeah, so this is how? Oh, let me clear this off This is how I am evaluating our benchmark for comparison right, I'm Comparing us to the performance of Bitcoin versus itself Okay, so you gotta hear this out because a lot of people don't understand This is actually how you compare apples to apples September 3rd Bitcoin will give you guys benefit of the doubt and take the daily low Right there, 8:00 pm Let's just say a pm That's about when I do my videos Bitcoin was right there in the middle and today It's down 15% from that day So the base rate assumption is the market is down 15% But yes something is not you happen to sell Bitcoin on September 3rd Because that's not what people do people are talking about investing in Bitcoin That's what I'm comparing it to investing verse trading buy and hold For swing trade like a boss Right so if you had one full Bitcoin on September 3rd then Congratulations

Your net worth is down 15% 145 6 % if you trade it with BK every day But it passed 20 days even with selling etherium classic and one other coin today You're only down 3% So mathematically We are outperforming the market 5 to 1 because 15 divided by 5 equals 3 I Know I'm gonna get a lot of comments from a lot of arithmetic experts That's how you do it guys straight line correlation and The assumption is one to one One Bitcoin at the beginning of day one how much was it was it worth Put a flag in the ground how much is it worth? Now? I'm not saying you have Four thousand and two hundred dollars that you didn't use to buy Bitcoin because if you're not in the market you don't matter if you're in the market you have one Bitcoin that has a Value of 40 200 USD and today that value is down almost 15% Consequently Trading We are only down 3% of that Bitcoin Do you understand so it's not one Bitcoin forever? It's what is that value? What is that worth? What was your growth? You guys lost 15% hold on guys lost 15% We lost 3% That's a lot better Not great I made a few mistakes, but we will get those corrected so It's a lot a lot of people in a chat asking about et Cie, so let's jump over to this one I think I think it's best to get rid of it now And come back when it's actually ready To move and the good news is we're when we sell it we actually sold it on a little bit of a spike Because you can see that velocity of falling is getting heavier and heavier And there's no guarantee that we'll get another one of those anytime soon Now why are we getting rid of e

tc If we had it for a month actually we only had it for like two weeks and We lost about 20% on it Why are we just now getting rid of it what they did we get this thing let's check out the chart We picked up a theorem classic on I Think it was like day seven or something Is this not even this isn't even love man, okay, that's not what I wanted It's not what I wanted Don't you see you pick that EPC Day six early on so like the first week whoops The problem with etc' is that when we look at our orange line It's nowhere close to passing a white ball challenge and This is uh This is why we more or less we need to get rid of it I was taking it again, and what I told you guys the methodology at the beginning I was more or less gambling That first week especially I was betting on a few long shots that I was hoping would bottom out you know Down here like for example when we bought a theory on classic I'm pretty sure it was like right in that area and It fell off the cliff And I forgot honestly I forgot we had it otherwise we probably should have sold it like that next day Because that meant that relationship was broken so That's my mistake again, that's why I said, that's my mistake but This orange does not pass the white ball test right now, and we're still in quicksand, which means this thing It's just broken

I was taking a chance here I saw the 77 catching up with the 231 I saw all of this consolidation happening on a slight uptrend I mean we just fell off so we lost we lost on that one right and that cost us a lot Percentage-wise, but we're still beating the market pretty damn good So those are the Gamble's you take you know the first first first? Week right you ever seen a football game where the first first first played a game Quarterback throw a Hail Mary do catch it for a touchdown crowd go wild That's what we do We try to get hit a homerun in first in it didn't work cool come back regroup Play small ball Which is what we play? And we keep them moving The other thing we're going to be selling today is Iota You My bet now is probably a good time to sell it if you bought iota and This is because the green just broke below the orange what I was saying before was uh I Didn't realize this was on a different exchange I'm set up on did tricks baloney X Hit BTC, and maybe one other one But I don't have an account on BitFenix so when I when I put this in our trading challenge I didn't realize it was not on the exchange so we are Getting rid of it more or less because also methods say when the green break the orange sale BAM get out Another thing if we notice when we take a look closer That white line up top is coming down It's already started to break down and So what that means is IO de is gonna have downward pressure From that white line that will Slow down any breakout that the Green tries to make Right and so it's gonna be an uphill battle over the next few weeks And it's it's just some other coins that you know won't have that struggle, right? So even if it did something like that it would need to go down down down You know and time is money

We're looking into the first second week of August before this thing would ever be able to get going so we Cannot get rid of Rio to come back later when when it's ready to make some money Right now is not is not that time even if it does break out You know the most We'll be looking at comfortably From the top of that orange is really right there to the top of that green 5% maybe at most 9% and I don't think we will be able to sell it up there data Probably just be a candle so 5% It's not really worth it You know the risk and the time so we're getting out of iota So these are the two sales today et Cie and iota What are we gonna, buy this should give you if you if you sell this today? It'll give you about 1 point or I'm sorry 0016 I think Bitcoin and with that We're gonna double down on s

Ah Be Shout out To the community I got this in an email I don't even know what the hell it is but the chart looked good In the cash train the the money train is about to leave the building I told her when those lines go flat You know the 77 and a 231 go flat like that and that green in that red Go to sleep right in there it I mean the money train is pulled into the station all aboard next stop cash town right so this this one is actually one of the stronger charts that I've seen it looks a Lot like storage a little bit like Civic, but what I like about it is number one Don't too many people even know about it if you know about this Let me know what it is But Most people probably don't so But look at it look at where it came from Look at where it came from you know what else I like about this thing You know I might throw down some of my money on it But even after it is Like that's what you're almost guaranteed on the next breakout you see that because that's where the white Intersection is that's where like the first major point of resistance is that's where that light and that orange cross type That's like a major major point of resistance That's where that thing like basically went in a quicksand You know, but that's what essentially you're guaranteed once this thing breaks out of these two little consolidation areas right here Which it just looked like it probably just tapped today Yeah, so it's already trying to get up out of air but once it does That's a lot of money

That's a lot of money and on a short-term Correction you know it broke out, and it's down, but probably about eight percent off that high So it's not a bad time To pick it up, right We're getting this thing 13 percent off You know the inter day high which isn't bad at all which isn't bad at all right? So this is what we go do we go jump over to beatrix? Si B And people are asking a oh it's a fork of that Siberian coin Wow okay? um Fork of – I did not know that master no coin no I might have to cock me one Cop me one Yeah, I never happen outside of this email today I did not know this thing even existed, but it's it's trying too strong It's hardest wrong So what we're gonna Do then is we're gonna go to si B right here Click on bye Go down You can't see it

Sorry I can see it over here, but you couldn't see it over there Right now we're gonna do a I'll do a 0015 just to call it even Because I know like some people got fees some people might not get out at the right price or whatever But we'll do that So si B price bad Bitcoin Zero one five Maximum please whoops not that many There you go 44 good number hit confirm and Bam Is just that easy to get paid like I said we took it we took a couple big swings out there in the first inning and Swung it a Miss see a coin There young class didn't work out, but that's fine That's fine We only don't 3% guys the holders the investors are down a lot more right and Trust me trust me the more money They lose the more money We get on these all coins Right cuz it's a lot of it's a lot of rich people out there that just bought Bitcoin and just putting it in a vault Right now that's fine the longer

They have it in a vault the more We can chip away at it on these alts right That's what we do that's what we do And for the record with what was this Siberian coin and aetherium classic I think that qualifies pretty sure yes yes Frank said it place Frank said it plays that's how you chart like a boss Oh So we're not dropping see a coin yet only so big only sales we've had Bitcoin cash DTC and iota that was only three see a coin, I was looking at it, but it's Actually set up to make some money this week, so I'm gonna give it I'm gonna give it one more week to make some money um With that being said if you're in a check right now such a country out we coming right back to you in 30 seconds Number one Facebook group in the world come check it out This is our community you guys we have 10,000 of my best friends that get together Seven days a week To make money on the charts check it out You can see like I said 10,000 of my best friends 11,000 now But I am getting up the end and those getting big getting big, and it's a it's a really great community We have an excellent group of mods come on in the doors are always open We accept members by the hundreds every single day so come on in it's a great community We don't pump and dump each other We don't stand each other We don't send each other referral code to some you know cloud mining Ponzi scheme We don't need to do that we can win on the charts, and we can make a lot of money together next up we got the boss of Bitcoin that pound whether you just getting started with a hundred that a hundred dollars Or you sitting on top with a hundred thousand We got a few products that can help you along your way the first of which is the profit package click that button as $25 BAM and you could see baby This is an action-packed list of the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market

It's up about I think Nine hundred percent between nine hundred and a thousand percent using the boss method Since August right next on deck we have the dream team and if the profit package is to all stars Then the dream team is the new recruit I? Used to listen to Jay Cole, and he always used to rap about having a dollar and a dream right being broke But just still believing in it remember what I told you back earlier in this video I said I didn't even know how to chart I just knew it you thought I could do it then I would be able to manifest that myself these coins are really the same way it started with a Dollar in a dream so if you got a dollar and you got a dream, then you got a coin on this chart And you have a chance to be prosperous and profitable in the marketplace in fact when I made this whole List you could buy the whole list of coins you guys with a twenty dollar bill So you don't need a lot of money to get a lot of longevity and a lot of profit in the market the dream team Is the real deal next up we got? One-on-one meeting with the boss and this is when we get some face time you guys Actually one of my favorite parts of the day you pay that $25 for a deposit It opens up my personal calendar to come back to something like this and say you wanted to do something Tuesday Afternoon let's see I don't even know if I've got Tuesday's open anymore Let's check it out It'll open up my calendar No, we could do Saturday morning You know before the kids baseball game 9:30 am

click that button BAM and we've got some face time and this is actually when I dedicate about an hour hour and a half to really understand that what it will take to get you profitable prosperous and Prominent in the marketplace I say this all the time I've had meetings with guys I had $100 and I've had meetings with women that had six Figures in the market in the crypto market right so it's really not a matter of where where you at? But where are you going right and just having that vision having that plan every day? Doing something to take one step forward In the direction you see yourself in is all you really need to do right a journey of a thousand miles begins with one Single step I always tell a story when I was up a waiter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin you know how to Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee Wisconsin right there in Brookfield working for $2 an hour plus tips, but a civil engineering degree Sending out 100 resumes a week couldn't do nothing working for $2 an hour plus tips Started reading thinking Grow Rich by Robert Kiyosaki and that changed my life I started to change my mind it started to open up the world around me Start to materialize what? We see materializing in front of us right now now I have a swing trade ten twenty thirty thousand and a day with no problem You know and that's just the beginning I want you to have that power

I want you to use this method I want you to empower yourself empower your family buy back your freedom buy back your life, if that is slavery then let this financial salvation be the key to your liberation I Like the that sound that Being said let's go to our people I'm just a voice Let's go to the people So shout out who we got rocking out with us Who we got? rocking with the Bose We gonna hold this back up y'all Here we go let's see we got Sac town the market rains are holding it down Big Sean pawn is in the building What's going on Maggie Cove Viva for the fam Texas, Florida Australia Brian from the 206 baby What's up? Hometown heroes was going on Toledo was submarine PA

I feel like I'm back in the land Australia Seattle la Australia two times, what's up, Kazakh? Stan think that was Borat from as I beat isn't the people in the building I got you right there, San Diego said they boss walking out in Cali What's going on, Florida Rhode Island, PA my neighbors can hear you be? Soaked in mine, that's Ari Hey hey like Drake say if my neighbors complain about the noise I just bought a whole building What's going on, Rhode Island, Idaho and big Cody holding it down for the Ohio Players in Dayton hey? That's all I got time for it It's the second video of the day I'm gonna be back with two more bangers tomorrow You know if you appreciate this kind of content

You know you already know what to do We do this seven days a week, baby every day I'm fortunate enough to wake up and and talk you guys I'm trying to change lives I'm trying to empower society I'm trying to win back the Power that we never gave away you understand And it takes this it takes a lot of this to do it right, and I'm not asking you for one penny I don't ask for no handouts I don't want you to ask for no handouts This ain't no soup kitchen This is a school

This is education This is empowerment and this will change your life the minute you start believing it and you let Those keystrokes On this marketplace start achieving it with that being said it's that time of the day signing off this stuff folks your boy BK No matter where you stay from Brazil to the bait telephone at yay all the way back out dude jerk money Good night Good morning And good day I appreciate your time you already know what to do If you appreciate mine do we meet again stay cryptic y'all, please?