what's going on guys welcome back to a brand new video today this is a video I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for it's a video I'm super excited to make I want to talk to you guys about how long will big Kinect last how long is big connect sustainable for how long can they continue to pay you out $1,000 not 1% every day to pay $1,000 did $100,000 long just same but let's make this easy to already nevermind so first before we get started at the end of this video I'm going to give the final answer obviously how long do I think you'll last right now we're going to explain the process how everything works okay so I'm gonna get started big connect the word big connect let's let's stop and think about the word bit Connect for a second bit connect bit sounds a little bit like another coin we have here Bitcoin bit Bitcoin connect bit connect Bitcoin connect connected the Bitcoin right it's edge you guys don't believe me big connect is up 28 6% Bitcoin is up 2

3 3% so pretty damn close um let's look at the chart I love doing this I love charts charts on a thing but watch this on the 9th of November right roughly this is when Bitcoin started to a Bitcoin started to fall yeah fell till the 12th on the 12th it went bounce to kind of went down again and then it went up correct mr bit connect on the 9th bit connect where is it here's the 9th picnicked was about to start falling and it fell but then it bounced on the 12th also the 12th bounced embed down and then went up thirty exact same pattern don't believe me what happened next it went up it went up down up down it went up down up death guys yeah it's it's pretty yeah let's look at let's look at it like this okay look at the Bitcoin graph right obviously you're gonna see graphs similar but like the guy that's similar pretty similar let's look at bitkha next graph right I haven't even like generally I'm doing this on the spot haven't done it so if it looks completely off I may look stupid but come on come on that is a very very very similar graph come on where'd he go come on okay it was up bounced up here bounced up come on honestly it's a lot easier to just tell from this one that I showed you um it was the exact same day's exact same times that's just how it works it's connected trust me it's connected bit connect is connected let's look over here now if you guys go to crypto ID show you guys the rich list largest wallets um I should kind of I have to have an idea ready crypto ID this might be kind of fun I wanna see this works do they have the regular Bitcoin use Bitcoin no they don't have a rich list for Bitcoin that said yeah I want to see it was a light coin rich let's look like whoa guys got a lot of black cord what's that one four two zero zero zero sure it's alright and what's like home worth of 60 bucks yeah some guys got eighty five million dollars worth light coin shit okay back to big necks even here so this is fucking worth case wait this is worth two hundred and something dollars per coin this guy's got a million it's like two hundred and fifty million dollars worth a big connect how who is this person this this from my theory this is all of your coins right so a lot of you guys know be connect it says that you lend it to a trading bot right you let it to the big connect trading bot they'll trade the volatility and they'll give you money this is my payment for yesterday one of my payments free I don't even think was the whole payment is one of yesterday's payments why not just transfer the silver why not that's a good time all right now we're at 22 – I'm gonna get a payout in like two minutes I think so well refresh that later but it says you guys wrong it says that you're loaning into a trading bot that trades the volatility I thought that was true at first – but hear me out I think instead they're paying you out because they know the value there of their coin is gonna go up right so what they're doing is they're holding their coin long term think about it Bitcoin big connect started off at like 18 cents I need like 1 cent a coin it was low like this was like a year ago you could get big connect for super cheap and now it's worth so much so the rate of its increase has been more than the 1% that they're paying out daily right so you guys might be wondering why don't I just hold my coin you can a lot of people choose to do that bake it like if you invest in it like you would an altcoin I like it any other all coin like litecoin like – like OMG whatever you would you were just holding but thing is everything goes up and down if you guys saw the recent charts Bitcoin went down like $2,000 and now it's like leveling off and big connect then follow big connect was at 280 fell down to like 230 so you a good amount of money if you were holding its that's the type of thing you would have to be okay with you would have to you know be watching the charts constantly um it'd be a lot more tedious work while on the other hand you could just loan it loan money get paid out in dollar so what they're hoping is that the value of Bitcoin bit Connect goes up faster than you get paid out in dollars it's basically what they're what they're kind of playing at and that I mean it's a great investment fact that they have the time to hold they have the resources to hold two hundred fifty million dollars worth of big connect in this one account so it's got eight hundred ninety four thousand six eight hundred sixty seven thousand like there's a lot of Bitcoin these are probably all like the head guys's wallets who or least the probably that head guys I'm like a company bank account the company wallet this is probably it and so they're holding it it's going up in value faster than their pin you out but you're getting guaranteed payouts and at the end of the period you get your initial money back right so you know if you invest ten thousand I'm gonna get my $10,000 back at the end of the investment period so it's like a hundred and twenty days be invested over ten thousand if you invest over five thousand hundred seventy nine whatever you'll get your initial capital back so get that ten thousand but to them they're banking on that being worth less coins right so they're banking now that you're ten thousand maybe it's worth it so this complete estimates say you loan you gave them two hundred coins and it was worth ten thousand dollars and now they're hoping that when they give you ten thousand dollars back that would only be worth a hundred coins to them so the difference they kept and that's basically how I think they're paying you not paying people out there I think that's how they're able to pay out now they're not guaranteeing anything right there are days where it's a zero percent payout it's happened it was like one day last week it was zero you guys look at every other day though let me show you guys if you guys look at every other day so much the average has been 126 but I get a point to because I did a seven thousand dollar investment in one of them so I get point to my average is literally a 15 percent this week one point five percent is making me like jeez 550 dollars a day guaranteed basically but it's not guaranteed one percent it could be now the fact that it's been very volatile is why they're being able to pay like out this much and why the the investment try has been this tomorrow's are probably a little lower hasn't been too much going on but yeah this is Baker look at that that's crazy anyways anyways as I was saying I genuinely think that's how they're able to pay Bulow now is its kami no it's not scammy that says that it's an investment fund this is a fund they're making money and they're paying you out a percentage of the money that they're making it's a fund and at the end you get your money back it's it's an investment and you make profit that's great that's how it should be you make profit that's all that matters I should all it should be on the only thing that matters to you that you may profit and they're hoping that obviously as the company they also want to make profit they're making profit by holding um again like I said the beginning you can hold big connect and hope that the value goes up it is a lot no I don't say riskier it's a lot more up and down then lending it would be cuz lending is just kind of you just get your money every day you can just not touch this for four months you'll come back and you'll have a huge lending wallet and that's all it is basically basically that's how that works so what else was there I had to come for a thing that's gonna be mainly it guys I'm a little update total earned here we go so I have nine hundred nine thousand five hundred and fifty dollars invested I've got back almost four thousand by the end of today will be four thousand and then my affiliate bonus thank you to all you twenty five people who are used my code you guys right here damn all of you appreciate you all appreciate you all I hope you guys are enjoying the daily payouts if you guys haven't already guys down below link I have it connect hopefully I showed you guys a little bit of what's going on in this video um kind of how everything works and hopefully you guys got some confidence in it and hopefully you guys are ready for those daily payouts I got so yeah 976 has been from that wild side of cover someone's had to cover right I have an answer that I have an answer the main question the main question how long can it last big connect can last as long as Bitcoin lasts if my theory is correct Bitcoin can last as long as bit Connect can last long as Bitcoin last now disclaimer I may be wrong right to me this makes sense but I may be wrong obviously no one knows for sure I'd have to say that disclaimer I may be wrong but technically even if everything crashes and goes to you know down the drain with the amount of resources these guys have they should still be able to pay out for like 6 years something like that six years of a bearish market they should still be able to pay out so yeah long term guys I want to start doing more loans as well I want you guys to consider it it's a pretty solid investment let's see this work right you guys I'm about to refresh this no I haven't got my payout yet come on thought I was at three maybes on three thirty I'm not gonna hold you guys here for this long but yeah oh well show it to you I'll show it to you guys later on another video thank you guys so much for watching this video if you guys enjoyed it and if you learned something smash that thumbs up button really helps the channel out a ton and if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to this channel I'm gonna try to provide you guys much information as I can when it comes to these topics hopefully you guys are enjoying the video so far hopefully as you enjoy following my journey I'd love to help you guys you know get started on your so don't forget the link for big connect is down below go check it out free to make an account you don't even have to put any money you just choose to put money in later felt like in my referrals sorry this takes a lot following my referrals these guys haven't black people that aren't in blue they haven't invested yet people in blue have invested right people in blue have invest this guy's got 16 about $1,600 in he is making almost 1% of that making like 16 bucks a day congratulations I hope you're enjoying those payouts but yeah guys it's gonna be it for today's video thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video