Hi YouTube and welcome to hama [to] to Channel Today I have adam Here We're Going to open Up the ant Miner X9 bit Condition I'm very very excited Because this is the most Powerful Bitkha Machine Ever Been Created [Right] Now Right Now at the moment They Always Make A new One Much Faster than the Old one but This one Right Now is the Strongest one This One Has [twelve] [Point] [Zero] [Terra] Hashes per Second Which Is One Trillionth Basically Twelve Trillion Transactions Printer How much Money Is [that] Actually [linked] um it Makes About 025 Bitcoins Accorded Bitcoins Per Month Let's do [under] 50 bucks yeah at 160 Bucks in Current a month per Month okay how Much that cost it costs About a thousand Five Hundred a thousand Three Hundred bucks, okay, so you? Make your Money Back in Four Months you Basically but he has to consider Electricity cost You know you, also need a power supply Which I have, also I have A 1600 Watt Power Supply Evga to run This beast you have to get at least a thousand 600 Watt Power Supply to run The and -9 because it Takes about? 1300 watts but You want to be a little bit above That Just to be in Case With the power Supply so [you] got to see, okay so you Buy The Machine You Buy this Machine And then if I wanted [it] [mind] Bitcoins right and Makes that kind of Money but like Buy this machine [I] buy the power Supply But how much Is the power Supply the power Supply is About $400 you might be able to get it useful or less But at Least I know that the power Supply Is an investment for A long Time because the power Supply Keep working for Years Right it Stays Right and we Commissioned do Have to be Replaced Maybe Now and Then When Difficulty Goes Up and Up and Up it will be the bitcoin difficulties lining in Mining, okay Okay, so when you mined Bitcoins? Right Now You can get 12 and a half Bitcoins per 10 Minute and This Machine Obviously cannot do it alone you have to join a pool of People who Also have Different machines and Together With your power Hashing Together you can get the 12 and 1/2 Bitcoins and Everybody listen Okay, so Everyone that is mining Bitcoin Is? Getting a, Piece of [the] TWelve-And-A-Half Bitcoin That's Released Every ten Minute exact okay Exactly you Can try To mine on your Own it's called solo mining that means you're Not in Any Group is trying to get it on your Own? But Because [the] Difficulty of Bitcoin is so high in my tick you very very Long Time to hit One Time To win that you know so when that bitcoin so if so if [I] had like ten [of] These machines that's Basically Be like One of the supreme Guys in That Pool mining most Because The Last Clue okay you can Make your own Pool So the cool part is you Can Make your [own] Pool with as Many Machines as you have and all of them together Solo mine and then They Try, to Kick that [twelve] and Half pick on so you Can, actually try To do that and It will have a lot more Chances To hit that twelve and a half and that's what it's Basically a pool Is that's what Is? Pool and solar Mining but if You Have Enough machines you Can start your own Pool Instead I know okay let's open The Box So this is Just [a] [light] from China that's What They're Coming from? You got A few Channel I got it from China so you bought it from Became from China it Came from China [I] bought it I paid in Bitcoins and got it Here on Time Expense if They Bought it in Bitcoin yeah Actually the you Buy Those things in Bitcoin You Buy the machines in This Computer okay that's Pretty awesome it Comes Here it's from its from Becoming Calm Can Check it out It comes With a little Paper here Show you the Warranty you get Three Months one See I think If You Burn it you Don't have Warranty so be Careful Burning it now this one Runs so hot [I'll] show you Guys Later So it could Burn and then Absolutely Can, run, yeah why, Would it so why? Don't you put in A cool storage right you put it Somewhere Kind of Cold and then it won't Burn right That's why, I love People like to mine in Cold Places Like Canada Or China, They're like in A giant Freezer yeah Well that oh yeah you Can Probably Maybe? Overclock it What if I wanted to use it as a heater for my Hump Can I do that I actually did it in our last Video and Minor are Or Check it out There's Actually a Minor [Fold] [at] Home so okay so you Didn't Turn on the Heater you Just Exerted on your Bitcoin miner in your House, Is hot yeah Exactly [so] [i] will Show you Guys some Features of? of this Machine so This is Where the power Goes This Is what you Plug in All the power Connection? This is the Powering the Main board Which connects to the ethernet and Control the board you have an in and out Fan Here I believe this is the intake and That's Coming out of Here [and] Then? We're Gonna have to plug in the power [Supply] To the each board, so let's do it mine Now I'm going to put some light Internet all right We also have an Internet Connection in The front you have to have an Internet Connection right here With a regular [y]? Because that's How it connects to the Bitcoin Network and Mine and Get to the reward if it's running Offline it doesn't Look at so you're Connected to this Needs to be Connected to the internet to mine Bitcoin so that when you mind Them You get it Into your Bitcoin [wallet] So I need to be Connected Internet okay cool Exactly so okay so power supply and Internet Maybe Possibly Internet and the [machine] okay [And] a place to put it right and Does it Cannot be hot So hot so [that] [Definitely] not your Bedroom or your sweat yeah this one and Also very very Loud so this Thing is very This is a commercial unit I would Say for Commercial Units Where you have A Net you know the Server Room of Some Sort it's very very Loud and Powerful and hot There Are One for the Home They're A Little More Quiet a little Less Powerful but [you] Can Actually mind in my home [Vision] Look that big Campout Really Commercial We'll See Now I'm going to bring in the power supply [and] we're Gonna Plug it in so like last Video Adam Here it's going to Help me Connect it in so you Can have the Experience of plug it again you Guys Going to do the Same when you're Going to have your own machine Every Bitcoin Machine is going to need Power Especially [the] new Ones Because they have the own Power supplies that you have to Provide So here's all the cables is it matter Where they each one Goes and it doesn't Really Matter but [if] You solve them xplit I use the Split one for the board? for the each each of The Boards Here Of the Hashing Boards and I use the Single one to power up the The Main Motherboard of The Bitkha Machine so I'm going to start Plugging in and now This and then plug each One So it doesn't Matter which Ones Goes, doesn't Really Matter as Long as your power Supply Can support This kind of Power As you can See this is A evga 1600 watt Which is good Enough for this machine so this Machine This Ant Minor 9 x 9 S9 need at least 1300 wow at least 1300 watts but I always Always Already Said go over yeah you, don't want to Stress out the power supplies and also if you if you Get Exactly This in A lot if You get A Over Power Power Supply Sometimes in The Efficiency Goes Higher and [your] Electricity cost Goes a little bit lower you Mean The Better the power Supply the more efficient [the] Machine Runs Yeah and More efficient power Supply [runs] if you, Keep Pushing the limits of the power Supply Okay the efficiency of the power Supply that, we get the girl it Gets hot, and we get [the] less efficient So Basically There are nine Power Cables Vga Connection to the Machine and Then One to the Motherboard The total [10th] 10 Different Vga like Video Card Box [Target] Experience all of Them Have Connect all [of] Them [do] not run and some of them this machine will Burn it's very very Sensitive [ok] So we plug everything in and we're Going to go ahead and now power it up [Alright] Guys You're back so in This Part, we're Basically Connecting this power supply that we talked about? Directly To the Power Outlet While you do this Keep the power Supply off There's a switch so Keep that switch off While Connecting it to the power and Then Now [that], We have this hope that the [machine] hooked Up to the power Supply? We need [to] connect it to the internet so that when you do mine Bitcoins you want it to go to your account right so rather than Running an ethernet Cable like Around the House from Upstairs to here, we're Just going to use this adapter it's Called Power Over Internet ethernet Goes With my own over power it just [uses] Copper in your Pouch For Power to go to the Internet Exactly There's Another one of Those Mixed [with] my Router if You haven't Connected it creates a network Overlays so Basically you Can use internet all [Around] your a pretty cool Device but for this it's convenient right So now this Machine is Connected Directly to Internet [As] soon as We turn on turn This power Supply out it's gonna Make A lot of Noise Just to show you how much Noise It Makes you Can Figure out Where you want to put This in the Team You [get] it it's very very Loud Guys Probably not for a House key, Maybe the Garage that's why There is the Ant Minor Arc for a little more Quiet but it Is less Powerful So this is more Powerful and more Loud as well Take Smaller Diseases So I'm Gonna go Ahead and Turn it on [you] Ready Guys Scary [Ones] That Bad okay wait yeah, it's got a couple [a] [minute] Usually a bitcoin Miner doesn't start Mining until about Maybe 20 Minutes Pass so the hot air is Gonna blow from here Soon yeah the hot air is Blowing it's only Possible, oh yeah It's gonna be like this all the Time That's How it is all the Time all the Time okay so imagine it's in your Bedroom or [drain] [off] Look at that okay, let's Turn it off Okay a, little bit I'm Gonna Turn [it] off now Okay, so yeah that's pretty Loud and you might not want to put that in [your] bedroom Probably in your Garage? so 1600 [watts] That's what Is there like 40 Cents in Ours? So Basically it Takes About I would Say Yeah About 13 To 14 Maybe even 20 cents per Hour Running This Machine right at our at our our [ways] I was About 15 16 Cents per Hour A lot of Angela so It's so it's going to cost this how much sense Around 17 To 20 Cents per Kilowatt, okay so you're going to account for the cost of Electricity When you when you plus the cost of this machine plus the cost of the Power Supply and? Then You Take Those Those, words like this is a fixed cost, the power supply the fixed cost and then I guess the Electricity Electricity is a variable cost and also the The Difficulty of The Network Keeps Going up because more People are Mining so every Time There's Another machine Running The Difficulty Goes A little higher so then, over Time it depends on how Many People by how Many People Buy The machines How Many People Are Mining so the more People that [are] mining [it's] [Just] Harder [to] get that Make Make That Bitcoin Money Value Exactly okay, Actually So to know how to set up the bitkha machine With the Network so the bitcoins that it earned Goes to your account you can Follow The Video Below for my aunt Miner Art for Review in The end of the Video I actually went online Find what Support in The Bitcoin of the Address the ip Address of the machinist went in and Changed The settings so you can See that when the Video below? so okay, so it's Connected Internet Now and then your we're Talking About going on your Computer and Then Scanning Which With what Which Work This is Exactly this Is going to open A new ip Address so it's 182 That Month 68 That's One That's Something and it's going to change Every Time you plug in A new Machine Or if you have several machines each one has its Own ip Address You have to log Into Those ip Address and Change the settings so it won't mind Under your Name and not someone Else by default Which Main Websites Have Their Own Information in There Or load up this Main [Disk] Name Bitch-Made That's the Company who Makes Them you can go online Check it out that's Where you Can, Buy them as Well okay so this is a whole other Side I mean This is Actually the Computer Side to it you just go on a computer Log in Online Connect This Port To your bitcoin wallet right you, don't you go to the Money Goes to your account ok cool Does that Make sense Yeah Exactly so Thank you so much for Viewing This Video [I] want to thank People Channel To win the Giveaway [good] value one Yeah he won randomly I do Giveaway on the Channel to? Bitcoin Giveaways To Increase Awareness and Also i always Post Videos About These Coins and How they Work in [Livadia] I just want some Bitcoin you want some Bitcoins Despite? Subscribing so you Guys Can the same subscribe the Channel Comments what do you think about the about the nth Minor S9, Maybe you Can Comment About the next machine that's going to come Up more Powerful Maybe and Anything Else You want to know Or if You have Any Questions, We [Can], also Post about that bye bye guys