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I want to talk to you guys a little bit about XRP and Stellar and the secret between the two right I'm not gonna go into the details Of it cuz I'm not in my office currently, so I'm not able to do a decent recording for you guys And show you some things but I just want you to look the two charts and See what they look like I've been following the two for a while I am a holder of both and I find that there's a lot of correlations between x RP and stellar It's also called looms when you look them up When you're looking up stellar you're gonna find It's XL m or STR just depending on the exchange that you go into but the reason I'm talking about stellar and X RP We know that caleb who was part of x RP originally with ripple moved over and started stellar looms right This was I want to say him back in 2014 or so and What I found is since investing on both of them last year They both kind of mirror each other hobbico up now stellar may go up or down At certain times different than x RP or x RP might go up or down, but they generally go up and To the same amount and for example if x RP goes up a dollar Stellar will go up around 25 cents what I found that it's anywhere from 7% to about 30% That stellar moves or trails behind x RP Sometimes it trails forward, but it doesn't go beyond that that 30% mark I haven't seen it and in my reach like 32% or something like that, but I haven't seen beyond anything above that that mark so Let's go look at the chart real quick I just want to show it show you and share with you that because I believe that For me anyways and keep in mind This is not financial advice

I'm not trying to give you financial advice I'm just giving you my experience in the Crippler journey and what I'm going through and I Recommend you do your own due diligence and your own research and figure these things out by yourself I just want to share my story out to the world to hopefully get more folks interested or looking into the crypto world right and What you'll find is whenever I started investing is that I would I would check stellar versus XRP and find That it was always trailing XRP, and I was like man that that's the correlation there it is is very similar So I figured man if somebody's gonna hold X RP And it's currently at around a dollar right and Stellar's around 22 cents this morning if they're gonna hold x RP Wouldn't we expect that stellar since it's been doing the the similar behaviors x RP Wouldn't we expect it to go up as well right now? That's not to say that stellar one day is gonna be a dollar for a dollar versus x RP But if it goes up you know 30% In trails 30 percent behind x RP, then that's a pretty pretty pretty solid following there, so We're gonna look at the chart rope I can go through it with you keep in mind that the circulating supply for STR or a stellar and looms are a little bit less than X RP and so the movement on stellar may be more significant at times, but that doesn't necessarily Change it actually makes it a little bit better But let's dig into the chart here real quick and see what's going on, okay? I'm coming All right, so hopefully you can see this, but you can see the stellar chart Coming here going up having that huge spike and huge drop-off now Let's go over to XRP and you're gonna see Very similar behavior there see that and if you go into the chart and you dig in for previous months Which I'm not going to do right now but if you go into the chart you dig into the previous months you're gonna see the same type of behavior the same type of trailing effect there and so My recommendation so my recommendation is for Me anyways, I'm gonna hold X R P and stellar both because I think both of them move Dynamically With each other and hopefully in a year or two it's doing pretty well, so Thank you for visiting with me keep in mind XR PN stellar did Make the same type of projections recently where stellar went from under a penny up to 25 cents X RP went from 19 cents up to a dollar so though those those those numbers are very significant Either way, thank you for visiting with me today Please thumbs up subscribe and leave me a comment down below on what you think and if you think that that's a good Strategy to go with okay Thanks a lot habit Have a happy holiday Bye Bye