what's up guys so a brand new coin just launched on Binance called aion and right now it's got a 74 percent increase since it launched which was just today now this coin is a little bit complicated to get if you don't know how to use outside exchanges outside of coin base or gdax so I'm gonna go ahead and explain how to get that and you can see that Binance is a reputable place if you look on coinmarketcapcom you're gonna see that it's like ranked number anywhere from one to four on any given day so anyways we'll jump into how you're gonna get it you're gonna go to coin base and if you don't have an account you need to make one and get verified with your driver's license or any kind of form of ID and then you're going to set up your 2-step verification once you've done that you can put your bank account on there but your bank accounts gonna take two to nine days when you purchase anything or you can use your debit card and you're gonna pay some fees but if you're trying to get in the game fast that's the best way to do it because it's instant so I have my debit card set up and I can buy instantly and you can see it says instantly I'm gonna be buying litecoin because to transfer these coins each one cost something differently each one takes a different amount of time now because the reason I'm buying litecoin is it's the cheapest and the fastest to send over the Biman's the only problem is is once you get to finance you have to trade the light coin for ETH or Bitcoin you can't buy anything with the light coin you have to trade it back into one of these two but you don't pay the transfer fee when getting light coin so I highly recommend that you buy litecoin and I highly recommend that if you're trying to get in quick you use a debit card also your bank might put a hold on your debit card for doing this because they do not like coin base but you might have to call them if you get shut down for it so the next step is get your litecoin you type how much in USD you want and you buy the litecoin instantly now you got it the next step you'll see that it popped up in your light coin wallet that's good but now you have to move it to GDAX because it's cheaper to move from GDAX if you try to move it from here you're gonna see a fee so you go over to GDAX which this is a part of coinbase this is like the advanced mode but it has its own set of wallets so once you're here you go to this tab you go to litecoin USD because you bought litecoin and you're not gonna have anything here so you have to deposit from your coin base account source LTC wallet and the amount which is going to be a number here and then deposit funds now your funds are gonna show up here that's good so now to move them out of here into another exchange what you're gonna have to do to be able to buy a on you're gonna withdraw so once you hit withdrawal you go to LTC address and you'll see it once a destination the amount and your two-step code so once you get your Binance account set up which we're going to go over to Binance and it's gonna be the same thing you have to do you have to get registered you have to sign up you have to use your driver's license fill out all your information and do you 2-step verification do these stupid puzzles okay once you've landed here you go to funds deposit withdrawals once you've landed on this page you're looking for your LTC wallet so you will see here this is your LTC wallet and you're gonna be making a deposit into this wallet so you click deposit and you read these messages in case different wallets are different but I highly recommend that you read these just so you understand everything you copy the address you go over to GDAX paste the address then you have your amount you can hit this max button if you want you type in your code and you hit withdrawal funds now you have to wait for six confirmations well how do you know how you got six confirmations well you can go to this website here live

blockcyphercom and once you've landed on this page you can paste that wallet address in here and you're gonna get some information momentarily they must be having trouble with their website so we'll let that load for a second so anyways once you got your six confirmations in like it says you need six Network confirmations and the blockcypher will give you that status all sudden you're the funds will deposit in here and you'll see a BTC value now to get rid of the light coin which a lot of people didn't understand and some of my other videos if you want to trade it off for LTC you go to lite coin and you just sell it because you're selling LTC and you can do 100% and if you didn't put a lot of money in you can't do limit buys and you can't do market buys on a phone so you're gonna have to be on a desktop so market 100% sell LTC click that now you have Bitcoin Bitcoin is gonna be what gets you a on so then you go to a on with your you know it's a on to BTC and if you have enough money you can do limit buys and sells and if you don't have enough money if you're not trading at the I think it's the point is zero zero one this one might be different then you have to have a certain amount of money before you can do limit buys I think if you have like 25 dollars you'll be good but anyways you have to do market buys themselves here but you can only do those on a desktop but that's only if you don't have a certain amount of money but anyways okay these were something that I sent there's actually some stuff that shows up there we go so once you type that address and you're gonna have a balance right here and you're gonna have confirmations here and then as it's ins you're gonna get received and sent and that's what this is basically like your status and you can refresh this and refresh it until you see that it's when it usually doesn't take very long maybe ten minutes at the most but that is pretty much how you're going to get a on I hope this video helps you if you have any questions please ask them in the comments i have twitter facebook instagram and i am highly active on youtube so feel free to message me with any questions thank you very much