what's going on guys how are you guys doing welcome back to a brand new video on this channel today we'll be talking about what is the safest and best way for you to buy your cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin aetherium and like corn I'm just gonna refer it as Bitcoin every time so I want to name all three but yeah I'm gonna show you guys the way I'd do it the way that I think is the safest to do it and whatnot but where I would recommend you guys go and stay to the end of this video because I'm going to also show you guys how you guys can get ten dollars in free Bitcoin just basically given to you ten dollars in Bitcoin will show you guys at the end of this video before we get started though I do want to show you guys that by the time I made this video this was like a week ago I made this video Bitcoin was at five thousand nine hundred and ninety two and if I were to go on the stock app right now I don't know if you guys can see this bitcoins now it's six thousand eight hundred and ninety two and like an hour goes at six thousand nine hundred ninety eight so it's very cool seven thousand it has eight seven thousand that's roughly a thousand dollars in one week I try and tell you guys you know I try and show you guys what's going on and what you guys can do to make to make more money but sometimes you guys don't listen but yeah just show you guys that there is log potential cryptocurrency and you missed out on an opportunity but it's never too late don't worry it's still gonna keep going up you just want to get in as soon as you can the way you're gonna buy a Bitcoin those you're gonna go into the description of any of actually not the video that you're watching right now this one go to the description and that's just going to be this right here you're gonna click show more in the description and you're gonna see this should say coinbase but I wrote in this coin case because I messed up and writing the B's not even next to the scene I don't know how it happened but coinbase you're gonna click on coinbase and when you click on this on this link it's gonna take you to here you're going to then signup put in your first name last name email choose a password put your state this works for the US but yeah say that you're 18 or older know about if you aren't or if you are I can't say anything just agree and then prove you're not a robot and create your account it super super super simple and I'm gonna show you guys in just a second what it looks like when you're in the actual account all right guys how are you guys doing this is the account this is my account if you guys can see bitcoins now six thousand nine hundred ninety-one and my name is Patrick so proves my account you guys to see I have bought Bitcoin here before I bought one whole Bitcoin when it was at 3,600 yeah it's at 6,900 now I sent it but when it was at this don't worry I still have plenty of Bitcoin I just keep most of my Bitcoin in this over here which is a QQ wallet it is my Bitcoin wallet is where I store all of my Bitcoin but yeah this is where I buy it so you guys can see here you have Bitcoin you have etherium you have litecoin three very good very solid coins both all of them are in the top ten I believe bitcoins one in theory um's two then like coins probably like seven or eight I'm not sure exactly where it's at in the in regards to its market cap right now if you guys can see yeah I have zero of each 0 of each in my wallet on this on my coin based wallet now the cool part about coin base that they also have a wallet so you guys can literally store your Bitcoin your aetherium and your light point on here so you don't have to go out and buy a hundred dollar wallet you can simply go out and keep it on here so if you only have a hundred dollars to invest you know you shouldn't invest it on on a wallet because then you're gonna have zero money to invest so if you only have a hundred dollars to invest you can buy it and store it on coinbase no problem with that coin base is a super secure platform it is probably the one of the biggest places to buy Bitcoin and yeah so just to show you you can keep it on here you should be you should be fine now in order to buy or sell Bitcoin we're gonna go and click right over here now the reason why I keep moving around my screen stuff is just so I can show you guys you know banking numbers and all that different stuff but you guys can see Vic 1 already went up to six thousand nine hundred and twenty-four it's crazy this hub all tile these things aren't how much money there is to be made guys it's absolutely crazy anyways yeah so in order to buy obviously I'll go to the buy tab if you guys want to buy more than $500 worth you're gonna have to put you have to wire it from your bank and so you're going to put in like bank information and but that takes a week for the Bitcoin to come in now don't worry if you buy it right now and it said six thousand six thousand nine hundred and twenty four dollars it in a week when you receive your Bitcoin it's you're gonna have paid six thousand nine hundred twenty four like even if the value goes up in the future you're not gonna end up paying more you get it at the fixed value right now it only becomes unlocked for you then you know send in whatever after a week so don't worry about that if in a week it's a thousand dollars higher and in a week yeah your big boy gets cleared and you have it and you sell it it's silly you made a thousand dollars so don't worry the valuation is at the moment you buy it anyways if you want to buy less than $500 $500 you can do that instantly with a debit card and comes through instantly and it's instantly yours so that's really cool you also have an option to repeat a buy so you can set it to monthly every two weeks weekly daily so you can buy like point one Bitcoin every month at the end of the year you'll have one Bitcoin right and you that's kind of how a way to grow your portfolio if you have a income from another job and you want to reinvest then Bitcoin you can set it to monthly takeout or every two weeks take out some money and buy some Bitcoin so that's a really cool feature anyways so selling is the exact same thing you you know you sell but there is a limit of ten thousand dollars selling so it's higher than the limit of buys that's pretty cool again you just go from your either Bitcoin like corner cerium wallet and you just go straight ten dollars it's really super super super simple so guys now it's writing in the video and I'm going to tell you guys how you can get the ten dollars in free Bitcoin if you use the link that I showed you guys in the description of this video every purchase you make of over a hundred dollars so 100 dollars or more of Bitcoin that you buy you will get $10 free in Bitcoin so that could be up to 10% of your money free in Bitcoin just because you guys use the link down below to sign up so that's a cool little thing I also get 10,000 just making that hundred percent clear for you guys you guys get ten I get ten so really it's a win-win and no extra charge comes to you it's really just a win-win for the both of us and yet you guys can get your Bitcoin and start investing one of the awesome parts of Bitcoin is that you don't need the money to buy one full Bitcoin you can buy a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin and when Bitcoin goes up because it's going to keep going up probably that's in my prediction I can't say guaranteed obviously I don't control the price but it's very highly probable that it keeps going up and so you're just gonna keep going up by the same percentage that it is going up you know if Bitcoin does in price your money will double your 100 will go to 200 and so on so if the cool part that you can literally buy up to the point zero zero zero one Bitcoin that's yeah basically it's really true it's really cool that's one of the things I like about cryptocurrency that stocks don't have the stock costs a thousand dollars like Amazon stock there's no such thing as buying half of an Amazon stock so yeah hope you got hopefully you guys learned something from this video if you did smash that thumbs up button and subscribe to this channel if you guys are new would you be happy to have you as part of the team and to go on this journey with us yeah then guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video