– [Instructor] How to buy Bitcoin using CoinBase app What up YouTube, it's your boy Jermaine back with another video

And in this video let's buy some Bitcoin, because as you can tell the price of Bitcoin has been going up like crazy This is Bitcoin for the past year Now last year at this time Bitcoin was $700 and now Bitcoin is over $6,149 So it is definitely went up over the past year I kinda like to buy Bitcoin on a dip

You see how it just dropped here, and it dropped here? That would be a better time to buy Right now it's at the top of the market I would say So for the sake of this video, let's buy some Bitcoin so I can show you guys how it works using the CoinBase app So here is the home screen here You can just take a look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and these are your different accounts

A little bit of Bitcoin and a little bit of Litecoin, and I just bought some Ethereum yesterday And I'll show you guys how the buying process works So you go over here, as you can tell there's Bitcoin, there's Ethereum, and there's Litecoin there So you can pick and choose For this one we're gonna buy Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin two ways You can just type in the USD amount So let's say you have $25, you can just type in $25 Or if you have a thousand dollars, you can just type in a thousand dollars And then, it'll just generate an amount, I'll give you guys an example

Whoa Now as you can tell I typed in a hundred dollars, and this would be my equivalent of Bitcoin Of course you don't get a whole Bitcoin, you just get like a tiny, tiny, tiny sliver And the fees are $295, not bad, not bad, not bad

Let's type in a different amount and see how the fees increase Okay so I just typed in 4,999, and the fees are $7339 And I still don't get a full Bitcoin, but just to give you guys an example of the fees here Now I am gonna buy some Bitcoin just for the fun of it

I'm not gonna buy $4,999 worth, but I'll buy some Bitcoin just for the sake of the video And I wouldn't mind holding onto Bitcoin So I'm just gonna buy 50 bucks worth, and there's a $199 fee And then I'm gonna hit buy at the top here

As you can tell, I'm getting a conformation here My Bitcoin will arrive on Saturday, it's gonna take six days Also you cannot cancel these if you confirm buy, there's no way to cancel by the way And there we go, I just bought some Bitcoin And yeah, not bad, not bad

Just add it to the collection Now it's not gonna show up until Saturday And I actually bought some Bitcoin yesterday too I was thinking yeah, let's buy some Bitcoin, then today I'm like hey I should make a video to teach people how to buy Bitcoin, because a lot of people have asked me questions Jermaine do you buy Bitcoin, how to buy Bitcoin, how does it work? Yeah, I've definitely been experimenting with Bitcoin

There's another app I'm using called iBillionaire They have this ETF that has all exposure to Bitcoin So that's another way I'm investing in Bitcoin I don't typically like that way as much, and maybe I'll make a video explaining why I don't like that way of investing with Bitcoin This is the way to do it

But anyway, this is the Coinbase app, and I really like this app, it's pretty cool You can even set alerts if Bitcoin drops to 5,500 you can have an alert, and stuff like that And another thing I wanna point out to you, when I first got my account, I noticed that the weekly limit was at $2500 Just this morning, I opened my Coinbase app and it had increased from 2,500 to 5,000 dollars So that's, wow, that's a big deal

I wonder is that just for me, or is that just for everybody? Because if that's for everybody that means that more and more people can now buy Bitcoin, or they can buy more Bitcoin faster If you guys know anything about that definitely leave a comment in the description below cause I was just kinda curious And, yeah let's go back here , this is the prices And yeah, look at Bitcoin, it's just rising And then, Ethereum's up

Ethereum's up like 2,700 percent for the year 2,700 percent for the year That is much higher than Bitcoin Bitcoin's roughly up what 800 percent here, verses Litecoin, no versus Ethereum 2,700 And Litecoin is up 1,300, that's crazy, that's crazy

That's why I gotta jump into the cryptocurrencies And guys, this is a cool app, you can use to jump to the crypto currencies If you haven't downloaded the Coinbase app I will leave a link in the description below And if you use the link you and I both get $10 worth of Bitcoins And who knows, that $10 credit could be worth a lot of money someday

As you can tell here, Bitcoin here for the past, let's look at the all chart Now just on the coin based app it started off at 1330 But actually Bitcoin started off way, way lower than 1,330 1,333, not 1,330 But let's just use 1,333 as an example

Look how much it has increased from 1,333 to now It's increased by like $6,000 plus And this is one way you can get into the crypto currency market right here This is pretty much like a Robin Hood account for cryptocurrencies But guys, thanks a lot for watching

Like, comment, subscribe, and peace out yo And also remember, link to sign up for CoinBase in the description below