what's going on guys so I want to talk about how to buy in sell Bitcoin how to trade it without paying any fee so stay tuned so a lot of people have been asking me questions about Bitcoin it's becoming more and more popular on the channel obviously I usually talk about day trading I talk about the stock market stuff like that but we're gonna be talking about a Bitcoin cuz hey I think there's a possibility here to make a lot of money in the future and also to trade it so the first time I talked about Bitcoin on the channel it was back about a week ago I started talking about it I've been watching a lot but you can see literally in the last week it's up over 27% bitcoins very volatile it can easily crash so make sure you do your research make sure you understand what's going on don't go all in don't mortgage your house and buy a Bitcoin today look for some opportunities but you can see in the last week Bitcoin is up 27% so there's an opportunity to day trade there's an opportunity to play it and how can i buy and sell Bitcoin without paying any fees how can I trade it without paying any fees how does this all work so using coinbase I already talked about coin base in a previous video so if you want to learn more about coinbase look at that video but right now we're talking about how to buy and sell Bitcoin without paying any fees so right now we're looking at the coin based interface there's another website called G Dax this is what coin base doesn't really tell anybody that coin base and G Dax is the same if you sign up for a coin based account you can then open a G Dax account and it's all one thing so going over here to G Dax you can see here so what's gonna look like G Dax it looks a lot like a day trading platform pretty wild to see this is actually what's going on at the moment with the G Dax exchange so this is Bitcoin being sold being bought being sold it's exactly like level 2 when you're trading stocks so if you are a day trader of you are into the stock market this will look very similar to what you're used to you can see here the same thing buying selling at a market order got a lemon order it got a stop order but if I want to put an order out there say I want to buy Bitcoin I don't want to pay any fees if I use a limit order if I put my limit order out there on the book so let's say right now the price is seven thousand three hundred and nine dollars I would basically put my limit order if I want to buy one Bitcoin there and I see that the bid is there at seven thousand three hundred and eight dollars and ninety nine cents I would basically put my order in there at seven thousand eight hundred and ninety nine cents and hope to get filled there at seven thousand three hundred eight dollars if I use a limit order here on G Dax I will not have to pay any fees so that's the really cool thing about this as long as I'm helping make the market there's no fees obviously sometimes not gonna get filled right away you might have to wait you might look for a dip different opportunities but if you're buying and selling Bitcoin using G Dax you can use your coin base account to transfer the monies go in your coin base account there you can transfer money from your coin base account into your G Dax account and then use that to buy and sell and that's all you need to do it's very simple very easy I think it's really cool actually this is a way that it's all set up it's and you can see Bitcoin making some moves this morning from the 7000 $150 area up there to seven thousand three hundred fifty bucks so that's a toreador move there in a couple hours you know two hours this morning so there are opportunities to trade this if you're looking to trade Bitcoin so I do on the weekend something too late at night something to do when you don't have time to trade the market Bitcoin market is basically open all that time so G Dax this is an opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin you can also do the etherium you can do litecoin all that stuff right there on the G Dax platform it's very simple and easy I actually want to kind of do this more often kind of play these swings there's a lot of big swings you know I get a big sell-off maybe by five are dollars worth let it sell off big hold it for a couple days let it bounce back up and then sell for profit kind of swing trading and day trading this going for that one percent move so you can see there's some nice to 5 percent moves in a couple hours here trading these coins so there are opportunities to trade this and you can see here you got the trade history it's able to show you all the different trades that's going down there the one cool thing about this is you do not need to buy an entire coin you can buy fractional amounts you can put in 500 bucks buy up coin and a half you can buy you know 100 bucks and then play that swing if you get a 10% move obviously it's only hundred bucks you want gonna make ten dollars but the thing is you don't have to go and buy a hundred coins to be able to make any money you can buy a fractional amount I'm like when you're day trading stocks when you're paying in the fees paying the Commission's if you using GDX if you're buying and selling with a limit order and waiting to get filled you're not paying any fee so buying and selling cryptocurrency without paying any fees using G Dax dot-com if you guys haven't already and you want to sign up for a coin based account make sure you hit that link down in the description and in the comments if you sign up you'll get $10 I'll get $10 it's really cool I'm pretty hooked right now on the cryptocurrency world I'm sorry if you guys are not and you're likewise you keep making videos about cryptocurrency I see opportunity right now to make some money in this volatility it's the day trader and inside of me I guess you know I'm used to only day trading from 9:00 to 5:00 during the week but now hey I can see here late at night like hey I want to make a little bit of money I'm gonna play in the cryptocurrency world and G Dax has given me the opportunity here not paying any fees not paying any commissions