Come 'n listen to my story 'bout an Okie named Will A poor redneck, couldn't pay a single bill

And then one day he was spittin' what he chewed, and up through the 'net saw a Bitcoin YouTube Crypto that is BitcoinGold Next thing ya know ol Will's a millionaire Kinfolk said it's a scam and to beware

They said unemployment is the place he ought to be, but he doubled up his money and invested heavily Skills that is Mining pools, webinars The BitcoinRednecks! Howdy friend, you can get a free ten dollars worth of Bitcoin when you buy using coinbase Just click the link in the description below this video, and it'll help us both out

So we'll start with making an account Let's say hey to my buddy Larry Just type in your personal info Now let's take a second here to let them know I'm a real Okie from Muskogee, and not a robot heyyyyy and bingo! Let's go check our email we'll go ahead and verify our email and select our location you type in the phone number here then we'll go ahead and check the phone for the verification text message now let's go ahead and punch it in let's get zoomed out so we can have a better look so as you can see we'll be able to buy Bitcoin litecoin etherium and Bitcoin cash So the next thing we'll need to do is verify our account and add a payment method you'll be able to buy coins instantly using your credit or debit card however there are fees and you'll also be able to link your bank account and when you do it this way you won't have to pay any fees but it does take a couple of days for the cash to come from your bank to coinbase I'll go ahead and skim through a couple pages so you guys can get a look around and while we're looking at this I just wanted to thank you guys for taking a look around this is my first youtube video so I just hope to help some good folks out there thanks again and please stay tuned because I do have more good information coming up and if you have any questions comments or complaints please leave them in the comment section below Merry Christmas and have a nice day