Today I’m going to show you how to set up an account and buy bitcoins on Coinbase The start is pretty straightforward – you fill in you email and then personal data, password and agree to Terms of Service

After confirming your account via email you can proceed with identity verification First you have to choose whether you want to have personal account or a businesses one, I’m going on with personal Next you input your cellphone number If you really want to buy cryptocurrencies it has to be a real one You will then receive SMS with code which you have to fill in

Now it’s time to upload your document – you can go with passport, driver’s license or other ID with photo I will continue with driver’s license and use my mobile to take and send a picture but you can also use your webcam Then you will receive another SMS with a link for uploading document photos The page looks like this and after taking pictures of front and back of your document with your smartphone, you complete verification If everything’s alright in few minutes your document will be accepted

Now it’s time to add payment method to purchase Bitcoin Currently there are 2 options available: using bank account which takes few days but buying limits are higher Or with you credit or debit card which only takes few minutes but you have to deal with buying limit of 500 EUR a week I will proceed with my debit card and input all necessary data Now I can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies You can do it right away or head later to the "buy/sell" section from the main page

All that’s left is choosing amount you are willing to spend on chosen cryptocurrency and it will automatically show you exactly how much you will get You will be also charged with a fee and you can see purchase summary in the right section The last part is confirming card transaction with the 3D Secure code which you will receive As you can see my bitcoins are already here and I can transfer them to a wallet or other exchange to trade If you want to up to date with latest cryptocurrency news be sure to follow our facebook profile, you will find link in the description

Thank you for your time and I hope you will have many successful and profitable trades