what's up guys in today's video I'm gonna show you how to purchase Bitcoin using coinbase or GDAX which as you can see right here it's also owned by coinbase so it's the same company there's a few different ways how you can purchase Bitcoin using Coinbase and the first one is by using credit card it's the simplest way to purchase it but it's also the most expensive because they charge a 4% fee okay I'm going to show you right here the fees they have so Australia debit card or credit card it's a 4% fee Canada same thing Europe it's 4% same thing with credit or debit card however bank transfers SEPA basically single euro payments, it's free or 15 cents so it's the best way by far however it takes a few days in order for your funds to arrive to coinbase so sometimes it's actually better to purchase with credit or debit card because for instance let's say that you purchase one thousand dollars or 1000 euros worth of Bitcoin and they charge you a 4 percent fee that's 40 euros ok that's 40 euros, that's 4 percent you lose on your investment however you have the funds instantly now if you were to purchase that one thousand euros or dollars worth of Bitcoin through a wire transfer or bank transfer you would have to wait a few days in order for your funds to get into your coin based account or your GDAX account and then you would have to make an order to buy Bitcoin from your Euros or US dollars wallet okay so what that means is that what I'm trying to say is that in those two or three days that it takes for the wire on the funds to get from your bank to your Coinbase or GDAX account bitcoins price could have perfectly went up ten fifteen percent so if you would have bought that immediately having a four percent fee you would still have a nine or eleven percent increase in your gains

all the payments I've through coinbase I actually bought them all through credit or debit cards on they charge me a four percent however I thought that was the best thing because Bitcoin has been really bullish for the past three months so I actually think that I made the right decision because that 4% fee that they took from me I would have probably lost a lot more if I waited two or three days in order for my funds to arrive to my Coinbase and then make a purchase now I personally have two ways to purchase Bitcoin okay one is sending a SEPA transfer to my GDX account and the other one is to buy instantly from Coinbase using my credit or debit card so if I use my credit or debit card what I would do is I go here to buy or sell Bitcoin put whatever cuantity I want to buy accept see this is a 38 almost 4% fee but you have it instantly so you go to dashboard you would have your Bitcoin now what I would do is transfer my Bitcoin to my GDAX so I go to GDAX and go to deposit and I go for my coinbase account I want to deposit all the Bitcoin that I have and your Bitcoin wallet you have everything here now once you have your Bitcoin you can actually send this Bitcoin from GDAX to whatever wallet you want free of charge it's zero percent fee so if you want to submit to Binance to then purchase out coins or Bittrex, whatever that is no fee so that's perfect now the other way is with GDAX by making a SEPA deposit so deposit, SEPA account you verify your, you first verify your bank by sending a really small transfer, I personally did it with five euros and it arrived in two to three days so once you have that you will have here your balance in Euros whatever amount you sent from your bank to GDAX, you will have it there in Euros and then with the Euro balance you have to buy Bitcoin so what we're gonna do is we're going to do a limit order okay so what this does is you basically are a market maker so hence you have a zero percent fee as you can see here so what you do is you put whatever price that you want to that you want your order to be filled so that means that right now the prices 12450 euros, let's say that you want that 12000 so whenever the price dips all the way here to 12000 the order will be filled okay so you put this here the limit price of euros and then you click here on euros and it will automatically put the max amount of Bitcoin that you can purchase with all the euros you have you put place by order and it will be here it will be on your open order size the amount of Bitcoin that you will get, the price your that you said which is 12000, the fee which is zero, as you can see all my purchases have been through limit orders and it's a zero % point zero percent fee so that was basically it guys just one more thing before I finish the video regarding USA payments I'll leave you guys this link in the description below so you can check it out but the most important stuff is basically the credit and debit card, they charge a four percent and then US bank accounts of 1

5% you also have here more information regarding ACH transfer etc so if you guys found this video valuable please subscribe leave a like and any comments you have leave them in the comment section below I'll answer all of them thank you so much for watching and see you next time peace