good afternoon everybody how's it going names Edward welcome to crypto knowledge apologize for the long hiatus I been away for a week and a half off making videos I've been conducting research for you guys so I could then put them into a bunch of videos I am lining up three videos so I can show you step-by-step how to sign up for your digital wallets like coinbase your exchanges like Gemini bit Connect which is and ICO I'll show you how to sign there and how to use it step by step I'm going to show you guys from the computer so then you'll be less hesitant and you can use this video as a reference in the future for any other future coins or icos how to sign up so you won't have that fear and then you won't hesitate to make that next step that's what I'm here for and I look forward to help you guys out welcome to crypto knowledge here comes coinbase wallet hey everybody how's it going welcome back thanks for staying I'm gonna go over coinbase real quick I actually created a previous recording but it didn't come out pretty clear so I'm recording it again it should be a better quality hope you enjoy so let's get back to coinbase so know this video is just a quick tutorial on how to use coinbase what to use it for um I decided I created a regular sign up account but I actually wanted to show you guys how to transfer money and how to buy bitcoins I'm actually gonna use my account I am gonna blur out some information that is down there as to like how much I have etc etc my address my name but I'm gonna just show you the tidbits as to how to sign up so first when you go to coinbase you want to make sure of two things any website with that you're working on with cryptocurrency you want to make sure you look at the top here where sets HTTP slash slash the reason why and you can see here I'm where it's green on coinbase dye ink now again this is on a computer on your phone it should be safe if you're using a web browser on your phone if you're using like for example Safari Firefox Chrome this is a Chrome extension that I am using which is my preference on my laptop so again on the top you want to make sure there's a lock symbol here this is for security purpose if you do see a website that is just I'll give you an example for argument's sake where it's just the www and you're able to go in you see everything like you are signing in a coinbase it is more than likely a hack and someone's phishing your information so anything you sign in believe it or not it does happen happens very frequently you'll sign in your information first name last name date of birth ah not no datum excuse me it doesn't ask you personal questions like that but first name last name email password they save everything um so you just want to make sure be on the safe side when you're looking up let me refresh this when you're looking up any cryptocurrency whether you go into the exchanges your a wallet you want to make sure you see that HTTPS and you want to see that lock symbol if it's not there please be wary please be careful I'm trying to give you also tips on how to be careful while exchanging coins and money etc because your hard-earned money you want to make sure you invest it and make money off it not have it be siphoned away from you okay so that's security part out of the way I'm in the sign-up screen I did create a blank account just so I could show you guys how to sign up but it's super simple I'll show you the steps so step one you have your first name last name you need to be honest you can make a fake name because if you want to put in more money and you want to invest more you need to verify your account and I'll show you that part of it with a new account when you verify to increase the amount you want to be able to withdrawal right now if you don't verify you're only allowed to withdraw 700 right now I'm in the account screen of the you could say my backup account I created this just so I could demonstrate you to you guys what I'm looking at here and what you would see when you open up your phone and when you open up your computer whichever preference you have so first off in the dashboard self-explanatory it shows you the four types of coins so it starts off with Bitcoin the gold of all coins shows you how much an increase within the last month and the percentage has gone up within that month yeah I've been quite in cash is where if you're very familiar where stocks is the same concept Bitcoin cash which is just put in a couple of weeks ago is brand new which is why I shot up so much as you can tell they even hit as high as four grand and for three minutes it was a current you have your aetherium which is kind of like your platinum and like coin which is considered like the silver of cryptocurrency if you scroll down as you can see I don't have a payment method here because this is the other account it's not my verified account where I have actual money in it so we have here we've confirmed the email address you'll get an email asking you to confirm as you can see if this email right here please verify which I did and you have add a phone number which I did and then you want to add a payment method now if we go up to buy and sell in order to see this part of the menu you actually have to put in an account I'll put in my real account in a few minutes and you'll be able to see what it looks like and how you send it how you take back if you go to accounts it will tell you here how much of Bitcoin you have how much Bitcoin cash you have and how much aetherium you have as wealth and also like coin and how much USD you have it's an 8 it's not enabled because there's no bank information and I don't have a vote because of the same reason so as you can see here what's highlighted you have the receive so here I can teach you a little bit as to what the what is this well this is so you can receive bitcoins so when you have an exchange and that's in the next video I'll explain that in detail once you have an exchange and you're sending let's say you're doing really well or you're doing really poorly whichever way and you want to transfer back into this wallet cuz this here this coin base is your wallet and you want to put your money back here so just sit because let's say you want on vacation and you're not gonna be trading you're gonna receive only some Bitcoin to this address yep so address so this is what you call a public key this public key is can be seen by anyone is transparent that's the purpose of cryptocurrency for transparency keeping an open an open ledger where everyone in the Internet can see that's the whole purpose of why you cryptocurrencies about you can see that information within my first two videos so there's two ways that you can capture our or you can receive Bitcoin you either copy and paste this is your copy if I were to click here control a excuse me how our highlights and control see you would copy that and you will you paste it in the other location where you'll be sending and I'll show you that as well or if you're using your phone you take a picture of this on your coin base wallet or any other wallet they will have an option to send which is not highlighted here because I don't have any in this account so I can't send anything but if you click send it'll ask for that QRS and there's a square box and you can actually take a picture of it it'll scan it for you and then they'll automatically put in the address I'm well this is one of the downfalls of coin base because of the high volume it slows down a lot so transactions take a while which is a really big problem because the cryptocurrency is so volatile that even a few minutes could be changes from a thousand to two thousand to three thousand dollars and once you sign up you'll be able to see we'll go to tools let's see how quick this pulls up okay so here you can save addresses so if I would like for this account I have it from my other one if I were to click new address I could actually set up different addresses if I want well here I could just continue to add addresses these are just four these are public keys so if you send that out to someone they could someone can send you money and this is how you would conduct transactions with a business Bitcoin is accepted as a currency in some places if you go to New York or even on the map if I'm correct and one of my exchanges it shows you a map of where Bitcoin is accepted now let's see here preferences okay so we're back in tools we have recurring transactions which is pretty much like a bank you can see how that works but this is not a bank reports so it shows you the account the type the repeats the last run of the last transaction and then you have history it's incomplete so of course because this is my dummy account so now we have settings so if you brand-new of course if you're watching this you probably are this is how you sign up for your account you can add an image my even my personal account I don't have an image I prefer not to the less information the better but I did want to put in the availability to put in more money so I had to verify my account this change password to two-factor authentication I will show you how I would look like if you have a smart phone it's called Google Authenticator I'm going to show you an image so this is what you are looking for for extra security on your wallets all the exchanges and all the wallets uses a – it's called A to F a authentic authentic ation code so let's see Google there we go authenticate err now I want to show you an image so you know how it looks like so when you're looking at the app store you'll see this symbol and the code you get here and they change everything I want to say 30 to 45 seconds they rotate once you download the app so this is how the image looks like once you download it you click here to add a new one I'll actually show you the steps on here so let's say I want to add it enable okay let's see as you see here this is my other account actually recognizes the phone number I'm not gonna have that verified because this is the dummy account enable Authenticator it'll send you a text you'll have to put in the code and then we'll ask you to verify and that's your Authenticator let's see we'll scroll down here third-party applications I do not use these other features confirm devices this is for security purposes I would recommend every time you sign in just take a look it shows you how many tens you signed in from warehouse so ii authenticate failure that was me earlier because I didn't type it in time because I get this time-based you have your sign-in added by phone by phone that was all me ok and close if you close an account it cannot be undone self-explanatory like the accounts I don't have any accounts linked to my main one I keep everything separate it might not make my life easier but I make it separate the only kind I have linked if I'm correct is my bank so you could add here your bank information credit cards now you don't see it here but when you add your bank information or your credit card information there is a length of speed if you were hypothetically if you had a ton of money and you want to put in let's say five grand six grand at a time you're able to do that through your bank you'll create an account here so if you were to link an account you you link your bank and it actually will tell you if you put it in your bank information the process can take up to seven days seven days the market could be anywhere from now I prefer to use my debit card or credit card either or preferably my debit and you can place that information there the limit though is low but the transactions are very quick I don't have to wait seven days it actually happens within the first five ten minutes second recommendation though when you're linking your accounts because it's happened to me if you either a putting a credit card or be putting in your debit card you will have to let your bank know because coin base is considered off seized and so it looks like this is a transaction conducting in China and then that also means possibility or fraudulent which is not I've used this already for a month or two about two months and I had no fraudulent charges on my accounts so that's from me letting you know so I feel very comfortable using coinbase do I have other wallets yes I do have Gemini I have an XT wallet that just means that they're different wallets that hold Bitcoin and you can transfer the Bitcoin to different locations but just FYI if you do plan on transfer pay in mind that you will get fees for each transaction the fees are transaction for the miners who are the ones who code the Ledger's in transactions with different points again that's another video if you really want to know the background of all the ledgers and how it works and all the coding I could put up a video about that as well but it's very long and very boring I don't think many of you will be interested but anyway back to making money so you add your accounts credit cards are quick banks take seven days simple as that and your limit if you were to be verified it's $750 a week so that's your limit to put in you you don't get feed when you're putting money in but when you make a transfer from your wallet tool and to an exchange and from the exchange to your wallet there will be a fee each time so be careful when you're making these transactions now if you're doing the computer on your phone great I have a really good friend of mine shoutout to world and our boogie they have ATMs near them that accept cash transfer to Bitcoin if you are using a Bitcoin ATM be sure to transfer the money to an address which I'll show you again so let's say you want to send it to your coin base but let's say the money is for the exchange you can actually send that money to the exchange which holds all the currencies I don't recommend keeping your money in an exchange because it is an exchange it's meant to be moved around it's not a wallet so let's see let's see we have that you have settings if you want to change your settings invite a friend if your friend spends a hundred bucks or whatever you invite and they upload 100 bucks you get ten bucks back and so does your friend so your friend gets ten bucks and you get ten bucks it's a win-win so just just a heads up so anyway I hope this video was useful to you it's really simple so the steps are sign up get verified put in your bank if you want large lump sums if you want quick but small amounts of money use a debit card or credit card if you want to buy you buy from here it literally says buy and it tells you from where and if you want to bank on your credit card and then you put transaction it takes again like 10-15 minutes it will process through once you're there you can go here to your dashboard and make a decision as to which one you would like to buy and that's it now in order to get to all coins we'll talk about X to X changes at another time well thank you for your time everybody I appreciate it and I hope to see you in the next video remember it's about exchanges take care