what's up guys so maybe you've been wondering how to buy Eos so to start to buy EOS you're gonna make a coin base account gonna get it registered and verified once you do this you'll be able to access the market and buy bitcoin ETH or LTC I highly recommend if you're moving money to use ETH and litecoin as they are the least fluctuate during your transfer I used litecoin yesterday as you can see is my debit card because I wanted it instantly I spent $100 and after fees you can see there is quite a bit of a drop so I bought into litecoin and then once I had litecoin I transferred it to the GDAX I highly recommend that if you want to buy quickly that you do not use your bank account you use your debit card if you're holding long term and you don't care what price you internet go ahead and use your bank account but it will take anywhere from two to nine days so once we bought our litecoin on coinbase we're gonna go to GDAX and the reason that we do that is to pay less fees as you can see when I'm at GDAX it's still Coinbase affiliated and your login information stays the same once you're here depending on what you bought bitcoin ETH or LTC you go to that tab once you're there you click go to your coinbase account source an to be whatever coin you boughts wallet and then the amount so now that you've deposited this it'll do it instantly with no fees so to get us you're gonna have to move your money from one exchange to another because obviously coinbase doesn't offer this kind of exchange but coinbase is one of the only places it lets you use USD to buy in with your bank account or debit card so now that you have what you want and a withdrawal it you're going to send it to the address on the other exchange so the exchange that has EOS that I recommend is Binance and the reason I recommend Binance is because it has lots of things that other exchanges don't and it's American friendly coin market cap gives you a list of claims and it also to the exchanges that they're on so as you can see it's on quite a few exchanges but there's not very many in America and if you look at the 24-hour volume Binance comes in third which means people are actively using this exchange for EOS so once you have major account on Binance and gotten verified I highly recommend you guys use 2-step verification this puzzle is annoying I mean I use my Google Authenticator and once you are successfully logged in bit of funds deposit withdrawals and whatever you're sending over litecoin eth or Bitcoin so I used litecoin so I find my litecoin area and because I'm gonna be sending a deposit I want the deposit address so here always make sure you read what's important this is your LTC deposit address click this to copy the address go over to GDAX paste your address in with the amount which I always whatever I'm using is max and then 2-step verification code and then withdraw funds then if you want to figure out how long it's going to take you can type in something like block or litecoin blockchain info and this website will tell you when you paste the address and what's going on so this kind of tells you everything that's going on and what's being done I think it took roughly five minutes to send this and then cent you'll get an email notification from finance or you can check right here and then you can check here and once you have your light going you can go into the exchange and you can trade it for ETH or Bitcoin once you have Bitcoin or ETH you can then buy EOS but you'll see here and that is everything you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will answer accordingly thank you very much