what's up everybody today I'm gonna show you a how-to on how to get poet poe has made some insane gains lately and it seems to be a big interest in a big talk amongst people so you might be wondering how do you get po

et I always use coin marketcapcom to figure out what exchanges you're gonna find all these different coins on so I see that poet has been moving up the chain so let's go ahead and let's see what where we're gonna get poet from exactly as you can see it's only on nine exchanges well it's only ranked on nine different settings without different exchanges let's go ahead and move on so you see that the volume on Binance is pretty good so we're definitely gonna be using Binance today like in all my other videos but to get started you're gonna have to make a coin basic count and I'm assuming that you already have a coin basic count and that you're already registered and verified which that is really good that's that's great if you are if not get get that done because that's gonna be the step for like every altcoin possible so once you're all set up we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna go into the buy and sell tab and if you're trying this is mostly if you're trying to do this instantly without with the least possible fees if you want to wait eight to nine days use your bank account and come back to this video and just forget about using your bank account and just skip that step and go forward but we're gonna do this the instant way so to do this the quickest way possible with the littlest amount of fees we're gonna buy some light coin with our debit card and as you can see when I switch to my debit card I get to buy light coin instantly people will ask why didn't you send directly from coin base to Binance and we're gonna go over that step today which I haven't done in any of my other videos I just been answering in the comments so let's go ahead and let's say that we're gonna buy ten dollars litecoin so I type in $10 I buy litecoin instantly and then it goes into my wallet so then I'm gonna look at my wallet and I'm gonna go to white litecoin LTC wallet and it's gonna have some $10 worth of litecoin in there and the reason that we're using litecoin is because it is the fastest you will wait the least amount of time during the transfer so you got the litecoin now how are you gonna move the litecoin the cheapest way possible and that's another big step that people aren't getting so I am going to the GDAX or the GDAX which is also a part of the coin based website so once you're here you will see we are still on a coinbase website your login is the same most likely you're gonna have to be verified to use this though so you go over to LTC USD if you're using American dollars and because your funds are on coin base but you want to move them into GDAX which is instantly and does not cost you anything we're gonna deposit the money in where are we getting the money from we're getting it from the coinbase account so we go to the coinbase account and the source is the LTC wallet so once you have that checked it's gonna show you how much you have in that LTC wallet you type that number in here you deposit the funds so then the next step you have to send this money to Binance so we'll go ahead and click on this tab for late no it's not this tab I'm sorry you're going to be withdrawing a so you just deposited it from coinbase and now you got to withdrawal it to binance sorry I mean caught up here so you're gonna be withdrawing it and you're gonna LTC address and we're gonna fill this out in a minute so now we're gonna jump on over to Binance and go ahead and get yourself registered set up your two-step verification with Google Authenticator get all that stuff done you know picture you got yes you got to use your picture of your driver's license or an ID go ahead and do that so you're gonna get set up here I'm gonna go ahead and login so I can show you guys and you gotta do the puzzle I highly recommend if it's your first time I'm Binance that you don't do it on your phone that you do it on the desktop it's gonna be way easier I don't even think I was able to do it on my phone this is the most annoying part but it's worth it guys you want to you want to set this up I think you have to so once you land on the login page you're gonna go to funds deposit withdrawals once you're here this is where you're looking for your address of litecoin so I'm gonna type in LTC so that I only see the light coin wallet and I'm gonna be making a deposit into by Binance to be able to buy poet this is how you're gonna use coinbase to buy poet and GDAX so as you can see this is the litecoin area this is where you're gonna find where your money came in and we're making a deposit into the litecoin wallet as you can see you get the LTC deposit address think of this as your LTC bank and you're gonna make a deposit so go ahead and have this copy address jump back over to gdax here you are on gdax you have a did not want it wants you to give you the destination and you're withdrawing it from gdax and depositing into Binance answers think of these as your banks and that you're making a withdrawal from one bank and you're depositing it into another but you're the banker so you paste this in that's your address which that's my address you'll have your own you can hit the max amount if that's what you're trying to send you know I'd hit the max I type in my coin base 2-step verification code on my Google Authenticator and I hit withdrawal funds now this is where people get lost because they're like okay my money's not showing up on Binance instantly there are these different types of block explorers every block chain has its own or at least I know Bitcoin litecoin and ETH all have their own so if I type in something like litecoin blockchain info or explorer I get a site like this so I go here and I take that same wallet address that I used we're just gonna skip okay here we go I'm gonna take that same wallet address they use paste it in and you don't have to do this this is only if you're wondering where your money is think of this as your UPS or your FedEx and you're trying to track your package so once you land on this page you're gonna have it probably an estimated balance here and it's gonna say zero confirmations you need six plus and it's gonna happen on its own there's nothing you do on this website like I said this is your FedEx your ups this is just how you track your money you know if you're all concerned and gee Dax is horrible at you know having minor outages all the time and that's another reason we use litecoin like coins always fast so we sent it we're checking the tracking tracking says it sent so we go into Binance bonds deposit withdrawals and we hit up that litecoin address again and here's the next step people say oh I can't buy anything with litecoin that is correct we sent like coin to avoid all the fees now that the light coin has arrived let's go ahead and get rid of the litecoin so you're gonna go to the exchange and I use basic because I'm basic and go ahead and type in you're gonna want Litecoins so LTC and you're gonna have some LTC so you're not buying LTC you're selling LTC so you want to get rid of all of it so you type in a hundred percent and it's gonna give you an amount and you're gonna hit sell TC now that's a limit sell if it gives you some kind of air use market because you don't have enough money to trade at that spread so now go ahead let you up Bitcoin and we're gonna be buying poet so you go over to poet or poe and you come over here and if you want to buy a hundred percent of everything you just hundred percent it by POE and if you don't have enough to buy in limit by go ahead and use market you'll have enough so you hit by POE and market and you're gonna have some POE and then once you have your POE you can hold it on the exchange you don't have to deposit in a wallet I don't know if POE has a wallet I didn't do any research and it's gonna show up on here how much you have so that's pretty much how you do that I answer my questions as quickly as they come to me sometimes it's instantly sometimes it's an hour because I do sleep every once in a while even though my wife doesn't let me anymore so that is definitely how you get poet it looks like it's gonna be a good coin it's really coming up I mean it for the amount of exchanges that it's on this is definitely the fastest the most quickest most instant way and you know to use your debit card to be able to do this this is how you're gonna do it you're not gonna have to wait days or anything like that this is gonna happen the day that you start if you watch this video start to finish and you made it this far you have poet if you didn't watch the video and you just skip to the end you don't have poet so this is how you get POE or po

et from GDAX coinbase and this is the process you're gonna use for almost every single altcoin so hopefully this helped answer every question that I've been leaving out and I'm gonna do some more videos but like I said any questions I am available almost 24/7 and I love to answer questions thank you very much guys bye