so you just heard about stellar and you're wondering how you're gonna get it also known as xlm you came today to figure out what it's gonna take to get stellar and I'm gonna go ahead and show you a great website for all altcoins is coin market capcom and when you land here you can look up just about any coin and figure out everything about it and its rankings that's kind of how I picked my coins for these videos so let's get started with stellar as you can see it's had some pretty good rides lately and if you want to figure out different exchanges that it's on you go to the markets tab and you can see the volume and I use Binance a whole lot so I'm gonna show you how to get it on Binance and the steps that you're gonna have to take and I'm gonna try to take you the whole way through from top to bottom and if you have any questions along the way leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you so if you're in America and this is just my target target video is for people in America anybody should be able to do this but if not it could be because you're not in America first you're gonna go to coinbase and you're gonna remember to pay your taxes no just kidding you're gonna get your account set up and you're gonna get verified because verification is important and you're gonna set up 2-step verification with Google Authenticator that's very important as well that's new to some people that have never done it but you need to get used to it if this is going to be your thing because security is key so once we're in coinbase and I'm gonna answer this question for you before you ever ask it why don't you just do this from coinbase well if you want to pay the fees you use coinbase but I'm gonna show you the cheapest fastest way possible to do this so I got my bank account set up but I'm not gonna use it and I got my debit account set up and I'm gonna use my debit account or my debit card account so we landed here and this is where things get important we're not using Bitcoin because bitcoin is insanely expensive to transfer for exchanges and I don't want to see you guys lose all your money so we're gonna use litecoin but there's something you need to understand once you transfer the light coin to by dance you have to sell it back to Bitcoin Ori theorem and the reason why is because litecoin is not an accepted currency to transfer into other currencies we use litecoin because it's cheapest and fastest to transfer to other exchanges that accept it that is why we use lite coin so ice use my bank account come down here and I let's say I want to buy $10 of LTC and I can buy that instantly which is what I'm gonna do to show you guys and I'm gonna hit confirm by your purchase was successful you dashboard I don't really care about that of the show that I got some light coin eventually maybe all right there's my litecoin as you can see I'm market bought it and I paid some fees and after $10 it came out to $869 so I've already lost a little bit of money but that's okay because I'm going to show you how to not lose any more money which you would if you transfer it straight from here so now we're gonna go to the gdax and gdax as a part of coinbase so this is important once you're here you go to LTC USD and you're gonna deposit it in from coinbase so you click coin based account and you see here LTC wallet and you type the amount and then you deposit the funds okay that was free an instant that's what you wanted because to send it from the GDax to Binance is pretty much nothing where coinbase would have probably charged me $5 and I would only had two dollars left so now we got to think in banking terms we want to withdraw this and we're sending it somewhere so we're gonna sent it to an LTC address where are we gonna send it to by stellar well to be able to buy stellar with coinbase and GDAX you also have to make a buy Nance account Binances a top exchange so you have nothing to worry about even though all their stuff is like Chinese set your account up here do the same thing it's gonna want the picture of your driver's license that's normal set up your two-step verification I think you have to anyway to be able to move money around this is that Google Authenticator as telling you guys about this is important you're really not supposed to share these codes with anybody but I'm making videos so it's whatever so I typed that in from my Google Authenticator on my phone and then I go to deposit withdrawals once I'm in and because I'm sitting over LTC I need my LTC address so you see here I typed in LCC so I didn't mess up and I only see LTC and then again as in banking terms I'm going to be making a deposit so I click deposit I get my deposit at ress and then I go back to G tax amount you can hit this max button destination paste it that's the wallet address and then this is my coin base 2-step verification code on my phone and withdrawn successfully now here's the hard part you're gonna wonder why did my money not go instantly that's the only bad thing about this whole setup is that nothing is super fast when you move it from one exchange to another but we use litecoin to get around that litecoin is the fastest of the bunch another problem is gdax always has a minor service outage so sometimes you have to go in and check to see what's going on so I'll go in and look at the transfers and they're all operational so that's good so then where did your money go it didn't show up over here you're wondering where it is as you can see mine probably hasn't made it yet yes yes still have the same amount you're gonna ask this question like in some of my other videos well where did my money go here's how you track it think about FedEx or UPS terms or the Postal Service think about tracking your package but you want to track your money well if you used litecoin and this applies to only litecoin there's other websites for other coins I type in litecoin blockchain info and I get a website like live block cipher calm now this is a step you don't have to do this is just simply to track what's going on and I take that deposit address from finance and I paste it in here and I search and this website has been a little laggy so just bear with me here and if it okay and here you go so it shows I'm sending this amount it's unconfirmed and we're waiting on six confirmations before that money shows up in my account now you don't actually do anything here you don't make an account here or anything this is just to say hey when's my money showing up maybe I should check and see well I know I need six confirmations and you can sit here and you can refresh this page a couple times you can keep pasting that address in and keep checking because this is this is your time line you know you don't know when this is gonna happen but it's going to it's usually anywhere from five minutes to I've seen people take as long as an hour but I have used Bitcoin and I will tell you I've waited anywhere from 8 to 24 hours so litecoin is definitely your fastest option here and I definitely recommend that you use litecoin once again to avoid the fees because once this lands I'm probably gonna have a whole eight dollars which is good that's what we want so you can see nothing's really happening right now but I have money over on Binance so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to buy stellar yeah so it might take like 10 to 15 minutes and I'm obviously not gonna make you guys sit here and wait for that so go ahead and go to the exchange and I use the basic version and – by stellar xlm you can go here in this little box and you can type in xlm but you notice it's xlm – BTC and you sit and litecoin so what do you have to do there you have to go to LTC – BTC then you have to get rid of the LTC so the way to do that is to hit this hundred percent on market price and you can do limit if you have enough but I'll tell you to use market and our market usually sells it at whatever the market price is which is a pretty fair price typically and then once you've hit your a hundred percent it'll shown them out and you hit sell LTC once you've sold the LTC and gotten Bitcoin you can then go to xlm to BTC and now you're able to buy so as you can see I can buy forty four at market price and then just for testing purposes I'll type in some crazy you can click these numbers instead of typing them in also so the prescient hit that okay so I have an order in for that price if it hits it but I don't want that so I'm gonna hit cancel if you want it right away you can hit market at a hundred percent you'll get it right away it'll fill your order instantly and then once you go back to deposit withdrawals your stellar will show up in your xlm wallet in it you can leave it here you don't have to transfer it away from anywhere but your estimated value will show in BTC and in USD once you've got enough money you can watch my other video on how to convert your earnings back into dollars and I have another video for that which explains how to get it back off by Nance and back into G Dax and back on a coin base so this is how you get stellar xlm if you have any questions please leave them in the comments you can message me on any of my social media accounts I try to answer everybody quickly so feel free for that we'll check this one more time and still no activity so like I said it's a it's just gonna take a while and that's just something that you got to understand what the whole cryptocurrency thing is even though they say instant fast and all that I haven't really seen it yet but I mean it's coming it's just a matter of time but hopefully this explains on how to get stellar hopefully you get in and you get to ride the moon on the rocketship so thank you very much you guys have a great day