hey guys how's it going today I want to tell you how to get Verge or xvg a lot of people are saying it's gonna be moving up and it's not on a lot of exchanges and it's not on any exchanges that are easy to just go in and use your debit card and buy so today I'm going to tell you how to use by Binance and how to get your money from coinbase to buy Binance so let's get started first we're gonna go to coinbase you're gonna make your coinbase account if you already have coinbase account you're good i get registered verified set up your two-step verification now put your debit card in or your bank account if you want this instantly which we're gonna be doing today use your debit card if you want to wait two to nine days use your bank account and pay less fees but I can tell you that two to nine days you can miss out on a lot of profit and in one trait you could make all those fees back easily so let's get started you're gonna use litecoin you're gonna use a debit card you're gonna type the amount of USD that you want to use for litecoin reason we're using litecoin is it's less fees to transfer over into by Binance so we buy the litecoin by instantly it pops up in our accounts it'll pop up in our LTC wallet once you see the amount in the LTC you wallet go over to Gdax you will see the GDAX is linked directly to coinbase and your sign into coin base is your sign in to G Dax so once you're here and you use litecoin you go to litecoin USD you have to deposit the litecoin in from coinbase so we're gonna click deposit coinbase account LTC wallet type the number in that you want to put in here which what should be all of it and hit deposit funds now you're gonna see here that you have LTC now so to get the LTC from the GDAX we have to withdrawal it so we're sending it to a different wallet so we go to LTC address and it's going to be a max amount and then the destination this is going to be the hard part the destination is on Binance so once you're at Binance you're gonna go ahead and you're gonna sign up and register because this is where you get almost all of your all coins there's other exchanges but this is one that I use one that I know there's also bit tricks which is a pretty good one but some people have said that they have held off on registrations so once you get signed up registered and set up your two-step verification go to funds deposit withdrawals once you're here you're going to be depositing litecoin so I typed in LTC and you can see like one pops up and I'm making a deposit so I want to deposit address so I get my LTC deposit address I copy the address then go back to GDAX paste the destination I put in my 2-step verification code from coinbase and then I would draw funds then if you type in if you're using litecoin this only works for litecoin go to live liveblockcypher

com type in your address and you're gonna be looking here at the balance you should see something if you sent something this is going to say most likely zero out of six and it will update within a couple minutes once you have six confirmations you will then see an amount here when you've logged into by Binance and then you will see that your litecoin has appeared then once you have the litecoin you go to the exchange you trade the litecoin for Bitcoin once you're here so because you have litecoin you're gonna be selling it so if you're not on a desktop you cannot use the market you cannot use stop limit you can only use limit so if you try to do this it's not gonna work so if you only send $20 over worth of light coin it's gonna make you do a market sell if you have a hundred dollars worth you can set the limit make sure you get the best amount possible for it so now that you're a Bitcoin you can go to verge you go to verge and same thing if you're on a desktop you can use all the options if you're just on a phone you can only use limit buys so once you're here if you have to do a market pay and you want to do all of your Bitcoin worth you go ahead hit 100% and by virtue once you have it you can go in and you can look at your balance and you will see and if you ever want to put this in an offline wallet it's not on the exchange you just do it with a drawl get you a withdrawal address and you have to have your wallet set up once you have all that set up you just are sending it with a label and address and the amount and you will see a transaction fee and that is how you get Verge if you have any questions please leave them in the comments I try to help everyone as fast as possible thank you very much