Brickblock – The Future of Asset trading on the blockchain How to set up a Jaxx wallet Setting up a wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes To get started, go to “https://jaxx

io” Click “GET JAXX FREE” There are different ways to use Jaxx on different platforms The easiest way is through the Chrome extension Click Chrome extension You will be taken to the Jaxx blockchain wallet Chrome extension

Click “ADD TO CHROME” Confirm by clicking “ADD EXTENSION” Click the new Jx icon at the top right of your Chrome browser Accept the Jaxx End User License Agreement Select “CREATE NEW WALLET” and click “CONTINUE”

Next, select “EXPRESS” Select the currencies that you wish to use in the next window You should make sure to back up your wallet! Click on the top right of the Jaxx Extension window Next, click “TOOLS” and then “BACKUP WALLET” Jaxx backup works by using a 12-word seed phrase

You can restore your wallet with these words Anyone who has these words has accessto your account Make sure to write them down on paper and keep them somewhere safe Do not save these words on your computer Writing them rather than storing them on your computer will make your wallet more secure

Click the checkbox stating that you understand how Jaxx backup works Write down the words, as stated earlier, and click continue Type the words in order to confirm that you have written them down Click finish Your wallet is now more secure than before

You can switch between currencies at the top of the window You can copy your address using the clipboard icon next to the your address and above the QR code When you are done setting up Jaxx, go to contributebrickblockio

Fill out the form on the page and click “SIGN UP” Next, check your email for the verification email Click “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT” You will be taken back to the login page of contributebrickblock

io Enter your email and password, then click “LOG IN” On the next screen, choose the currency that you wish to contribute with Click on “I ALREADY HAVE A WALLET” On the next screen, paste in your address from your wallet of choice

In this video, we have used Jaxx Click “NEXT” On the next page, copy the address on the screen and send your contribution to this address using your wallet of choice When done, click “I CONTRIBUTED” On the next screen you can share a referral link to get a 4% bonus on your contribution

Click “NEXT” You are all done! Your tokens will be delivered to you on November 30th, 2017