what is going on guys Patrick here bring you guys a brand new video today I want to talk to you guys about a way you can actually earn free Bitcoin I know that sounds ridiculous but it's actually true now by no means is this gonna actually pay off any mortgage you have typed Bitcoin but it is a pretty interesting and pretty fun way to you know get yourself some for free Bitcoin so guys before we get started if you are and new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet make sure to do so we are two subscribers away from 7400 by the time you watch this video we probably have hit it but subscribe anyways and hit that Bell icon right next to us you guys notified every time we release a new video I don't waste too much time is up though so let's jump right into here this is the website I have a link to this in the description it's free Bitcoin literally that is the the the URL it's free Bitcoin but where are we let's go to the free BTC so the way this works I want to say it's like a spin it's a luck type thing this is like a Bitcoin casino I guess we'd say but you don't actually have to put any of your own money at least I don't recommend putting any of your own money what you can do every single hour is come here click I'm not a robot roll and there we go I got 5 5 4 4 5 5 4 4 is in between here 0 – 5 5 4 4 so I receive point zero zero zero zero zero one for Bitcoin that is what that's at that I received that much Bitcoin now you can actually earn more depending on what number gets rolled out so you guys can see you can earn if you hit the ten thousand which I haven't ever personally hit I have hit some of these other ones before though I think the best one I've hit was this one but basically all luck it takes like two seconds out of your day and if you were to get the 10,000 won which would be absolutely ridiculous I want you guys to tell me in the comments if you guys did come on Bitcoin say Bitcoin current price at fifteen thousand that's two hundred and sixteen dollars in one roll right I know this is significantly less this is you know a fraction of a dollar but fraction of a cent but this is actually a really fun way to earn some Bitcoin now this isn't it whatsoever you guys can still earn more money with this so you see we won this my balance changed here now I have point zero zero zero eight for you guys can see I just found this out I've just started doing this so that's why I decided to make video on it you can go to multiply BTC which is kind of where another spin comes into place it's kind of like a casino so to win you have to bet high and get a number higher than five thousand two hundred and fifty so the number that rolls out here is to be higher than that or bet low and get a number lower than four thousand seven hundred and fifty so for you guys to see we have the minimum bid right here we click high we want so we want one of basically one boom 1 Satoshi that's the lowest the lowest amount you can bids 1 Satoshi so now our point 8 4 well the point 0 0 a 4 went to 8 5 so it works right now you guys can see this in my history of rolling there we go anyways the technique that I have when it comes to this which I found does actually it does actually work so what I do is I keep going high until I get like 3 actually until I get four lows in over four wrongs in a row so this might take some time one two no green green one green one Oh one two three oh okay so that's why sometimes you do three is a lot harder for you to get four in a row but let's see if that we can do the three one next time one two one two three else you go for four it's go for four no we should have damn it guys one two three it did we do it again okay we're two one four three this time we're doing four three one one no one man two the one no one two one one two come on one two three now what I do from here I actually bet a little more than say maybe I bet one here so it's one zero right ten satoshis and I'll go bet hi again and we want so now we want ten satoshis and now I'm at nine – honestly I could have done more I just didn't want to lose all my money in front of you guys but I could have just you know put all of the money I had in it and tried to double all the money and they keep doing it over and over and over and over and over again this is kind of you know I'm just honestly I've had this this website in the background of all of my computer you know what I'm doing my computer on my Chrome the whole time just because you do it you rule it once every hour right so I have another 55 minutes and 46 seconds so that I can come over here and I can go to youtube and I can click and I can click on any video I want I can watch some Trayvon James maybe I can watch some basketball Shaquille O'Neal and then after an hour and see the timer's right here after the timer hit zero I can come back here over here click roll and I have a chance again at winning $260 and honestly that is how the game goes this isn't like I said this isn't a way for you guys to earn tons of money I just thought it was really really really really cool now another thing that is really interesting that I found out that I can do to help you guys is over here if you guys use do use the link in the description is my referral link and so the more you guys play I'll earn a little bit of commission for that however what I did want to know that's something I did want to do for you is I can overhear I can share some of my coins use this to share some coins of your referral so what I could do is at the end of you know the week I can see who played the most and I can give them the most bit quack and kind of like kind of split it up between so what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be giving away like 50 to 75% of all my earnings on here to you guys so that's another way that you guys can actually earn a ton of money by playing so it doesn't actually mean that you are going to you know the money you play with you're probably not going to earn too much with it's kind of just for fun but if you do play a lot you are entering for a chance to win significantly more over here I have seen this actually add up to you know hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I can do this every week or every day depending on how much you guys are playing so it is it can actually be really fun and a really good idea for all of us to kind of get in at play I like I said I can see what here we go this what I was talking about I can share 50 to 75 percent of all of my things to my referral so I can either share amount equally among all referrals share amount based on total referral activity or share amount based on referral activity since last panel so that's the one I'm gonna keep it on right since last payout so I think this pays out every referral I guess it doesn't every 10 days I guess because now it's still to two days till and so I'm going to share with you guys the amount you come out you guys totaled up the more that you guys play the more I'm going to be able to give you guys back so that's gonna be an easy and fun way for you guys to earn some free Bitcoin literally no money of yours involved and I'm not even gonna say any time is involved all you have to do is just keep it open and play it whenever you feel like playing it it's a fun it's a fun game I actually started doing it I like I said keep it open on the back of my browsing or my researching all the time just because as soon as the timer runs out I get back here I roll the dice and then I go to the multiply BTC and I play a little bit of this game so guys thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you guys thought if you guys are gonna get started with this also I just realized I accidentally bet ten Satoshi's again but we won so now we just passed the hundred satoshis there we go it's possible to make money with this right but yeah guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did and you are not subscribed to channel make sure to smash the subscribe button and hit that notification button right next to it other than that let me know in the comments what you guys think of this let me know how much what role you've managed to get so far I'd be super curious to see I want to see if any of us can get the 10,000 roll the 10,000 which is going to give us you know the two hundred and fifty dollars that would be absolutely ridiculous I want to know if you guys managed to do that also if you did enjoy the video make sure to smash that like button guys thank you so much for watching I will see you tomorrow for another video