Let us tell you about Chain Group service! If you are interested in making money on cryptocurrency exchanges, but not confident in your skills, then you are in the right place! At Chain Group, those who want to make money on cryptocurrency exchanges meet those who are good at doing it I'm talking about exchange Trade Groups

Each group has its own capital, but also strive to increase its profit with additional funds To attract more funds to their turnover, Trade Groups offer their terms for accepting deposits and investors choose a trade group to invest in The site presents a list of Trade Groups Investors can study statistics, analytics or discuss Trade Groups with other investors on the forum Each investment proposal of a Trade Group has a few main characteristics

1 Deposit term, during which an investor gets a return on his deposit The minimum term is 90 days 2 Daily rate of return

The minimum daily rate allowed at the service is 01% The maximum is 10% 3 A Trade Group can offer stable or variable return

4 Compounding function A Trade Group can allow reinvestment of return on the deposit If an investor uses the compounding function his whole or partial daily return he added to the principal amount of his deposit automatically When the deposit term is expired, it is refunded to the investor's account

5 Early withdrawal of the principal deposit A trade group can allow early withdrawal of a principal deposit It may charge a fee for that Trading in cryptocurrencies can bring good return, but it also involves high risks, as if a trade group makes a few bad buys, it can reduce its assets

But losses of trade groups do not affect the investors Trade groups compensate negative results with positive ones, and investors are offered an average rate of return, taking into account the statistics of potential losses and profits If due to all circumstances, a Trade Group has to declare itself bankrupt, the ChainGroup Service provides partial compensations to investors from the special Stabilization Fund The Service has a referral program

If you bring a new investor to the Service, you get 5% of his each new deposit The service cares a lot about safety and security of funds at the investors’ and Trade Groups’ accounts We hope that the ChainGroup will become your reliable tool for making your dreams and plans come true We wish you every welfare and financial prosperity!