How to buy bitcoin and turn it into Iota Create a Coinbase account, and a Binance account

Both the links are in the bio, it takes around 5 minutes Begin at Coinbase to buy bitcoin Go to the Buy/Sell tab, select Bitcoin, enter the amount you wish to purchase, and select buy bitcoin instantly Proceed to Binance (link in bio) Go to funds at the top, deposits/withdrawals

Find Bitcoin (BTC) and select deposit, highlight the address and copy it Return to Coinbase, go to account, select send, paste the wallet address in the recipient box, and send the desired amount of funds Bitcoin will charge a fee, continue Return to Binance and see your funds under Bitcoin, they will not be deposited instantly Binance shows you the value of your coins

To buy Iota, go to the exchange Make sure you have iota selected, if not, find it on the right side by scrolling down Go to Buy Iota, select how much you want to buy, and set Buy Iota Or you can set a limit of what you want to pay, and buy that way The same applies for selling

Return to funds to check your account status and funds