How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) – Simple instant Exchange hi again with another video so here with this website I'm going to show you how to exchange any currency or Myr here in my case I'm going to exchange from Bitcoin into a terraeum so it's really easy and simple so you're gonna choose the currency you want to exchange so here in my case I'm going to choose Bitcoin here then choose the currency I want to exchange to so here at cerium and choose quick and click continue so here is you can see some informations it posits minimum so this is the minimum and this is the maximum that you can exchange and here is the fee so here you can put your material address here and the second here you can put your veg point reformed address so if something happens you get your bitch going back so here is with you get this into this page here so you get this address or in your case you're gonna get another address everyone has his own address so you get it and send the Bitcoin into it and and wait for the confirmation here and as you can see here in this page a I passed the pending confirmation so I am now in the awaiting exchange step so it's really easy and simple and do not need to to do or have an account in this website so then you can bookmark this link for this page so to check every time you want to see the process so it's really easy and simple and this is the video I hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe thank you for watching