I'm going to show you the step by step process to setting up the digi bite one-click miner and show you how easy it really is so let's go ahead and start mining some digibytes so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to set up a mining pool account there's two options to do this you can use the digi hash Co mining pool which is very simple and easy all you need to do is literally go and download a digi byte wallet and then you can use your wallet address as your username I'm gonna go over here to the blocks factory comm I'm gonna click on the digi bytes kine pool account and I'm going to sign up for an account all I need to do is register for the pool I can make my username click my password so now that we have our account set up you're gonna click on my account and setup a worker the worker is basically your mining machine or your computer so I'm gonna add a new worker and it's gonna be Patrick Weiland dot worker two and then my password is going to be work now that I have that set up I'm gonna go ahead and save that and that'll be my worker and we're gonna need that information here in a second you'll see what we're gonna need this for but now that we have a pool accountant set up it's time to download the digi byte one click miner so there will be a link below in the description where you can download the miner for free from github and you can also get it from our website as well so you have those options and once you download it it'll be just a dot exe file and you download it sometimes computers think that there is a Trojan or a virus because of the mining software so it might come up as a red flag you're gonna need to uncheck that let it download to your system don't worry there's no virus there's no Trojan some computers some antivirus will flag it as an issue so don't worry go ahead and download the dot exe file the digi byte miner will have the version 1 once this video goes live you can download that that'll be the first real version of the digi buy it one click minor so in your downloads file and drop it onto your desktop I like to do that because it's easier to get to later on you can just drop it right over to your desktop also sometimes when you do open it for the first time it'll ask you if you want to search for the app in the App Store just press yes it'll open and then once it opens you'll see this is the one-click miner I've already had this open before so it's gonna automatically start mining but you can see going into this and setting it up so depending on what pool you chose you can go over to the little right and then you're gonna click on your pool so for this video I'm using the blocks factory mining pool once I click it in the pool it'll actually set up my pool address automatically so I'll have to actually copy paste that so this is the one important part you're going to need to update your account dot worker name and that's gonna be your account from your mining pool and then your worker name for your mining machine or whichever one you named it so for me it's Patrick Weiland dot worker – remember we set that up in our mining pool earlier so if you named your worker rocket ship it needs to be whatever your username is dot rocket ship and I'm gonna put my password for that worker in the password box there so now I have my pool setup I'm gonna go ahead and click finish here and I'll be ready to mine also in the top right is your Settings box you can click to have it so that once you turn your computer on the one-click miner will launch on startup and also will automatically start mining once you open the program ready to start mining so all I need to do is press Start and the program will automatically download the miner and get everything going and we should be good to go here so now the miner is starting up and in a second you'll actually see the little screen that'll show all the information about the miner can see there it's showing all the information showing my username showing my worker name and it's all set up good to go so everything looks normal and we are mining it's happening we are actually mining so it's that quick and that easy to start mining digi bye another thing you can do to increase your mining power is you can overclock your GPUs your graphics cards so you can download depending on if you have Nvidia or an AMD you can download an overclock program I'm gonna be using MSI Afterburner for this video so for the sky and algorithm I use 2:05 core clock I put my memory clock as low as possible and then I'm also gonna move my power limit down a little bit and that'll kind of give me my optimal hash power for mining with the sky and algorithm all we need is core clock for the sky and algorithm so now that I my graphics card we'll go back over here and you'll actually see that my hash power is increasing and also when you do start it up for the first time it'll take a little bit of time you know five minutes or so before the GPU really gets to the point where it's like optimal and that'll kind of be what you're really gonna be mining at in terms of your hash power you can see how it's kind of increasing a little bit a little bit as this has been going and running so once you see all these yeses that means you're good to go it means you are mining right top box you're gonna see profitability after you mined for a day or so it's gonna start to give you a little bit better idea of how much did you buy you'll be earning depending on your hash power to make sure that everything is working right I'm gonna go back into the mining pool look at my worker my worker should so that there is valid hash rate now I can see there's a valid hash rate it'll take a little bit of time for it to refresh and give me the actual number but you can see that the pool is receiving information from the miner so we are good to go in that sense we are mining we are getting dizzy by after really just downloading setting up a mining pool and then once you've done this once or twice it's even easier to do it in the future don't worry it seems a little bit difficult right now but it is very simple and easy once you get the hang of it and once you get an idea of what everything is and where it should go and all that so we're trying to make it as easy as possible for you guys to be able to set up your miner and get it all going there's also an intensity slider I wouldn't worry about this if you don't really know much about it you can do some research in the future kind of figure out what your intensity sweet spot is depending on what cards you have what your system likes every system is gonna be a little bit different there's no perfect number when it comes to intensity and stuff like that so you always want to kind of mess with it and figure out your sweet spot and kind of optimize it for your system and over time you'll kind of figure out you know what the best settings are for you so really just start messing with it start using it and learn more about did you buy it if you don't learn more about digi buy in general check out digi bytes EO you can learn more about the blockchain and everything like that