Over the past couple of months Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making a comeback so should you invest let's go through those numbers and talk about it coming up Welcome back to The Jeremy Kersten Show every episode we talk about business entrepreneurship investing and personal growth today we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin and a few other coins and how their prices have come up over the past few months and how you can get started if you have not started investing in them already be sure to subscribe if you haven't already if you like this kind of content smash that like button and share this with one friend also be sure to hit that notification bell down in the corner so you can be notified each time we upload a new episode let's go ahead and get started okay guys here we are on corn-based calm now if you're not familiar with coinbase that is the number one place largest company where the United States could go and invest in cryptocurrencies now they don't offer all of the crypto currencies only a number of them but it's just kind of a great way to get started anyways so the first of all markets we're going to talk about the Bitcoin everybody's heard of Bitcoin it's most popular one the most dominant one the one with the largest market capitalization of right now currently 95 billion dollars but you know and we all remember when it was going crazy and had that all-time high coinbase says it's 17 point one thousand some other exchanges would say 19 but anyways over the just the past month we've had an increase of 39% so that's pretty good you know return on just one month I you know over the year though from this time last year we're down 40% so you know just kind of be careful I mean we all remember this like I said big high right here 17 and you know but the crypto has done this before it's it's done with big ups and then come back down and then come up and you know it's right back down again so generally overall you know you can kind of decide if it's something you want to do if it is again what if your sent them looks pretty good but if you are interested down below in the description I'm going to have some links where you can go and sign up for coinbase and I think they're still doing it where you'll that you get an extra I mean will give you a $5 for signing up be sure to hit that link down in the description below the second one we're gonna take a look at is litecoin this is the one that I got started on with no particular reason why I guess I just kind of guess I suppose I like to where the price was when I purchased I purchased back in 2017 right before like really went big and mainstream and I made a little bit of money you know and then kind of went back down so sort of pretty much broke even thank goodness but you know $71 right now in the past month we're looking at a 23% increase on the price it's pretty good as far as the overall in the past year though down 50% but overall all time you know you're up 104 percent so you know just take that information do your own due diligence another one popular ones ripple I never invested in ripple but you know over the month you're down just a little bit over the past week you're down 13 percent over the past year you're down 61 percent so I don't know it sounds a little rough right now but you know again Bitcoin this whole market to me is a little speculative that's why I've really sold everything that I had and kind of got out I just you know Warren Buffett's famous for saying don't invest in something you don't understand as I think everybody thought they wanted to understand crypto currencies it's a pretty complex issue and is it ever gonna take off and become mainstream and even if it does is the value really gonna for each coin you know I don't know I don't know enough enough to say yes or no either way I'm just kind of showing you what's going on lately now theory em is another one we're gonna take a look at it another popular one and each one of these coins by the way kind of serves their own purpose and point and you know they're what they call white papers the the business model description sort of behind it can teach you a little bit more about that so go check out that research you like but aetherium just in the past month has a 23% increase that's a pretty good return in the month I mean the week though you're down six I think it was this morning yeah everything kind of went back down pretty hard but you know maybe that means it's a good buying opportunity for you so take a look at that the one year you're down seventy-three percent in the last one we're gonna take a look at is the Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash has had a phenomenal month at 74% I mean that's huge I'm not really sure what the reasoning behind that is sometimes there is one and sometimes there's not you know just just things are a little different in this crypto market it's very wild west as they say it could be kiss maybe as a large entity kind of started accepting them for some reason I know a buddy of mine who is into the online gambling ditch says that he made his transactions through Bitcoin cash so quite quite quite possibly that things like that are the reason why it's been very dominant this past month seventy four percent is fantastic rate of return this week though you know you're down 13 so I mean think about it just last week if you put in you know you've already lost thirty percent of your investment so you got to be really careful in this man it's it's super volatile but you know if you think that being down here in this bottom is a great opportunity for you then by all means you know go for it you're down 35% from the all-time I'm sorry I doubt that wouldn't be for my own guys that would be from you know this time well all-time yeah I mean yeah you're now 35 percent from it's in the beginning of its inception put it that way because when it came out I mean it kind of actually have it pretty decent value but again up 74 percent so I I do like that that's a little nice here's your all's online excuse are 3500 but yeah coinbase is definitely a great place to get started there's a number of ways that you can actually put in your money into coinbase you know you can do a direct deposit through your bank account that takes a little bit longer to get the funds over or you can do a faster transaction through like a Visa debit card which there's minimal minimal small you know fees associated with that and I'm not gonna go into those beads and everything it's not really worth you know like losing sleep over because the return on these investments is so great that you know a 2% fee or something is you know not much but again you know if these do add up if you're a pretty active trader maybe that's something to pay attention pay attention to so again down description below I'm gonna put some links for you to check out coinbase well that's it guys I hope you found some value in this video if you did be sure to smash that like button hit the subscribe button if you haven't already be sure to also hit the notification bill so you can be notified each time we upload a new episode you want to check out more content you can watch this video here this one down here or go to visit the channel page by clicking my face right here be sure to click the link down below for coinbase if you want to get three $5 and until next time take care