hey what's up guys welcome to easy computer learning and today in this video I will show you how to mine electroneum on your PC so without wasting any more time let's get started the first thing you need is a electroneum account you must have a account on electroneumcom it's pretty simple you just need an email ID and a password that's all next what you have to do is click here right here the electroneum blockchain is now live visit downloads dot electroneum

com to download our pool and direct mining software for Windows Mac and Linux we have software's for advanced users and beginners so let's click on this so I have clicked on it and then it will redirect us to the downloads page so here is the download page as you can see beginner pool mining software offline wallet generator advanced pool mining software in this video particularly I will show you the beginner pool mining software so to download the software simply click on download Windows miner and once you click on this you will get this and then you have to click on save file don't worry if your antivirus software detects it as a malicious software or virus because they have already made an announcement and the warning on their website as you can see anti virus false warning often virus scanner flag mining software as malicious since attackers often install the software on the other users computer without them knowing so don't worry if you get a false alarm by your antivirus software as you can see here I'm getting a false alarm show more info the file contains a virus and other malware so don't worry just click on open once you click on open you have to simply install it like you install other basic software's you have to click on next next and next I won't install it because I have already installed it on my PC so without wasting any more time let's go to the software I'm canceling it here cancel once you install it you will get the icon on your desktop like this right here electroneum you have to double click on this once you double click on this you will get this window in this window you have to paste your wallet address here and then click on start mining there are other options as well pool region Europe,United States, Asia i am in Asia I am in India so I am selecting Asia then you have to select the mining port high-end CPU mid range CPU low end CPU depending on your PC if you have a powerful CPU or powerful PC you can select high-end CPU or you can select mid-range or low-end depending on your PC and then you can also select the number of threads you wanna allow the mining software to use I will leave it at 4 because I have 4 threads so now I will show you how to get the wallet once you go to the download page here you will see this offline wallet generator now I will show you how to generate a offline paper wallet so let's click on browser version and then it will redirect to this page on this page you can see this page generates a new electroneum offline wallet and offline wallet is a public electroneum wallet that you can transfer funds to that was not generated on the internet you can transfer the bulk of your electroneum wealth to one or more of these wallets and there is no way they can be hacked there is no way to recover your funds if you lose your wallet keys without your private spend and private view keys you cannot ever recover your electroneum so keep the PDF or paper print out very safe so make sure you have 2/3 printouts of this paper wallet or keep your PDF safe in different pcs or in different hard drives remember that anyone who has access to your private spend key can spend your electroneum the PDF this form generates is worth whatever you transfer to it keep it safe the entire page can work while disconnected from the internet to allow 100% safety of your private keys for maximum security you should download a version to run from a USB stick on PC or Mac that is not connected to internet if you are more trusting you should still think about running this page in an incognito window or private window with your browser extension switched off so in this video I have created this account just for demonstration purposes so I'm not so scared about my security or I am NOT worried about my security so I'm still connected to internet but in your case you can do this process without internet without internet on so let's click on let's get started once you click on you will get this page you have to randomly move your mouse anywhere on the screen continuously once the blue bar completes you will get a download so here you will get this save wallet as PDF click on this so generating here you can see electroneum offline wallet click on save file okay so it's downloading now as you can see let me show you see it's downloading so download has been completed so let's go to the mining software and paste our wallet address and generate some crypto so let's get started so let me open the PDF first so I have opened my PDF let me show you so here is my PDF this is the public wallet and I have Hidden the private spend and private view so that no one can hack into my account or get my electroneum even though this is a demonstration account I'm not worried about it but maybe I will use it someday so I will keep it safe so you also make sure that you don't show your private view or private spend key to anyone or address to anyone keep it safe very safe and don't show it to anyone you can show your public wallet to anyone and give it to anyone to transfer funds to your wallet so what you have to do next is go to your electroneum mining software and copy this key here right here so let me do it copy I will do it one by one copy paste copy paste and then copy and then copy paste so this is how you copy your address into your mining software after that select the options according to you your pool region I'm in Asia mining port I have a high-end PC I think I have a high-end PC I have a i7 and 16gb of RAM and I will use 4 threads and rest you will keep as default so let's click on start mining and get some crypto start mining so as you can see mining has been started and we are mining electroneum in front of you right now so this is how you mine electroneums it's pretty safe it's pool mining it's a pool miner and it's the basic miner I will make another video on the advanced miner and then you can use that if you want it's up to you I just wanted to show it to the masses how to do this so I'm mining electroneum right now you can do the same by following this video I hope this video was helpful for you and I hope you have learned something new if this video was helpful for you give it a like share it and if you have any doubt leave a comment below in the comment section and you can follow us on our social media pages Facebook Twitter Linkedin and Pinterest and do not forget to subscribe to our Channel we need your support keep supporting and keep subscribing and sharing our videos thanks for watching the video bye bye peace out