what's up everybody so like I said I love answering the comments and helping everybody out I got the question on now how do you do it all backwards how do you take your profits so I'm gonna go ahead and show you I might not be able to show you a live version but I'm gonna show you all the steps you need to take to get your money back on a GDAX back on the coin base and to take your profits home so I've actually personally done this already so I can explain this pretty well so let's go ahead and jump in the first thing you're gonna do because if you're using altcoins you're gonna go to your Binance account you're gonna go to funds deposit withdrawals and you convert everything back into Bitcoin and I know you're thinking well why did we use as litecoin well Binance isn't gonna kill you like coinbase did and fees so you don't want to get beat up in fees so once again work going to whatever altcoin that you're transferring your profit from so let's say I picked Tron or TRX let's say I want to take my profit home I go into Tron TRX on the exchange and I'm gonna sell it to Bitcoin so I would hundred percent and I'd sell to Bitcoin now once you have the Bitcoin this is where you probably aren't gonna believe me but you go to deposit withdrawals tap in BTC for your Bitcoin and think about it as your bank you want to withdraw this money you want to a draw your Bitcoin so for instance I'm gonna hit withdrawal and it's gonna ask you what address do you want to withdraw it to the amount and its gonna show you the fee so there is gonna be a fee but like I said it's not gonna be that bad and as you can see there is a minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin as of right now I technically can't even withdrawal my Bitcoin so this might be where you have to use for instance you might have to use ETH so we'll look at deposit on ETH and you can see there is no minimum or I hit with sorry there's a minimum on ETH which I also don't meet that minimum so you have to meet these minimums to be able to send the money back so once you've hit that you'll be able to send the money so I'm gonna go back to Bitcoin just for demonstration purposes I'm gonna withdrawal will pretend I have enough so I typed that amount in or are you hit max you're gonna have to pay the fee so this address is just pre-populating because I've already used one before and it saves it see how it says GDAX so how did I get that address well I'll pull up my GDAX account and I'm sending in bitcoins so I would go to Bitcoin USD and just like once again think of it as a bank account I'm gonna be making a deposit into GDAX and I'm gonna need the Bitcoin address BAM that's your Bitcoin address make sure that you are reading everything correctly you don't want to mess this up so I am depositing my money my Bitcoin back into GDAX and you see that and there's also the minimum deposit amount is zero point zero on Bitcoin I'm out less than this will remain in your regular coinbase account so if you send money back over for some reason and you don't meet that minimum you might it might just throw it into your coin based account which that's fine that's not that's a good thing no worries there and I will show you that I've actually made these types of transactions some way due to do trying to find my biggest one it looks a lot better on coinbase this is you know this website even though it's a part of coin and base a lot of people get really comfortable with coinbase and that's where they're getting killed on the fees so transfers and you'll see I made some deposits and let's see that's probably my big one I'll show you on coinbase cuz it shows it shows the same thing I don't know why it's being so difficult so here's the one for instance received a Bitcoin from Bitcoin address so I sent it from by Nance to GD X and then I transferred it and then there should be a withdrawal oh when I got it to GD x I sold the Bitcoin for USD and you'll see this transferred funds withdrawal funds so it's gonna get confusing because you're like how do i do all these steps backwards so well we'll just go over this one more time so you're taking your Bitcoin you transferred everything into Bitcoin because bitcoins how you do all this you're sending it to your GD X deposit address so G Dax and you're sending Bitcoin in so you're making a deposit once the Bitcoin lands on the GDX you're gonna sell it and you can use limit and if you don't have enough you can use market and so then you're going to have USD and once you got USD as you can see you could hit your max and you can withdraw funds right in your bank account and I will tell you I've done this and I couldn't believe it it only took a day have you transferred money in you have to wait ages but if you transfer money out it's like instant so hopefully this was not too hard to follow I know I kind of jumped around a little bit so I hope this video helps you I'm sure I'm gonna get a ton of questions and I'm completely okay with that and answering them so once again go ahead and put it in the comments if you have any issues or need any more help and sorry for any kind of confusion like I said this is a lot I've only had to take money out like twice most of my money I just put it in and leave it but this is how you're gonna do the return in the reverse order thank you very much I hope you guys have a great day and stay happy