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News here to bring you a quick video about Binance Now if you don't know Binance is an exchange where you can trade crypto currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin there are plenty of different crypto currencies that are out there, and Binance is actually one of the larger platforms for trading Now what you're going to find is, sometimes it's hard to be able to get an account with Binance so go ahead and click the link right down there in the description to see if you can sign up for an account if you can't then go ahead and sign up to be on the waiting list and I will keep you guys updated especially through Twitter, Snapchat and Social Media like that If there is an opening or openings where Finance is accepting new applications or new accounts so I'll let you know if you don't have a Binance account even if you're not gonna be trading right now if you think you're gonna be trading in the future click the link in the description and at least sign up and start the verification process that way when you are ready to trade you don't have to worry about waiting making deposits on Binance is very easy there is a different wallet for each coin if you want to do a deposit or withdrawal you just go right over here to a deposit or withdraw as you can see there are many coins here on Binance and they add them regularly and that's part of the reason that I'm sharing this video with you as well so I have this app here on my iPhone it's my iPhone x love it but I've got this app here and it pings me when new coins are being released on these exchanges now the two exchanges that I like to use the most are Binance and Bittrex I'm have a Bittrex video you can find it right up here in the corner click on the link and check it out and you'll be able to check out Bittrex and see what Bittrex is about

You may decide that you may like one of them better than the other I kind of like them both they don't have the exact same coins now there are other exchanges as well that this app sends me pings for on new coins but I like to trade with new coins sometimes you'll find they start out and either they jump up but a lot of the times fall down way low and you can buy them had a bargained and it goes back up within the next few weeks or maybe just a couple of days it could be a couple of months but usually the coin will go back up especially if it's on Bittrex or Binance that's it easy to deposit easy to sign up when they are accepting accounts and then it may take a process to get verified they have up to their customer service so getting verified is a lot easier than before when I had to get verified go ahead again click the link in the description also if you haven't subscribed to the channel click the link down below go ahead and subscribe smash that Bell right next to it that way you get post notifications and alerts when I upload new content or when I go live Steve Nelson jr this is CryptoTalkNews make sure and check out our website wwwCryptoTalkNews have a great night thanks for your support and thanks for subscribing