What up, people Thank you so much for joining me

And today we're going to look at how to massively reduce the fees that we're getting from Coinbase, all too often at the moment The fees are crazy And this is just because of the blockchain having so many backdated transactions that the mining fee and everything like that is costing a lot more So let's get rid of that Now, this is my third time at the video, because the screen recording just hasn't worked every single time

Sorry, that was me, unlocking my phone So what we're going to do– we're going to purchase some Bitcoin from Coinbase Then we're going to transfer it over to something called GDAX And then from GDAX, we're going to then send it to either USI or Binance In this case we're going to send it to Binance

For my case, it's the third time today I've done 250 pounds I'm just going to do a 10 pounds now So, what we're going to do, we're going to go over to Coinbase Now you see, I just do my face, and then we're going to purchase some Bitcoin

I am going to blur some of this out in here, obviously because it's my own account information But if we go into accounts and go into Bitcoin Wallet, we simply just when we go to Buy And what I'm going to do, I'm going to choose my card that I have linked to Coinbase And then I'm just going to enter– wow, I'm not going to do 10 Bitcoin I'm going to do 10 pounds worth

And then we'll see, and you'll be able to work out what fees that you'll get if you do 20, 30, 100 So, we're going to hit Done And then that's going to go into my Bitcoin Wallet So I'm going to buy Bitcoin I'm then going to go into confirm buy

So we're going to get 000699998, whatever And it's verifying the purchase with my bank, which I've linked up So remember, you can do that You can actually link your actual bank account if you want, not just a debit card

So there we go That was successful There's my email, telling me that that was successful So, we now have eight-pound-58 worth of Bitcoin So we've been charged one-pound-42

So, that's fine at the moment So what we want to do now, we want to go over to GDAX Just go over to GDAXcom and here we have my account So, as you can see, there's nothing in there

I don't care that you see all of that, because it's now in there Now the thing with GDAX is, GDAX and Coinbase are like that So you can transfer money between them as much as you want And anything you do on here shows up on Coinbase, which I'll show ya So, we want to deposit money from our Coinbase account

BTC Wallet– the annoying thing about this, you have to type this in now So I'm just going to type it in I'm going to hit, I'm done, and then I'm going to deposit funds Now you go, deposited successfully So I come out of that, and now you can see that I have a balance in my Bitcoin from my Coinbase account

So if we go back over to my Coinbase account– so I just do my face on there, and then we go into accounts, and you see, transferred to GDAX Automatically complete, and there is no fee in there So this is good so far So then what we're going to do, we're going to transfer from the GDAX to Binance So I'm going to come out

I'm going to go over to Binance If you haven't gotten Binance, it's absolutely amazing I love this app, absolutely love this app I will be blurring some of these out, but you can actually tell how much I've got So that's fine

So, I'm going to go to funds I'm going to go over to deposit I'll blur a little bit of that out actually I select the coin So you need to select what currency is coming into Binance

So I'm going to go into BTC, which is the top one And obviously you can't send Ripple into Binance and vise versa But once you've got Bitcoin in Binance, you can obviously then transfer in it Ripple, or buy it against Ripple So I'm going to go to copy address on that Then I'm simply going to go over to my GDAX

I'm going to go to withdrawal and hit on BTC address at the top Once we're in BTC address– there you go Now you can hit the little max, the little grayed out max That will just give you your max amount, which is in your account As you can see, no fees

I've got two-factor authentication on here as well So I'll just type this in And there we go We have withdrawn the BTC funds, which we originally got from Coinbase into GDAX, then over to Binance, and we've had absolute minimal of costs, one-pound something Now obviously, if it was 100 pounds, it actually wouldn't be 10 pounds

When I did 100 pound the other day, it was about five pound-something Or So you can see, the reduction in fees is massive when sending just straight from Coinbase to, say, Binance, or, from Coinbase over to say, something like USI-TECH, which will charge you an extortionate amount So the Coinbase side, which is charging you, so this just allows you to do it literally with maximum reduction in costs So I hope you enjoyed this video If you'd like to give us a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel

There'll be more videos coming like this Check out me other videos if you're into them, and leave a comment below of what your favorite crypto is going to be in 2018 Because mine is going to be ONE Chain and Likecoin Thank you very much See ya