Hey everyone In this video, I'm gonna show you how you could use the coinbase app to buy crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and I'm only mentioning those three right now because Coinbase is only supporting those three coins right now but they may be adding new coins all the time there are thousands of coins out there and I'm assuming there's gonna be thousands more by the time you might be watching this video, so I'm assuming coin base will add new coins

They actually added lite coin this year They didn't have lite coin in the beginning of the year, so that's one cryptocurrency they they added in the beginning of the year so by the time you're watching this there may be more but right now I'm gonna show you how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and lite coin If you're new to cryptocurrencies and you've never heard of these things and you just heard someone talk about Bitcoin let me just give you a quick perspective Bitcoin is right now the king of cryptocurrency it's been around around a long time, seven years but it's really booming in 2017 at the end of 2017 this had a big boom and a lot of people are jumping into buying it but things like ethereum and litecoin are second a third to Bitcoin and they're also valuable assets, digital assets, if this is where you want to invest your money so the idea is to use your current currency like the US dollar and exchange it for Bitcoin and hoping that Bitcoin becomes that currency that we could be using down the road, let's say in ten years you could take over things like the US dollar and become the currency that we all use to purchase things and to do peer-to-peer money exchanges Now that's the hope and that's the idea and that's why the people that are buying bet coin are holding on to their Bitcoin because they are hoping that it become becomes a lot more valuable

The reason why is because all money right now, our current financial system money is tied to a government so the US dollar is tied to a government so either activity of the government could affect the value of the US dollar globally things like Bitcoin are not tied to any government They are a global digital asset a digital currency that's decentralized meaning they're not talk to anyone government So that could really have a benefit for its value down the road Again those are some of the reasons why Bitcoin, litecoi and Ethereum have really shot through the roof in their value in the last few months and especially this past month but again by the time you're watching this you could really fluctuate so before you invest make sure you do your homework and know what you're buying into because there's a lot that goes behind these digital currencies and I don't want you to make a decision just to buy it because it's the latest boom and you end up losing your hard-earned money so I'm not a financial adviser that's just my two cents I'm actually going to invest but I'm gonna invest very modestly right now but let's jump into Coinbase and set up our accounts and see how we could go about buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin

There are multiple ways where you could sign up for coin base I'm actually on the desktop version here this is not the app version this is just a browser version so it's that coin based com this is where you sign up but I like to show you how to do this on the mobile version and then we'll jump back into the web-based version once we're set up and it doesn't matter if you're on an iPhone or an Android device Mac or PC this really works the same in all the platforms right now alright I jumped into my phone the first thing I need to do is obviously download the app so I'm just gonna go to the App Store here and I'm gonna search for coinbase I'm gonna select the first option here and this is what the app looks like is to see so I'm just gonna go ahead and download the app for the first time on this phone alright let's open the app so now we need to sign up if this is our first time using the app we want to click sign up that's right in the center I'm just gonna fill this out I had to use numbers and a special character for my password next I need to verify my email so here's the email from coinbase to verify my email address I'm just gonna press that it's asking me to select my state and now I just need to look at the terms and conditions and press I agree all right now I got a press complete I can't set up so we need to verify our phone number alright our phone number is verified and the last thing is we need to verify a payment method because we need to transfer money into this account in order to be able to buy Bitcoin or the other currencies so again coinbase is not just a place to buy and sell currencies it's also a digital wallet so if you put in US dollars in this case it's gonna store it for you so you could use it to trade and once you have your Bitcoin or other currencies it's gonna store those for you too so it's also a digital wallet so as you could see if we use a bank account it's gonna take four or five days to process but the prices are locked in the time you buy them so it says prices are locked and today but it takes four or five days to process you could also use credit or debit cards the fees are a bit higher so I recommend using a bank account if you can or you could deposit funds into coinbase the third option and that allows you to buy and sell instantly but in this case let's just go with the first option it's the one that's recommending choose your bank sign in to your bank alright the bank is all sign-in I chose my account and I'm gonna press invest now so let me just exit out of here this is the page you automatically took me to to buy and sell Bitcoin but let me just show you the interface here on the first page here on the prices that's if you look underneath there is five icons right now so prices show you the prices of Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin and this is where they stand at the time of this recording and next to that you'll see accounts and on their accounts you'll see how much you have invested in each coin so these are the three coins listed again like I said before you may see more coins when you watch this video because digital assets are coming out all the time digital currencies and they may be added to the coin based platform so that's your account I'm gonna skip bye for now alerts allows you to create price alerts so if you want to know when Bitcoin hits 16000 for example you could go there and you could set it to be below or above 16000 so let's say you have some Bitcoin and you want to sell at 16000 you set this to 16000 and you change is to above and then you say create alert so now if Bitcoin hits 16,000 I'll know about it now if you want to add a second alert there's a plus sign on top of there and you could add a second alert this time let's do below maybe if he gets to below 14,000 we'll sell there so we'll create that alert again you could do this in theorem or litecoin they all have the same setting so that's your price alert and then under settings you could change your currency to be a different currency these are the currencies that right now are being used in coinbase so if you have these currencies you could actually use these currencies to buy digital currencies and really the it's really a straightforward app so let's just jump into buy options so we went through all the different options on the bottom the buy option is the one we haven't gone through and this is really easy to use in this case when you sign up for Bitcoin it gives you a weekly bank limit so in this case I have 10,000 it's gonna vary based on your application so it might not be ten thousand in yours you could actually increase this limit by contacting them so in this case let's say I want to spend a hundred US dollars and I want to buy Bitcoin with it in this case I'll get point zero zero six again this is the value of Bitcoin right now so this is what it's getting me right now and it's kind of deposited to my wallet so in this case it's the Bitcoin wallet and it's really pretty straightforward if I wanted to buy like corn for example let's jump over to the litecoin tab on top let's say if I wanted to buy a hundred US dollars that'll give me a little over half of a light coins so based on the value right now I believe in this case is one hundred forty one dollar so it's getting me 063 light coins and all I gotta do is press buy on the top and right now it says like lowering price is at 153 actually and it's telling me where it's gonna use my funds and I could press confirm by right on the bottom I'm not gonna do that at this time but he says funds will be debited today and now this is an interesting part you see coinbase fees it says $299 so I'm just gonna press this question mark there is a fee every time you make a transaction coin base and it really depends on your exchange method and which method of payment you're using so that's why we're saying if you use credit or debit cards this fee is gonna be higher so make sure on the coin base fee you look at the fee that you're spending on each transaction in this case I'm spending $100 and I'm getting a 299 so almost a three dollar fee so make sure you know what the fees are before you confirm to buy and make sure you're okay with that so now let me show you how you sell your bitcoins so I'm just on the first type prices let me go to our counts and these are my different wallets right now I don't have anything in either one but let's go to bet coin wallet and under Bitcoin wallet just like you had the option to buy in the buy tab here you have the option to sell so if I press sell so this is where you would sell your Bitcoin obviously I don't have any so it's not gonna give me the option to sell but that's where you sell your bet coin here and on top here you could actually send bitcoins to someone else so if you see that messenger icon here if I press that I could choose now amount of Bitcoin and I could send that Bitcoin and if I want to know what my Bitcoin addresses if I want to send it to someone else to get Bitcoin I could press this QR code and this is my bet coin address so I could share this via email text message or I could just copy that address and that's my bet coin address and I could paste that and send it to someone else so those are the ways you could send or receive and buy and sell all in the same page again this was on their accounts and in any of these wallets so for a light coin for example this is has the exact same layout and it will show you your transaction as you start creating transactions right now I don't have any but they'll populate here underneath alright let's jump into the computer screen since I set it up on my mobile app I want to use the web browser version to sign in so I don't have to sign up again I know my sign-in I'm just gonna sign in here and it looks like because it's my first time shining into the browser version it's gonna send my phone a text message so I'm gonna check that text message and type in my verification code here alright again since I signed up for the mobile app it's already set up so linked to my bank account and everything is ready to go so I could start buying and selling this browser version it works pretty much the same way you have your dashboard where it shows you the prices of the different currencies so up here you could click between the three and it shows you the all-time chart you could do your buy or sell here same way as the mobile app pick your currency that you want to buy and sell your bank account should be already linked here and then type in the amount of your currency – how much Bitcoin or litecoin or thorium you want to buy and then go ahead and press buy and if you go under accounts it will show you your digital wallets here and there's also a USD in this case a us

dollar wallet that's not enabled I didn't set it up I linked it to my bank account but if you have US dollar money here and then you could use that to do transactions here mine is not enabled but you could also enable that here and it gives you a higher limit and the other options and if you want more security and if you have a large amount of money in your wallets there is a vault option that lets you store your digital assets here and again it says ideal for larger balances so you could create a vault through this option so back to the buy and sell here's your sell tab so if you want to sell it's the same way as the buying process you tell her how much pickle you want to sell and it'll tell you how much dollars that's gonna be and then I'll show you one last thing on their settings if you wanted to increase your limits you could go to limit and you could increase your limit here and you basically just have to verify some things to increase your limit so either by doing trades you could increase your limit here if you're using a debit card or you could use the bank account verify your identity and that will allow you to increase your limit if you wanted to do more transactions on this platform same thing with your selling limit right now mine is set to ten thousand again yours may not be it all depends on your setup on your bank account in the way you verify things so far and one last thing if you go to your accounts tab over here you could invite a friend and you could get ten dollars in your account you used to buy Bitcoin so you could press invite a friend and use it to invite a friend and get that $10 a free Bitcoin in your accounts it's a really easy way to get you started with using this app and getting some free money I hope you found this helpful I hope you're successful in your trades please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel I'll be posting daily tech tutorials just like this one and I really hope to see you on next video best of luck trading and see you next time