what's up everyone so some of y'all have come across coinbase and used it to buy your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin but have seen the fees that they charge for purchases or sales and wondered why are they so damn high well today I want to share with your way where you can pay zero fees you heard me right zero fees to buy and sell coins and still stay within the coin base ecosystem so before we get into that let's just take a look at the coin base fees this is their support page they say they they charge a rate a fee for buying or selling digital currency varies and it's the greater of the two the minimum fee a flat fee for things under two hundred dollars or a percentage fee whichever one's greater so let's take a look at in the US for example first of all the base rate of 4% for all transactions for purchase and sale transactions is 4% but it waives a portion depending on the method you use so if you're gonna buy straight from like your bank account or USD wallet its the effective rate of one point four nine percent if you buy you straight from a credit or debit card it's almost four percent for the sale it's a similar amount but for deposit if you do an ACH transfer which is a typical bank transfer it's actually free to deposit money into your coin base account and so that's what we really should be doing the only thing to note is that it takes for like a few days maybe like four or five days for it to clear before you can start buying with it the next step is to not buy or sell your coins within coin base but instead go into their official exchange called GDAX it's actually owned and operated by coin base so you're signing account for GDAX is the exact same as coin base so let's take a look at the fee structure for GDAX notice here the maker feed is zero percent this is what we want now how do we get this maker fee okay so if you place a market order that gets sold immediately you are a taker and you pay the fees in GDAX but when you place an order which is not immediately matched by an existing order that order is placed on the order book and then you wait until someone wants to buy at that price or sell at that price and then you're considered a maker and your fee will be zero and then also if it's partially matched immediately then you pay a portion of the taker fee so we want to do a limit order is what we want to do and something to note before this is that you can easily deposit or withdraw coins and USD straight from your bank account bank wire or even your coin base account like let's say you have some coins in coinbase you bought previously or if you have your USD transfer from your bank to coinbase you can transfer it instantaneously to GDAX and you can also send yourself coins and withdraw funds to similarly okay but back to the issue at hand how to take the zero percent maker fee so you go here go to limit order buy or sell put the amount you want like let's say you want half of Bitcoin adds four thousand dollars us

you also want to click advanced and click post only and then you can click place buy order it your order will stay here until it's either filled or until you cancel it and what's the fills you'll get your coins and that's how you pay zero fees so let's take a look at a quick note on what posts only is enabling post owning will post only will permit prevent your order from matching another order already in the book so you want to click this to make sure that it that you don't pay any taker fees so just to recap real quick you want to use GDAX signing with your Coinbase credentials transfer coins or USD from your bank to GDAX or you can transfer it to coin based first and then transfer from coinbase here instantaneously then you want to put a limit order and do post only after that you're good to go you can send it your coins back to coinbase or transfer it to your wallet somewhere else and do it all without any fees I hope this helped let me know if you have any more questions leave me a comment below and please like and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already thank you very much and I'll see you in the next video peace