welcome to the hemp store I'm glad you're here with us today we're going to show you how you can buy CBD with cryptocurrency first let's check out the home page so this is our landing page right here we are a trusted supplier and distributor of quality CBD we have CBD oil drops, CBD soft gels and capsules, CBD lotion and balm and CBD gummies! Further down you can subscribe today you will get the best CBD deals These are articles we generate we'll be showing you how you can buy CBD with cryptocurrency but we'll also be showing you how you can earn cryptocurrency

This you know this essentially means you could you know get a really good discount on your CBD today or you know even potentially free CBD if you if you do enough so we'll go to this page you can click on that let's go to how to pay with cryptocurrency so there are two ways to pay you have you can pay through coin base or bitpay I recommend coinbase as their number one crypto exchange on the market If you don't have one you can sign up here on this link (below in description) right here it's a referral link if you put in a hundred bucks you'll get ten bucks I'll get ten bucks it's it's a referral link once you do that you know you can simply browse a hemp store again choose your CBD product and check out like normal same thing with bitpay I don't have a four link for bitpay but you're just gonna have to go in the bitpay website This is generally what it looks like here tab see we did the CBD oil gummies cherry mango very delicious! Full Spectrum Hemp, so it has all the cannabinoids! If you apply the discount "BITCOIN" you'll receive a 20% off so on this particular item you'll get eight dollars off I'll put in the information I'll continue shopping (fixing mistake) so continue shopping We will go through and your shipping method is a $499 on all products so if you buy one product it's $499 if you buy five products it's $4

99 but you know with your discount you basically get rid of that shipping and even a little more a little bit more so let's continue to payment okay so we have here you can either log into your bit pay or coinbase account you simply click which one you want to do and you want to complete order what this will do will redirect you to a coin base and it'll tell you, which cryptocurrency you want to pay with We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and even USD Coin! So you go through that and then you end up paying for it once you pay for it you know takes us maybe one to two days to ship it out and it should arrive to you within a couple days! So that's How To Pay with it now you want to learn how How to earn cryptocurrency by watching videos! NEXT VIDEO THE HEMP STORE – CBD @ wwwnhhempstorecom