evokes and welcome to video on how to waste your time and money mining bit going my name's Rob and today I'm going to walk you through my setup and talk a little bit about arm how I'm wasting my time and not making any money doing this but learning lots lots of fun but Quinn is a fairly interesting concept and maybe one day it will have practical value calm but for now I think come mining is certainly not the way to make money all right let's talk about my supplement her arm I'm running a fairly inexpensive is sick minor Newton at minor you three which is put 50 bucks on Amazon and paired up with the Raspberry Pi to which is arm almost sixty five dollar think single board computer running Linux and a the monies are from using its called C G minor and it's a free open-source mining application which I compiled on Raspberry Pi and got up and running with Mel B's Harbor not going to technical details but the software arm responded by someone you can go for that arm it was fairly straightforward just have to you know read the Read Me and you should be good to go so let's talk a little bit about the com also appear as you can see are michael c minor up and running I am running with the standard arm default settings for voltage and arm frequency of the processor which is a two-time from Hertz at 725 No votes: that's the the faults up by CG minor arm I think we look at the u3 documentation suggests arm a higher blood with a higher value arm but I chose to just run it at at the settings arm these you the unit does pump out a lot a heap when it's running arm as well as the power supply palms on what he'd see probably don't want to be overclocking is more than you really have to you are given how much she comes on a single issue start supplementing I you know the the cooling system for both the unit and the car spun managing about 55 56 57 ago hasher's you consume an average appear arm it seems to be a long low side right now but it sometimes does dropped 56 57 only look at the actual arm should real time calculation you can you can see depending on how difficult the hash is working on on this number here you know seen up in whose the upper sixties owns it seen at 71 SAR but I think consistently on route 56 a gash is given the Tom power settings and a heat dissipation a gazillion so from mining I'll the Rams up in connected to it says you're connected to multiple pools arm actually have to configurations going here my first configuration is arm pointed up at a pool or a bit money pool arm which missus generate some consistent revenue for me arm a I'm gonna say consistent revenue please understand that you're not making money here om I think opposing running for three weeks I've Mead 000 8 bitcoins which I think translate to some like two bucks American arm so you know probably about spent 10 bucks on electricity and didn't even pay for you know not include the cost to the hardware in my time so I'm losing money arm but it's fun on I'm learning a lot arm the other 50 percent I my pool is a or my unit is mining arm against a bit when court instance i running here locally which basically means I'm so a mining I'm playing the right lottery and trying to help that magic arm packet that's going to give me a a 25 buck wimping out I which I don't expect to hit ever arms or some expectations low and a if I hit it I guess it's like winning the lottery right you know you buy a lottery ticket new hope to win but you never do so when you do great you 1 arm I'm it's kinda like that's the difficulty level which you can see appear the current difficulty 50 2

3 G 100% sure the G stands for but hike I can tell you that are basically if you took 52 coins arm and threw them up into your up into the air and I'm when they all hit the ground they all had heads arm you know you can considers of a winner and that's pretty much the statistics are the chances you have a Love Actually mom hitting that that 25 be compared it's very slim you're not gonna make a difficulties to hide his two people lining with too much hardware news too much power arm and just get worse because arm as the harbour gets faster the people who bought a faster hardware want faster hardware solicitor dumping their older hardware other peoples are picking up it in a day or more people mining arm then you know every day then than you did in the past and you know a couple years ago might have been with making some money today there's absolutely no way you're gonna make anything after this so it's a learning experience do it for fun I'll play around that and up but don't expect to make any money this is not a way to learn on turner on income I'm flipping burgers and a burger joint will be more guaranteed revenue then om what's going to happen if you start into this endeavor unless of course you're burns on else's money then knock yourself out but that's not reality art well that's it I just quick and dirty want to show you what I got and how things running on quick lots on youth reaction forego are it's been stable arm I find every two or three days it is on being out on I'm not sure what's causing you to not sure if its arm some you do with raspberry PIs me to the units me do with them power heat I'm not sure arm my quick fix a resetting it really is just unplugging the unit the at minor from the Raspberry Pi by the USB plug so after for back to my own to my USB here are the Raspberry Pi just grab the cable out at the Raspberry Pi just pulled out plug it back in a few seconds later and Nancy G minor read it except and search hashing and so it's not like two things completely locked up armpit just seems like the US be bus you know just seems to lose synchronous communications and I'm not sure what side toppling on arm the other thing deluded trapped Ryan change as well is the power supply I did put a different bars planner have an old school in your power supply no big transforming everything the heat sink arm you're giving six and continuous 12 volts and that did not releasing dream make much of a difference in terms of how often the unit zombies arm I think about the new pars plana few days ago its own zombie once hours with the are swollen came with it was a zombie you know every second day for sure on so is the paris by I don't know maybe you know who makes a difference Scott parse plan a clear spot me that makes a difference I don't know om but it looks like there's just masa communications somewhere I don't believe think it's a hardware problem but it might be close my thoughts are you knows all year round two to Karen feed for every day every day or every other day I you know anyone who sings from home you know for all you know mine pink electricity I certainly a doable option I wouldn't store the summer in a warehouse somewhere they don't plan on going to too often because I you will be rebuilt listing or is resetting it quite often or not but oh so pretty consistent for 260 cash and arm yeah me two bucks earlier so it's all about arm hope this was useful to you thanks for watching ticker