hey guys Luna here so I wanted to put together a quick impromptu video about my thoughts about the cryptocurrency ecosystem Facebook Ben which happened on January 29th now in this video I want to share how can you if you're either a blockchain ico or any other sort of business within the cryptocurrency ecosystem how can you survive what it means for you specifically and how can you continue growing your community so you can generate more leads and reach mass appeal so I'm personally very upset about the Ben obviously it was just a matter of time until it happened when it happened I went on different Facebook cryptocurrency Facebook groups posted about the news to kind of gauge whether or not people were upset about it so to my surprise a lot of individuals were excited about the change because they were sick and tired of seeing the same ads and dodgy coins on their feet if you will obviously yes any time there's a new industry it's gonna bring in a lot of scammers by no means I don't think it's gonna stop them but yes it will probably help Facebook to be cleaner now they're saying no to a huge industry so they had mentioned the fact that they will revisit the ban as they're getting smarter their algorithms getting smarter to tell who's a scammer or who isn't now my personal problem with the ban and yes even though there are plenty of marketing channels to get your message out there is that Facebook is still a great way to generally and most importantly for mass appeal now all the different outlets that I SEOs are blocking are using whether it's select channels Stemmons or telegrams etc in order to build a community these are used by individuals who are embedded in within the crypto space so the importance of influencer marketing and affiliate marketing is going to be prevalent to any IC o—- or blockchain who is trying to get their message out there it's gonna be more important than ever to build a community but the following does cost money and it's yes Facebook at dustless money but at the end of the day as a marketer of Facebook ads does have greater ROI so how can you navigate through these waters you still have Google ad networks but personally I think that it's just a matter of time until ads on Google ad networks also get banned this is just my personal opinion don't quote me on this especially because of all the sort of brouhaha that's happening with youtubers and getting sued because of the bit connect scam the connect scam so it's going to be really interesting so I just wanted to do this impromptu video because like I mentioned I was actually shocked by some of the responses a lot of people were happy about the following yes fine I understand that Facebook is trying to protect their audience but personally I think it's going to hurt their business because they're saying no to a huge chunk of the market a huge industry and blockchain and cryptocurrencies is not going anywhere it's the future so if you're wanting to learn more about different tactics like I mentioned influencer marketing affiliate Twitter and what not so the problem is that you're going to be having to use different channels in order to grow this community so how can you use creative ways to trick the algorithm well I plan on answering these questions for you the next stuff few weeks like I said I just wanted to get this out there so please follow me either on that crypto hustle Facebook group it's a closed group I hope it'll still be around who knows maybe they'll start closing all of the user crypto related Facebook groups I hope not you can also subscribe to my youtube channel or most importantly you can contact me so I hope to hear from you guys again I'll be getting more content out to walk you through some marketing techniques and hacks you can use in order to still generate leads alright thanks for watching guys bye