and was good to reveal its liquor going lives of let me have it and are eight CPU 22% are all those oh BS fans out there and the pull of my idea to stream here and get it to a a look into different spots your demeanor that it has enjoyed no visibility to it gets alone and go to we got to write locate the cargo and lives should be lives to reveal a right to turn the volume down over here looks like it's working and karen's testing on nicely to skin a minute and on a little bit later today to hear alone and read it over here and right to be good and that some people join and we'll get started to rate jumped on a little bit late to take care of something this morning alone would see here and rape a offer shot morning car was at care its gaming or England you can join in a new one pop out the chat and that risen only a and tweaked a guy is so are able to table to want weed out the a the live stream that be all some am trying to get that tell right now an imminent year and there we go and who knows able to get the a chat popped out the mall to realnetworks of a tile is pretty quick to toes good when there's not a lot of fun to delay in the stream and you get the lay in the street a can c of it and some fortunate here that as a monitoring that everything is a and zone pretty well so far by the skinny 1 minute to, get everything together to even get a few more people in the stream to read you want it to change the a time a little bit less minute of stern get everything ready and a tying a late start of some other things and to take care of early this morning see here and get to it this together here kicking off in 1 minute as a Thomas tough to talk about and one of the things I want a pickup, if any of you guys were on the a and the DN I a a live stream last night, but an interesting not topic came up and so I wanted to comics spanned on that a little on here in a minute to a new super and get this out and I have so and one 2nd real cool and it it's done an effect and seal it goes out there on it sends out the wrong one at understands this is so crazy so as end of the last time also a trident weed out and my shortcut from you to and they all the changes on the of a male of from IE and Boeing I sent it out the atwitter to the thumbnail that uses and that d alas live stream and so crazy a token and light forget that as a matter of get the message out so they and how you doing bad word of glad you can join on and see what it's my of terrace there's the pop out to right to know to see if I can find any control over the snow the nation this download tear ago and are eight Torre so so let's let's get startles get into some things in wanted to get some of feedback from you guys on this one so II thin a lonely because of it's been this kind of like a ton of business airily a use the term twitter wore a but deftly a a of twitter conversation on and and a nonleague it down into on line Craig right on by really the reason why I'm I wanted to start out with this topic and this isn't really the point of the on but if you saw the Ide john madame Agassi on has been talking about Haldane us a tosh in a komodo and of obviously there's been no wide speculation on on whether not Sato she won as Ortiz said in individual weather Satoshi and a k like the NSA of the CIA ICS at a row on so now what we see is a Mac fee is come out and say and stated that he put a timeline on this ought to actually out that individual he wants to bring that to light that reveal a exactly who Satoshi is a long and this is been ongoing so wanna see if you guys have any feedback on that when your thoughts a to throw in some comments on that of love to get some of feedback and see which are thoughts or an old while you're kind of on and mauling over over that got question the 1 to 2 love, take a step back onto something that had the DN I brought up last night and the neon is live stream on the so they flush of no Camino knows, Halen and I'm thinking that two I never see somebody knows others a white paper rating up momentum over innocence 2009, but to the point if it lets it was a group of individuals that were able to pull this together on what those you know how all and all hell would be possible and ideas of its two individuals but if it's a larger organization lets it was a gov't or lets it was a large organization or clandestine hopper offered if a organiz what they be able to lift kept the secret all without any information getting out of over the past 10 years and only with their be there another city some sort of their be hidden somewhere I would think anyone is you know when and if it was odyssey one individual to individuals or small group of individuals and open from my perspective any time you give us some a perspective on what your thoughts are and even be a factor in whether we know or not you know if and an roles in certain circles that you know could potentially a allow long to want to know such things potentially a tunnel and Mr B a DC here on tour gist of Ghana kicking off in a just a thrown out some thoughts on this a known not to be the john Mack fee China out the Sa and where the gist of discussing a little bit on some speculation as to whether not a it's a good thing or bad thing to actually a name like Smith from the UK and ledger on and on Sunday route floodlight ledger joining in from London is it's sunny today on to sell any node until you love you guys run my my live stream from Monday I was I was on the road as traveling the week before Wallace traveling and then I don't know if it's worse going into these of kids trampoline places which last week and I found myself both Saturday and Sunday ahead and one of these kids trampoline places I know what, germs fas to line, so we'll cross country flights am not sure of fathers more germs on the airplane or does more germs and those trampolin so this guy pilot crypto so I'm using my phone down here to want to look at the chat stream, need I do need a pulled up here and to other ago teller taxes beautiful and Texas and will wear is unawares Keller Texas is that wears a closer to Dallas are of closer do what Huston and Esther be a partially think will someday known I don't see how it's a negative for big: unless it's David and he causes me a and still matching that and and and it's funny you know because I've seen some people on a throwing out some of it and info and up into some some thoughts on that of a and could you imagine if a Satoshi ends up being a teen of David Schwartz of the teddy unbelievable but you know he did a you know what you one was as Patton was at 1988 I hero to Patton upon the nave on the o tardiness and Ellis I like Della Sabin of in the Dallas on fed numerous meetings on that area Tom I really had died and at sure, and being in Texas and found the evidence so far away and just everything was just way to one to spaced out a idea on cypress man that's awesome and injures all from a from Cyprus and is a place and into yet as to be a see that the the video that came out last night were David says Satoshi is first of black chain and I have been watch Tia, and switzer turn eminem Hopi of the PGA of the teasley that the online and role playing games are whenever on a combat orie to something that to the Hutu letter to a speech that he was giving a presentation the DN prepare for on an ad was gonna holding to lead and prepare for news, funny video to and it's a a a new baby, crazy Craig a crate sew up so this brings me to another, jump into this because I thought of you I t to none that I want a I wanna make another point but the cintron this up specific topic of a Dea you have many show that of a warning on to this was my Mac is the right to a wait a minute until the bell is an oddity say that if a bit cloying goes to $1,000,000 a day retracted a those, funny messa a lead that that was exactly what he said the right about Mac C and sky Bali that's right yet David is it's unbelievable you nodding you think about you know the guy that they put all of these things together and and that the genius behind the attack and the guy seems super su Tia these super tech guys and they don't wanna step out from behind a computer screen you know maybe you other lacking a little on David on the other hand seems you'll just super in a maybes not be known actually that way on an odyssey into the mead on but time due to a the fact that he's on front of a groups in everything you know if it's pretty cool in a just to see the way he E annals of self and everything he does seem odd you know just super of humble and you know of the f another role playing game up beyond less video and sin that was his affinity and passion for playing with these groups and his you know talking about a view what a group dynamic was and I add that to me you know you can really take a DL from multiple experiences in life on and apply them so here is talking about , an online game that he plays and you saying that you need a combination of skill sets and he was applying that to all rebel an a new song by you need off from fighter and then you need and need a unity healer and you need a a long range weapon and and you need the close quarters weapons on and I thought that was a net rebel so and on the ego to the gem go enjoyed of and get a good workout and if of a tea of though that was the one yet exactly it up on a site that the the guy in the basement be out of it was interesting and to take all of the use of a tiff so again I like to distribute them out the to the community as well and put them to a good a night so its own out before getting telephone to bring up another topic here on before I move on and on to actually before I do that only let me pull these two articles has a right on topic of money supply to get this one her so it cloying creator in quotes right clock rate right drags critics to court to prove that he's Satoshi of this article came out on the 18th as when I pulled up from CC and telling saying is this bed on its even write fired off several angry letters threatening to sue by castor Peter Mccormick and a theory and cofounder the Ta like so right accused an aquatic and then pewter and italic of defaming him when they call them a fraud and city was lying when he says he Satoshi son of sos Filene in the UK of making the claim of four for fraud and and and they said that he defamed them at what what the world is wrong with this perso Tino so I mean and that's why put a bomb that I was a guy you know the guy complete jack gasser as you really imagine this becau the couple days off before that article and CC end with is a light in this only file the case on the 14th and then of a pro looks like, go back and look only look at the date here on a they unite the dates although 17th of April was filed to OS filed on the 17th of April looks like a and then but on the 16th on this nice article came out here it: cash for Kona Rieger veer to special message to crave rice's is a liar and a fraud of the Gotta love it, it's just it's as crazy to adjust to this point in on the Mac and free over here Mcafee year and whenever his name is on is trying to law of how he want and like Smith of there's a lot of talk about rebel the banking community in Europe you think will be fully implemented in the next of that's an awesome question mike on and so IIIII firmly in all believe taste on everything that we see and if you think about just the overall need of organizations to have 10 sorry done to deadly takes time to roll something out it takes time to integrate anything into your systems on and so and Ellen so it is on as I guess the question is of his rebel net going to be used data into an integrated at a higher level within banks up around th and so Brad already had come out and stated that done in stated that's there were one of three of three been added every single day or every week and the guys have a whenever whenever that's davis' so to the home and to minimize are tearing up to so to I guess we have to look at that the difference between of excerpt he and rebel and rebel mezzo is it are we talking about the of rebel net or are we talking about of the utility of excerpt he up through entrap it and think that would be up what we have to really focus in on to know that being said and I think if we look at if we look at ex rapid and we look at the banks that the law and that need to test the Exe rapid and begin utilizing ex rapid of the scene others that have stated you a lot of the banks are under NDA is to not speak out about what they're doing and maybe let it come out little by little on but a deal and Ide although the opened open ended question it's hard to answer for for me anyway is it even if we look through it would then be on to a or the U

S gov't of regulatory or regulations are lack of clear regulations in the US Holdings of banks up from fully in acting in using of ex rapid and all if your time but banks over and you're off and might not have direct ties and branches to a banks in the US

of would t and so odyssey lot of the larger banks of RR multinational on and so and means that they would have some form of all foot print and on in the US and transactions in the US which might to obviously if we can fast forward three years from now and see how this all plays out that Beason of what I think that's a tee and then they said all I was already there by people you died array of it but no obvious if we did it in a fast for it in and se and layout on this serene but we can also look backwards try to forecast on overall utility in the space on and then we can also look at on how the governments are really on telling you now and in either you trying to delay because that the government dynamic around the world is really interesting to look at another jump and in the all full of it and so the tape that crawl walked one approach on and I love using Kroll walker on and use a lot of in our in our business presentations as well as you're trying to implement different programs not everybody's willing to go a some companies are some countries are gonna call to the table of a as they assimilate digital assets and block chaining others a another that is nowhere right there just up and the like a deer trapped in headlights and they're not sure what to do all becaus of a play as well and only look at it from from a government perspective of NAZI of fee does a transactional saying we use up and we talk about the Satoshi at the put something out there and what are they saying his main wallet and to the main wallet is in a untouched and not enough and nothing is unmoved with it and while it's the sky bonus of crypto becomes mainstreamed you think the money will come in more so based on utility vs

specul it'll be if we if we compare it back to of the big boom the big high tech boom of the nineties and the beginning of a Thomas speculation table or throw money at anything that at a dock, and it didn't matter what you did you know you could sell a pet rocks even Opec to aid in a matter of yet of the MATIF get a product of functional product he does have fought of a product but at a dock, that 10 you fast for the little but that was the speculation of then we start seeing the IPOs and more speculation because a lot of these companies still a net zero sales and, as CIA role of economic gun and economic to an on an urban legend that one of up to the company's base that basically there just based on nothing right so that no economic factor of the yet people were still buying their IPOs in expecting them to be the next big thing on and so I were seen that same train young people they as an overall and it also comes back to psychology so if we th in business and we have the psychology line business because you're a business isn't just business to business and every single business is made up of individuals so all relationships come down to personal relationships and arsenal relationships than have psychology involved in them a special and Owen so you think about you know from an individual investors perspective as you see the Corbett as you see that it's it's more like a herd mentality of getting going off on a 10 junior but it's, investing becomes like a herd mentality so you know instead of you understanding the dynamics of a company all what what people would be all will typically do is just look at the news and and then invest where the herd is investing on and so that is the speculation and we've seen a lot of that in the digital as and this battle a statement there a night but pulled up an article with a statement from point base that said they were shifting into utility soul and that that's really interesting as we shift over into utility that means that the digital asset space and the black chain space is going to start growing up as it grows up that means or to s that means is now going to be the economic foundation of all these different to companies to then support of the price movements Tom and say, and the OK , I the eye Opie bridge as it uses excerpt he it does to us on Ralph and I honestly believe that once one major bank flips a switch all hell will break loose I think of one bread bank splits a switch and believe that the majority type think that you know if you just have one eye thing and we see some of the smaller how liars and have been using ex rapid ra of an but II do think that an EC the benefit of it but there's a lot more involved UK you can just move over to a new platform especially as a major corpor of may have to make sure that in the it again they could be using acts rapid right now of and we've never know it on and that that's the I think that's a whole purpose andup of ex rapid teas that it's on it's it's it's just unrecognized all by then the mainstream all user and so whether your business or individua as a really matter you know tossup you nor does it impact us on knowing that the bank is using its rapid odyssey does because of we don't you know whether we know are not you know it doesn't change the fact that thing that they might be using it so I think on testing it out of really expect that these banks would already be testing it because it only makes sense you know how would y then roll out the next rapid plan from you can just turn the switch on all the sudden I just because you think it might work you and a smaller sandbox all before before you put it into full on into the into full utility me that's deftly possible and all of on as an incentive from their perspective to peddle negativity of that and then did to it seems like there always pedaling misinformation as well say you wonder where the tall with the media ball when it comes to economics Tom they've been doing this in the stock more to talk about this before and touches name of Jim Kramer you know that I'm not saying that's fallen but he might be practicing a little bit of fire foam all b all that stock but overall the old that the big guys have already been in it and they're getting ready to dump their stock to ma all but I think again to me as other always in a finding a way to law, to have their negative ion Marin of one where the other on but let's hear us some banks are using are ready and you're open as an affected the price yet I don't think the utility is en within within percentage point within percentage and also its and although the whole market trend in downwards on now are starting to see the market trend up and and I did bring that all the on earlier off about you know about the a and of the the percentages as well so on and NAZI are to the tall open that in a in a minute though I think that's interesting of Edwards ID and II don't want people to protest befor tie think overall they they got a hold a lot of things really close all before they they get into staff on Rolf Hueppi from mortgage and my broker needed evidence and my crypto holdings to aiding the lender did not want anything to do with bit cloying and on aware of and on the explained to the chirpy was an asset promoted by a company that works of the bank of England IMF and teachers can of and that's really interesting and Ralph you are you're in the UK right that's what you said think that's interesting on to I can tell you that with my of my CPA when we're filing taxes he said he doesn't like to have to work with digital assets although he does it only has a couple of cli all you have some banks over there right that it were pulling back if you are using bit cloying are something of mine and I was and hear you saying they needed evidence of your crypto holdings and that just doesn't that just crazy and you should have to give them any evidence but to the point of all of my CPA one when we're filing as saying that if he hid them of the difficult par was and that only on holdings that you have to really report odyssey of a R International H its foreign holdings as a space is space of a report on he also said that again like to working with digital assets if you use d are you from a from a tax perspective and II think some of the dynamics are two were starting to see the trend where you can act tiny and shall or accounting type report it's coming from the exchange is whether it's cloying base role polled or any of the ot of ritzy the phoenix starboard a welcome to the show phoenix pledger on on and we see here of Ralph Raymond it's not improbable this image event will first it's like a somewhat the same time that the two are taught abou as I wonder how many lenders are you know smaller lenders really know about it on you and excerpt the rebel young to individuals within the bank at the lower end of the banking structure those that your enga under those guys really know rebel or as rebel be managed and a much higher level within the banking of you know of hierarchy of head of Edward us ESP a Japan is going to be huge SBI Japan is doing a lot of things alone would see a good long ago OK on so the mortgage broker needed to know that I had enough of a down payment to make up to EL to be loaned a value on loctite of excerpt he and I got to understand and understand from all from an investment bill OK and Alikes Methow when you think it the American gove and well that they passed the two bills to Congress on other sitting in senate and not to say this city that it's a security ris that god they've really see it as a security rest they pass on a couple bills through Congress specifically of focused in on of of the digital assets are crypto currency of for nefarious purposes meaning of the outflow of digital assets George terrorism or other a black market eyeball affairs so o on and found that you that they've they've been working to educate all of those of the bill on Capitol Hill on everything that were on but one of the things that ID tag been told is that it are still on some old of concerns that are held up by some of the representatives a special some of the older representatives but it goes out to the wrong to theirs to their teams of yet they said they are still some of it and considered on crypto currency to be used for black market of their educating them and changing the thought process now to their potentially be legislation and shows not a security risk on I think with a token taxonomy act the fact that they want a LAN mend the securities exchange on act of 19331934 of the IRS tax code of the head the internal reven all of 1986 dawn and in another so much that that should they want alarm and that IE I believe that were already may be beyond a could there be a specific bill or built in on into the dynamic I believe that's already a form of San acceptance know if they ca additional feedback on that I think that would be interesting though to drill down on in even to reach out to all of the air and Soto or all worn Davidson with a question or any of the others the cosponsors and has on what is your thought I'm specific legislation being added to highlight the fact that crypto currencies not only a security ri to write that down during a second to just lay shun alone and not a security risk to think that's interesting and that could do with a little bit more clarification of sky pilot of noon Tijuana will happen with precious metal metal market one critical mass adoption occurs as a percentage of g and how is it necessarily a precious metals and a drop of war are we gonna see other auto stocks within the stock market war is of or are you are we to see you know mass of mass adoption and and you'll receive mass numbers of people jump out of presage pride and precious metals you or are we gonna start really you know because overall when you invest you wanna make sure your diversifying your portfolio on as you can yield base to which you what you can afford on obviously in your holdings so if you can have a high wrist oxygen give low risk investments on it to putting money into a pre that invest in gold and silver on if you put money into digital assets on at this point you a few diversified and multiple different things on but it does say he also have made will see that trend are people to pull all their money out of love and precious metals to p to be able to pull their money out of the stock market on I think Wilson to look at of that is a whole you know there's the fact that precious metals and stocks of exist as one of the loop from the other on board people yell more opportunity on that that's a hard thing to do even to predict a enough that that's if it's another great question to really a look at you kn you know on now you odyssey a E Yale based on your own research and based on your comfort level which are risqué version is on you wanted to sell your silver to invest in more which is take about a from that perspective two yell from a financial long-term investment perspective of you know what what's that in backing of the imagine you know you see an amazing opportunity and you're not taking your own La your of whatever your risk tolerance would be then you know for taking your fiat EO maybe you know everyone everyone's of availa does a good race is going to the speculation IE might have done the research and I see the old of the potential of the games here are so much better on that share diversification diversified and that's that's interesting you know it and that's good to see you know because that Darryl everyone's got a really identify and do their research to figure out the of Ralph Ogata say Wall Street regulators are always be coming from a a a laughingstock they clearly noted: based token over a 5 of in revenue in a bear market and the finance and could you imagine I'm in a match in this and this this watts was crazy a youn because table Thomas double we're prepared all these bullets and notes and we will start a conversation that is absolutely awesome because now are engaging as a as a group here on talking on and in coming up with amazing ideas on but thi tell old buying and since and they've brought in over $1,000,000,000 of 1,000,000,000 were done about a completely shut complete as compared to these master exchanges and big bank exchanges on Wall Street on its it's really really on amazing and it's unbelievable you know it can be interesting to look at what all of holders doing but buying its finances now this may get up and make the company to oh that's got RE as global global reach and it's bringing everyone together think we're also seeing a shift in the dynamics of old aurora and of R&D

of how that what a shift in the global dynamics and was saying so you obviously we live in a in a multicultural wor a lodging and digital assets and my opinion on a special with this technology now we've we've had a chat technology and and on it what setup for a long time now in a face book for a while now and we've at all the social media of the delayed in as a made the world a smaller place over the years I've been amazed and he at the people of working with all over the world only from countries that have done business in countries that I never im before the ever do business with on and talk to people that I can I can assure you of from from countries that up I would never have imagined of dealing with you know it's just it's u you know and in the other day II didn't think someone I'm working for a long time from Pakistan also any sends a message that mo to end and I've won the world hill and then up the hill people and in the Middle Eastern Saudi Arabia so II can have a day where and you know and then you've you've got a changing of maybe China throw out something and in the on indigenous language in a gen and that is already becoming a smaller place what's amazing about digital assets and block chaining and you guys I'm sure you ha why buy nance me over $1,000,000,000 it has spaces bringing everybody together an hour giving opportunities to individuals in countries mainstream opportunity's all that for the first time have a real opportunity of 2% their technology ought to wear a they can roll out a E true of black chain beyond where we were in the tech boom of the nineties which all was Saturday at the epicenter of of of of silicon valley pretty you know but now you can come from anywhere in odyssey were star in a sea of the bed the black chain epicenters around the world government to a regulation in and ease of regulation for these types of companies to attract them and let its amazing even if we look at this chap we have someone from Cyprus way people from a from the UK always someone from taxes and of if you get all the DN IE's over in Thailand and here we are all of a sharing ideas all of us talking about digital asset I th and then we see the world shrinking even further because think about when you're investing in a stock are you wanna buy silver golder whenever you're limited to buy off of the e to know if I wanted to invest I need to open up of an account with the trade or and now the deal in even the smaller exchanges t back in the day that were inexpensive and you're like all my guide into a trade for 399 instead of a $1500 a trader whenever wa but my point is is that many of these big conglomerate exchanges are buying everybody up all over you have to work with any trad us so that means if anybody in the world can go to buy nance up for the most part and were not really as either some countries t chip what's up but you can join an an interesting conversation today on so well fall only matter time but I really think they're filling the beds that's the other point is that banks and financial institutions in large organizations will always prepare themselves and are they think way down the road think about think about this think about car companies up if you look at some of the recent models of the Lincoln of the lake and that the compact suv a look at the design curves of the Lincoln suv and an owl car companies plan 567 years in the future with their designs that all designed something today and rolling out tomorrow so I just saw the new someone in my neighbor as the new lake and I'm looking at it like: crab on that stood that stood on ranger and you're done about like in a way ahead so the thinking way down the way down the road and so a fort which owns linking Ford no longer owns range rover and if you still own range rover range rover is now owned by young tone by tot some voters so on my belief taught some older zone owns it a net tata motors bought land rover and then the Chinese Company bought full so on so Lincoln and eight shares similar design cars to the range rover evoke but that on so my point there is that these major corporations are thinking way down the road to why would the banks to same thing to get a plan to do what's good for them taken already be using actual rapid of these major corporations maybe it's not the right time for them maybe it's not good for them I know I know that we have these major corporations that are why in the world would they be using ex wrap and if it's already been rolled out and starts and boxing out of it only makes sens in the financial realm all but I think these big guys they do every thing there to hold a close and then they don't want a shifter rock the vote either on and so so I think those are those are interesting points Ralph you know that are the other to fill the bags and then there to us some countries of getting exurbia travel the seal of approval on but something tells me Japan will take you to the next level of like remember in undergrad house and I came out of undergrad and of alone 93 and I can remember so this is probably 1992 on and III remember on a header friend from Japan and then she had this device that it was a scanner was a hand scanner of Aidid of getting one when I went to law when I was in law school for little bit to a you can scan tax and go into this device you can edit the device and then you can download on a computer knee at all your your s to it, before lead China remember even when I was and nine and was it must've been like early two thousands when I had that soul on a camel what the device was called but many also she added an achingly 1992 from Japan and what it did was and capture you ca and this was 1992 this handy when translating write it in Japanese English words I thought that was freed an amazing and that's an battle economically over the years they've struggled immensely with their economy on and so on the thing get him back and in the in late eighties early nineties I can number in a on and OS and economic political battle we're gonna have a Japan because of that time they're taking over steal their buying real e and the whole market shifted in japan's economy kind of a dropped off the face of the earth a little bit so to speak on and then they lost their foothold on in the US market on but to see Japan never really fell off because are still major activity you know economy on a neck and economic players so , little bit behind undone that the messages here so of like god that could be another recession and the next year's most people you we haven't had the the tall back on our economy and four for 10 years 11 years now to oh Ohs what 2000 May 2009 we came out of it kind of 2010 all we started coming out of the economical pullback with an economi the mortgage companies and then other repackaging of mortgages on into investments that were sent all of the world a whole econo on and so we have a big pull back on the economy now on we that a period of time without a pullback and so and Evan flow of an e so what's gonna happen and and the next pullback and yes, II agree with mike to think that night digital as investments are armed and really building of that base right now on to wear a it will be entruste and anything about excerpt the excerpt he's been relatively stable all over the past year when you look at percentage pups and d to I think that that's important a look at of a specially all in the and here's here's an interesting article before ago only pu and none of the lesser got to do and a second to do this a lot of up to the get any dish edits and say that I did put that thing together to one and Sharon on it as fun about their lights so and Madera it's up where is it how can we can do is video and some of these web sites so that this was interesting of fine get rid of this pad o tight this was on CC and a one a one to pull this off in a second and on this is what I wanted year ago to the share this real quick it doesn't it's really up its really pointed right now on to what we're talking about on it and so a lot the houses of tartar whenever these 20 right here in the cause of tether to be held in 2020 the sale of cost so much trouble in Congress on what their with their thought processes it's insane bu and they are put in place of the one elected on their own merit of and Daniel that's not get into politics by pulling year OK as is interesting CC and year to date and this is exactly what we're talking about right now right to a year to date and January of bit: prices increased and 44% against the US

dollar from 37005320 in the country becoming one of the best performing assets in the global market alongside oil to do this to 19 retu tickling to deny percent gain a little 38% gain and NASDAQ has been performing well and a 22% gain and S&P 517% gain long-term investors you put money into an S&P 500 and the long run and and Jurgen update historically speaking overall and only look at small Mob rates up and then we go way down commodities high yield and we get into bonds gold looking ca and is talking about to putting money into and out into one precious metals of gold and return for 2019 if you would walk beginn it: in this is deftly a going to get a node died garner some attention off financially speaking in the media wheedle a start-up 39% gain outperforming oil on and then oil that's a that's crazy any waste even look at on the gains off of oil because you know this is of an EC were were the ones suffering and that the pump is well on that this is a time of this is crew pulled o on and so the initial 20% rallied from big win in early April from 4 to 5 trustor the changes sentiment around crypto market and to pass the day's big one is continued increase in value surpassing 5300 to a record 32% increase in price within one month so it that this is interesting to look at you know we're staring to see that gain now only when it comes back to yell the point and the sea are other real just ran session so when it comes back to the point of all whether it's big: whether it's excerpt he that if all of the investment of and kind of a thought process so a bit cloying goes up to wrestle market goes all excerpt he on on the but it's still you know it's really it's holding its own even if it's coming in at UO 30 to 33 to 34¢ on two big points off from from what we're looking back to maybe all time highs will we need a look at ever to look at you know current year on wh what's all to shareholder in weight and that's II agree with that man on to the legal backup have your wife or for Japanese Company, excerp a little bit behind you guys on the comic chat notes years are about that of bullets see on and can ruff said the say there will be a game change are all one are our grammars can utilize professional services in the like the first time you open up your count on by nance if you did Ike remember I open up by nance with a little bit a trepidation all collectible my driver's license and you're all minority ofbase but unlimited all I can do 1 base on and and young men to solve it my information was gonna be held in strict confidence all with financing and Ozal and was a little bit dubious of outlook awa it's really unbelievable on its ear a sky pilot could do would you recommend that people consider meeting with the wealth management company a prior to the Moon and any you got a position yourself e-mail I know you know you have figure out what when that time is at all 100 exurbia 1000 the update: you've got 10,020 thousand all 100,000 ie I know what ever you hold on but the needy me with a wealth management company if you think that's the right thing to do if you plan on moving all your digital asset somewhere else on do feel that you're more educated at this point in digital assets you know is there a wealth management on advisor at this point that you can trust with your digital asset investments to help you make the right decision of wealth management companies are in and the investment advisers on typically you'll have a good ball son where the move money a day of that sets a good question of thought a lot about about a thought a lot about that is well on to really make a determina the Dea to look into all of the the specific rules on time tax and I bring it to own and another client is that invest had to br you all the invitees people that understand wealth management wealth growth that's important so as your digital assets base grow I'm not a financial adviser in any way she performed so I'm not giving any financial advice here not just a thought that stateme all but I'm not you know so this is just for my opinion and if you know if I were to reach out to my CPA or financial adviser it would be specifically heading a lot of got ex amount of money tide up in my digital assets right now it is is we've seen the nature of the the speculative market could still be a higher risk hide movement market on and it may be long-term strategy would have long-term gain but sure I'd now that's the concern you know are we gonna be safe in the stock market already missed be safe in precious metals are we gonna be s where should we redirect us some of this to then diversify and we are stable investment may be lower percentage increase of to offset your your higher risk investment and I think that's where the money managers a wealth of it, advises really coming to rob cache of the other fidelity Cal was thinking about toy missile and fidelity on me out so it's it's interesting it doesn't hurt to get information for people in a line of you as long as you not necessarily so tight deftly true will with the weight of Scot pollard of a truly do no more than most of people yelled the villains in the bank it's just tell it is right now you know so those guys are the professionals they spend their careers everyday wording about weal the retail where we're at now in where those guys ran so I think that's interesting , tse, as can be patient be up and they saw no watch a witch movies that the sky pilot and I miss something along the line year which movie that might be on and I miss it, so I a will probably better off managing our assets are cells and Soviets taken ended up of a laudable my excerpt into my mantra sets a note stating be careful and you driving in text and if the lights nice to a tonne the ditch a if you don't hold you don't own it that's that's truly a bookcase, call animal enough about tax loopholes that on a windy where you invest in and that's and that really a year makes up makes a big big difference so anno I think I think that's important, and have and what is it with times and down and ago to go in more than more than an hour and a Citizen Wilson conversation although I've got about some things out and got something else I wanted to bring up, I think t tie those, only see your wares at OK to me as here's another one that did throw in a band that's awesome ship teenager CPA of a tough and they can be helpful where is as other article head of Eurydice and my articles close and I know of those rebel ads of excerpt the payments are hacks are payment I just downloaded onto be chec but what I wanted them to highlight its gets into of where these big players are investing in a line of the guys saw this this was on news the Tutsi a came out a couple days ago a lover the guys know what the endowment fund of Harvard is any idea of much money the Harvard has an endowment and dollar Weiss as is crazy to see the guys know of no how much heard guess how much you think a Harvard has in endowment of are the university and I agree that run of any investment plan after Moon is pretty even before just to be prepared to think you need to know ahead to think that's important and more than five billion to go and an ailing company got a chirpy verbal from ice own it is the main topic of conversation at work and lunchtime and can change all considerably more that is a Harvard this this III was shocked at the at the size of this endowment of the I need to go back and double check am sure these guys did the research and and and I write so taverns endowment to insane to RT 25 billions a lot closer of like a lot closer OK and Neptune 50 billion I were right in between 25 and 50 this is insane as Harvard university tardy $7

1 billion endowment fund terry 71 billion that's crazy to know all high II was actually am shocked I look as article shock on so now Harvard and has invested on a a a lover that has invested $1265 million in block stack and all black stack as interesting, because let's see here of the New York based blocking tool mak with the SEC to raise $50,000,000 and applications submitted to the US Securities regulator detail the name of blocks tax advisory members along those names as Charlie sub area one of the recently appointed managing directors for the Harvard management company to put into the document along was six advise remembers it purchased and 95 to dump its 91995000 or 95 and must be 95,000,000 of blocks stacked ejido equities so they so they applied for a SEC because this is a security the way the an EC here on which has happened here on Monday see here and Stephen and a tie was where an OK so on date have let say so, if they're caught stack tokens so harvard's endowment of $12

65 million worth of Ast acts and as he acts are stacked tokens on the zesty acts on a E now here's a ritzy could've took a so they invested me this is crazy selling block stack so here's Harvard and ideas my point here is when we look at mainst so Harvard taking that kind of money now they have an endowment 37 billion but they're investing on their investing a considerable amount on in the digest and is what we know about solo knows if they've it's interesting I need to look more into letting really dig down enough into law block stack but I'm deftly going to you was st and love chip ovary posted your video and was it that they posted out there was a block stacker was it to an average endowment to a toilet come to the US to us is a good place and everything moves are in a huge party get everybody together a lunch at blocks stack interesting that's awesome and it's all so many to go back and look at that video that the good that you have unblocked stack of it and check that out and is awesome to solo soaps only talk about mainstream help pools that you know it doesn't get any more mainstream or or another designer has $1,000,000,000 in there and almonds and they took 12,000,000 of that in investigating to block stack I think that that's that di all but you know that that's that's really that's really amazing it's really amazing on so and I let me let me go out on this note and up and and and I'm not sure how many of you guys were on to ship and love the work for black stack interesting and I Gotta look into and see what they do a little bit further edges, read that a referee on a really get into it up and take down a little deeper and find out if think that's interesting so on, I had to go out on this mail, and this is brought up on on DN I show up less night on my think it's important to discuss on but it was using in Venezuela is an example of a relationship between a IMF up and Andy us all as it pertains to a digital asset excerpt he done a song about the EST are which is an extension of a PST are on and so the used venezuela's an example and and and my perspective I believe that politics and economics all factor in together on on a of light of and will let some rap of all will talk with that in a minute but on to leave of Venezuela and an up and some of what he knows part of the article that he was talking about com specific to the IMF really important all because I believe that the IMF tell us things that are many times in the IMF's interests of not necessarily and and a specific country's interests of the IMF s time a control perspective for the IMF all based on what they're doing move moving money excel on but here's here's a beta the issue that I have in Venezuela on and whether the IMF timeout put out a statement of a a while this article statement was that the IMF is going to help of Venezuela of their waiting right now to see what the po guy Otto go out a whatever is up now that the pronunciation is not sure on but to point on that though is a tea is whether or not it OK and then off for the IMF ought to support a fascist regime and to bail out a fascist regime of economically and an end in in my opinion in and some other things that were brought up in conversation off from the article on the day and in this is where all of the US And UK on in many other countries around the world yes they've got done some things that on might not necessarily be on the EOB good all but they've done a lot of things that are absolutely free can amazing on to help different on now you know you know if we look act of you know some of the dynamics of on imperialism on a hand of colonialism on throughout the w all but right now what we're facing a is in Venezuela specifically on Disney government regime and that has been teetering on socialism in teetering on fascism for a long time now the question th and I and I have to really focus on this because II firmly believe that the people of Venezuelan need how often the people in Ve and medicine and money and in many other things on two Venezuela often been in I get very first and perspective on the happening I've seen videos of violence in Venezuela of that are really on comprehensible up anywhere else in the world and the have and to all stems from the core principle that delaying shove this and this goes back so 20 years ago we saw a shift in Venezuela a shift in Venezuela moved from 10 as will a being the largest economy and the inn in South America and Central America to all and Venezuela was a tough as self sufficient and adopted as a country producing an exporting 20 years into the future now and Venezuela is tennis way light is on the brink of collapse and as whale as a failed economy and Venezuela has no food on their shells and their grocery stores Venezuela that was once the beef exporter is now relying on beef imports and handouts and as will a dozen have medicine and the pharmacies and is waylaid as a country is suffering and so we have to connect the doubts and into me nothing operates in a vacuum and that's why need to bring the cell phone to Ven of the United States and the United States under a previous administration had the opportunity of tool override and at least bring to the U

N body to the world at the world stage to say that the election was a fraud that t that were knocking the tolerate this and were going to push for freedom and that's where the US stands so the US

the UK and again whenever countries you guys might be from a that's amazing that everybody has pride in their in their country and one thing that in, political policy in military policy when it comes to the US on to rout the world odyssey there's a lot of other things tha our political all rains Lanes and our military wrangling to our economic grain Lanes of there's a lot of other things that are t taken put themselves in a position to free the people in Venezuela as a limited number of people in the world of countries in the world they can help three of the people in Syria for instance so on and to Andy overall dynamics now that could be a lot of mistakes made I know I don't wanna go down into open out of discus of and are the best 17 years on in the Middle East on the butt of a one to focus on what we can do for the people in Venezuela all ahead of focus in on how we've all for the past 20 years the guy Millard the plight of the Venezuelan economy on AL and talk about this from a perspective of people that I know their own to talk about this off from a perspective of a work and and it's interesting because working in Venezuela working in India were really what highlighted to me and what was the first thing that attracted me ought to and and I was presented with a bit cloying backing of 2000 13 to the first time a nicety all of this could be the solution off for all the difficulties that I'm having on in Venezuela yellow a dive digital asset in bit cloying of could not do that ship on a big: ending at the time and digital asset I know much they going to be the solution to overcome all the governments of a stranglehold on the people in Venezuela and is 2013 and assault on a DL the fact it was so difficult all four are people in in Venezuela to get us up on to get indexed to get the e and I said there's Gotta be a way around it and India, there are so many delays I can tell you and from business transaction wise how many delays Auberry been all over the year are are our business in India was eventually a cut off all because of a because of government and all because what happened with in India both financially on and off and Ter male perspective but on India even now and I bought those who have talked and talke of blood and Venezuela so so that calling to me was the solution on to overcome the stranglehold of the government on on the exc got to Venezuela from the US and to learn about the culture and he hit only there's a huge black market this goes even before 2013 a ice to there's a huge black market and dollars and eat only how much money he made and exchanging dollars of it for people all over in Venezuela and only shocking and this goes back to maybe 2010 it was shocking it was unbelievable and h and there's that consumer retail exchange rate that's available to everybody else which was test a huge share that billy big gap on in the exchange rate and this other government on and Kessel ectf you group of people th so from his perspective coming from the U

S taking fiat currency it would make huge amounts of money up 2 to 1 3 to 1 for the o you know of and amounts of money that he would make and so II could believe that and that was, my first exposure on to what was and then done and I started working with some people down in Venezuela after that and I started seeing the difficulties and they wanted to buy our goods and normally if I wanted the ship something a year you bite you make a decision a wire transfer me the money and anwar good and when I get your money you know take 57 days to get the wire transfer cleared Venezuela and all we have to apply to the government to get approval improved to the government that we need exum out of dollars US curr in order for us to sell it in Venezuela and put to use on and so they could create a whole proof case just to get the end of the terry the time could be relatively extreme to all illicit was really unbelievable now this is Venezuela so if you think about the IMF now is the IMF and lead to support and a regime that is that is stifling other people on this year, t again those guys are puppets they get elected on their own merits as people behind them pulling the strings of any also to me as medicine wheels Venezuelan talking about the nine years ago to six years ago on animal is difficult to make and then I fast for the little bit and we have one of our guys down their setup everything was awesome of any became more difficult and more difficult and more difficult to the point where one date only he said you know a lot of fun that I can live and in Vene of to the US

and it is his close family so that that's amazing and Owen heroes and individual it was established in Venezuela it was a Dr the head of an amazing department in a hospital to huge office and a huge business down there and the city off I can't do it anymore it's not safe for me to not say for my family sat a from m and why doesn't this news gave reported tea add two bodyguards for his wife two bodyguards for his kids 10 bodyguards for him he so when you tried to work in one bodyguard and fun of the car one bodyguard TD was successful it wasn't you know what he was one of the sunlit dash of this guy's take them through vehicle does that tell us something to think in bulletproof vehicle and there is liable for vehicle is because over the years Chavez decided that he was gonna change the constitution and the began to revoke the rights of the people in Venezuela to buy ammunition for their guns on the use of either you could ow and you can go out and shoot you can call in hart's you to protect yourself up and they they they took away the right to buy amm and then made it off and they made it to the legal to remove the gun from your home on and basically made it illegal to own firearms done in Venezuela and out and this is a lesson to be lowered and the reason why have to bring this up is because this is so poignant to everything on it so poignant onto the direction of that we want the swirl to move into and we have to understand the up our players we have all odyssey there's a lot of things to happen behind the scenes and tie that the IMF is going to support the country today like Venezuela and a Venezuela collapses and had the IMF decides to bail and IMF is going to be complicit and supporting a fascist regime so I'm getting super political here but I think this is so critical because we all need to know and understand the of the dynami on a team that's how we react tell where respond that was a huge two brother of David, knowing I just forgot his name on and sho to upside to keep lever for that so anyhow so here's an individual sacrificed the EU's have 10152000030000 subscribers all when I started following them those in individual he also lectured on Venezuela on to the point that he started an entirely new sheet if a lot to go down onto love Columbia to the border and in doing outreach to help people in Venezuela because he had family down there a through his wife in Venezuela today in Colombia and any left the US and move down the Columbia on to help and they're sending cell phones so people could re they put a hole initiative outreach program together they were sending cell phones and money and they try to get digital asset s that digital acids could be used on in the real world to help these people not digital assets can be used it's the one salvation the people in Venezuela were mining people in Venezuela were moving their money up and the duo made it the legal a foreign wharf was forcing people to use only the government controlled exchange and limited I ma to a melody of the Petro whatever which is totally fictitious toast fabricated by his government those control buys government w be tried the force other countries around the world ought to use it and said that he was going to give them discounts up on their on their of oil purchases if they used his digital asset currency to all now let's get back to Seoul years and Venezuela under shop is changing the rules anno often individuals that I know down there that were down then the people that have fled off from Venezuela of NATO only that shot as a sided that he was going to prop up the heat of the of underprivileged toes and poverty and now of course you know from a perspective in the US

to a one to go out and help people of it that need help it is more charitable organizations in the United States than anywhere else in the world when were not forced to contribute up to the government and allow the government to to help because we know the government doesn from a charitable perspective can we have outreach programs to help people either a lot of them era guess there are there's tons of charitable programs out there table lot more money we need more disposable cash so we can do things to help other people now and Venezuela shabbat decided that that you know what the people that done enough your Europe or you're in the yelp or other par as a matter of your port so why did he do of the of the ee confiscated golf courses and confiscated all Parks and he turned thes and wealthier neighborhoods and build government housing on these golf courses and now this is the true face of to Venezuela government under shop was a widow who was once a bus driver of educated no formal education and I've not demeaning bus drivers in any way she performed to the Hunan to mean anybody Tom just stating a fact that this individual and no formal education of was a bus driver of elevated to the ranks of all the politics now if that was a store in the US would say only guy that's o on by by your Euro your economics of oil your education all because we know that to just because someone holds a doctorate a pea and write a paper on with a dozen in their smart does mean their street smarts and deftly does it mean if common sense of so don and how they shouted as a ways to do much put in place by R maduro was put in what pretty much put in place by Szabo is it doubled out on the shop is fascism to the hot and all hell broke loose and in Venezuela to economy and basil De Venezuela to eat currency exchange of men as whale of plummeted and plummeted and plummeted and if you see and the valuation OLAP Bolivar to the US dollar it's it's the you can even put it in numbers because it's worth tatars basically in volleyball are making what could amount to a couple $100 a month to ridiculous of mail professionals making nothing on a teacher's it's really amazing so a now a data vigil that I know was over there and give to visit family there's some other things had to bring somebody back up and any how and why is there to two in the other blackout started timing and a starter Rashid a power to 00 and that I would do was the Marines from the U

S coming in on to help a unfortunately it was and it was that the the Ahmed it was the meadow government all regulating power of to the peop to the latest put out a note here and this is crazy because the videos are out there a scene ridiculous ridiculous videos and in after the revocation of gun ownership of criminals obviously criminal activity escalated skyrocketed hence the need for bodyguards and Sinead for bulletproof vehicles of the criminal element, within Venezuela up and didn't believe that they should own guns they have thought that they really need more of them and it was relatively calm and I saw one of these videos as guys jumped out of a vehicle it in just tell the guy a gimme your gun Allies were to kill you they came up to ottoman the head and took his gun that's all I as Venezuela and then a police officer and a shot to strictly for as weapon a nothing else tours weapon a look at a country and is it when the people and live in fee are touches other government and in fear of the criminal elements within society because they know the government can't do enough to help them a protect a uproar protect them and they buy take away the means of self sufficiency they destroyed the economy is taken away the means of production it taken away the means of protecting oneself and of this is this is Venezuela as it were Venezuela is a now a day in that discussion and IMF stating that they are going to sit back and wait on to see all who is going to come to power and then they wanna move in and tried to bail out the country a it's my opinion that and Thome from a western perspective to people on the streets need the support and we need to send in the US military and we need to the up and we needed to gather up the nation's and say we need to go in there invade a war the way for one support the people on the ground and say you know what to do to take back this country of war to support shoe you know you Gotta do what's necessary if your country you got a flight f of we see there's protest of what they are on our protests and also that highlighting that you know rise up against a corrupted fascist government ugly Otto, jolly pronounces name he is going around and claiming to be on and and and holding a l ton of to speeches Isaac campaign style style speeches of there was one I just came out the other day and said it is the rightly rightl and rarely at this point of no that's a decision the people in Venezuela need to make for themselves at this point all but we ne and I needed an injustice on to the people in Venezuela when the obon administration did not step in to intercede on behalf of the people Venezuela and call a fraudulent election of mo the Wendy do anything to stop and the IMF team do anything to stop it on in this goes on worldwide we see fraudulent election su top of a CR our election system here isn't perfect on but we don't live in a chore democracy either on windows, or democracies t that is descended on into all ages and really just atrocious on 18 terms aware venezuela's today than as well and needs our help and do know that medicine is in short supply if nonexistent basic medical supplies are are and are in in shortage and in many ca isn't the media actually reported what was really happening people of the outraged and if people really reporting of the these a mass migrations of a people coming up to our border on in the demanding illegal entran that needs our help in for the IMF to sit on the sidelines and state that they're going to support the people that saw some the all whether it was an inn in any of these some countries around the world of that have never allowed to help in assistance comin to Africa controlled by the zealots on the ground of lever control of those regions of the would never allow money to get to the to Zimbabwe SA and are good examples to a paprika another one of that had faced immense trouble I Zimbabwe and other self producer self suffici and only produce an exporting and then taken over all by by those that really only thought of themselves and their cronies and t into a major recipient of UN

handouts destroyed their farming industry and turn their farming their farms basically into integ on and so we see this repeat of history over and over and over again in and talk about the larger power plays that are going on discuss all what's happening with China and they have their own internal struggles but you can see their global by initiatives y because the media is wrong to me as an agenda and in just a yell and even even if you go over to your up by the EU on it and in the end they in the Euro was really doomed on on as well as some of the other larger economies and primarily the German economy supported the EU a full as a fur Germany of the EU would and would be relatively nonexistent on as it had to prop up the economies of some so you can't hear you have to look at everything there's a lot of dynamics of play on its only look at what the IMF does the IMF doesn't necessarily make the right decisions now this all goes back because the final point on this an time in a pit to 2 hours and anticipated in an hour on but if you wrap this all of you know what is off today in the the IMF goi of balancing out of that that the needs off for all of these of countries a country like Venezuela that could that has an econom in to plead disarray and complete total basically collapsed and you rebuild their economy based on a failed fiat currency and it's based on nothing it could be based on their oil exports it could be based on precious metals precious stones excel roped off or can you rebuild t but I think when we look at that you'd look into that the whole picture it can to single out one part of it yet to look at everything on and so from that perspective can digital asset help a country like Venezuela of come out of the ashes come out of the rulings that would be an interesting us on could of Venezuela and the people benefit from having direct access onto excerpt he could rebel I do Venezuela Service by saving milk or to take $1,000,000,000 ou of that could then I distribute Enstar RE balancing out of the economy of a country like Venezuela to get things flowing onto me that could be interesting to me that could be the shift all I know that'll ever happen it seems li of an excerpt he would be in a very unique position as would a stellar the stellar organization with Exel and both combined coul and that's my bets Maya lance that I've gone on for way too long sky pilot creep our control nine world dictators holding back the population yes exactly on matchup of all ears were supportive on to the people the way they should be because it's in the US it's it's a it's a government of the people column by the peopl not for the elected officials to elected officials think that they are then to enrich themselves that's not the case we have to let everybody accountable whet to know journalist risking the lives to get video footage of which really going on in Venezuela exactly my cheek mike Smith all and there's people up and the need to get the words out the need to get out there that so critical all I'm going to have on an i to only if I can not sure if I'll be able to but of the need a clever noted military force to help them they could and quickly and they could rebuild I great if you put your min on and input a change in and put somebody on the ground of the good but that's also there's there's some you interesting dynamics and and problems that could be resolved the people in all but that the brute force of it on needs to come from a people in Venezuela and there's I Gotta believe as a row and other th that was supporting them up and financially militarily to take back their country that to me would be a would be so important in a London they need to do something and then they need the world community but the promise that the world stage all we don't have a lot of countries in the world th all some conversation today so are rented on a lot of what I think you guys you know of more interested off the eyes of many of on there's a bunch of stuff that I want is talk about on to date on what that you guys of an awesome lot of great feedback like it said guys on ominous sign off so again Jeff Woodall report and as always on and keep on hotaling tour crypto because it's come in the day is coming to a techie as a later thanks