Let's talk about Bitcoin today because these days Bitcoin is all the rage And everyone's talking about it and price just hit one fifteen hundred fifteen thousand or fifteen hundred so I don't even follow the price movement but its all-time high and Seems like everyone wants to jump into the pan wagon in order to make money But I think that it's getting to the bubble territory And it's very very dangerous if your average investors like me then it's wise not to Touch any of these Bitcoin or any of these crypto currencies here's a why so I'm a value investor And I want to invest in Companies that I know how much value it is so I do my own value assessment I can be wrong I could be wrong But I at least do spy valuation and then compare that against the market price So if the market price is significantly below my current assessment of the company's value Then I buy and the company makes a profit every year and That gives me a lot of comfort But the problem of Bitcoin is the fact that you don't even know there is no underlying Asset right you just have this imaginary currency and people use this currency in order to Trade you know their goods and money, but there's nothing to value Behind so that actually really puzzles me a lot of people think that there is a network effect You can value this currency a certain level, but to me The Bitcoin is not producing any profit The only way you can make money from Bitcoin is the capital appreciation But there's nothing Compared you can compare against this capital appreciation if my stock goes up I can Compare this current valuation market price against the profit that is companies making so I can see relatively How much the valuation? compared to the current profit or earnings But Bitcoin does not have any of that so that really bothers me a lot So I don't even touch any of these things but a lot of people want to Jump in right now because they feel like they they actually are fearful that they are missing this huge opportunity But I honestly think that it's a huge bubble and it's gonna burst sometime soon in the future I don't know it can go on for years You can go on for months but at some point it's gonna press that I don't think it can go on like this forever and When it bursts you're gonna lose a lot of money, just like what happened during 2000 Tech bubble right and in the past we had a lot of bubbles and bubble Eventually gets formed and eventually burst and a lot of people lose money and some people commit suicide I don't want to scare you of all these things, but that's exactly what happens if you lose a lot of money so stay away from Bitcoin if your average investor if you're willing to bet if you're like a Speculator would trader who can make money so be it, but if you are average investor like me just stay away from Bitcoin

Thank you