So is Bitcoin in a bubble? Yesterday you saw that I produced this chart which is a rough road map of nearly every investment bubble there's ever been Bitcoin is interesting because you have got to try to place it somewhere on this map and this isn't an exact road map

The thing is you never quite know where you are until you've actually gone out the other end of it But Bitcoin whether it is in a bubble or not the speed at which the market is moving is so fast you're seeing bull and bear markets at rates that are unprecedented in some other markets that we're likely to get to this phase far quicker than we would do in any other market which is what scares the hell out of me So is bitcoin in a bubble? It shares all of the hallmarks if anything if you were to guess where it might be on this curve it looks like it might be nearer here but public money and institutional thing is slightly different but bitcoin is something that's slightly unprecedented so for me I wouldn't get involved